12 comments on “Ohio Marijuana Dispensaries

  1. who knows how this is going to work ? I am all registered & printed off my card / paper with QR barcode . Is this all you need including your ID ? or will the state send an actual card to use at the dispensaries.

  2. State line Wellness has closed. Ohio patients can use their state issued card in Michigan. Detroit has some good places. Michigan is going through some difficulties right now as they are going through more state regulations. Their supplies are very limited. As far as I know there are no dispensaries open in Ohio. Sandusky’s will possibly be the first as it is scheduled to open any day now from what I’ve read.

  3. I was led to believe there was 32 dispensaries’ open now. They even gave me their addresses. Is this not true ?

    • I have yet to find an open one yet, how about you?
      It sounds like the Wintersville location should be open first.

  4. Karen could you please tell me the name of the dispensaries that honor ohio cards I will drive up there thanks and have a blessed day

  5. I’ve had my card for a few months. We drove to Michigan, they honor our cards, but you must call ahead tp let them know your coming. There is one possible two dispensaries just over the border near Toledo.

  6. I was approved today but cant find a Dispensaries open near Dayton, Ohio. Anyone know of one open near Dayton/Springfied Ohio area.

  7. I’ve had my card for a couple months now but are waiting for a dispensary to open. Have any opened in all of Ohio yet? I’d drive to Cleveland if they had one. It’s mad hard for me to get trees in any form.
    Anything around tri county/forest park? Thanks!

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