Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Kettering

Medical and recreational dispensaries in Kettering

Kettering Marijuana Dispensaries and Delivery – Open Kettering, OH dispensary locations are coming to the map on Ohio Dispensaries & Doctors. When the Great State of Ohio finishes legalizing medical marijuana, recreational weed still off the table, open dispensaries near me in Kettering and delivery will be found as they spring up on Ohio’s cannabis industry website,

Medicinal cannabis in Kettering will be available to Caregivers & MMJ patients in Montgomery & Greene Counties with a Medical Cannabis Card. The various forms currently allowed include THC Oil & CBD Oil for vaping, tinctures, bud or flower, edibles, and patches. Hemp based CBD oil is legal without a card. Kettering edibles and vaporizers are sure to be patient & caregiver favorites as they are a popular option as an alternative to smoking weed, which is still illegal along with recreational under the Ohio laws.

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Cards

Ohio Guide to Legal Hemp CBD [2019]

How to Qualify for medical marijuana in Kettering, OH?

Qualified patients must have a Qualifying Debilitating Condition and will need a recommendation from a certified physician to obtain an marijuana card in Kettering. Additional medical conditions that qualify to administer medical marijuana can be added via petition. View the Medical Marijuana Doctors maps to find certified doctors & clinics near you. Fill out the cannabis patient registration form and will have a doctor contact you as available.

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