Find Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Ashland, OH


Ashland dispensaries are open to help medical marijuana card holders get the products they deserve. These cannabis store menus include a wide variety flower as well as a large variety of processed THC & CBD products. To be able to shop at Ashland dispensaries or nearby, a medical marijuana doctor has to have approved you for your card. See if you qualify today!

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Ohio Qualifying Conditions

Medical Marijuana Products Available at Ashland Dispensaries.


Possession limits:


Ohio MMJ Patients are allowed to buy up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana at one time. The staff at the different Ashland dispensaries are required to make sure that patients have not exceeded the possession limit before selling them new dispensary menu products.

  • A patient or caregiver can possess up to 8 oz of marijuana flower
  • 6 oz of marijuana in solid form
  • 36 oz of marijuana in liquid form


How To Get Certified For Medical Marijuana?

To get certified you will have to have:

A Qualifying Condition

Visit with a Certified Doctor

Get Approved

The easiest way to get certified is to fill out the patient registration form and visit with a recommending doctor online.


Can Ashland Dispensaries delivery?

Ohio Marijuana Deliveries

Delivery of medical marijuana products is currently not an option under the states program. Although it is being considered to accommodate the needs of MMJ patients.



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