5 comments on “Ohio Marijuana Doctor Clinics

  1. Hello. I am under a Doctor’s care for pain management and procedures. My medical conditions do qualify according to the list. How does this effect applying for or receiving a medical marijuana card? Where do I start? Any helpful information would be immensely appreciated! Thanks!

  2. I contacted Dr. Christian Jacabus Findlay, Ohio, who is on the list to sign up for medical marijuana and they told me I had to be in hospice/ palliative care for any help. Why is this doctor even on the list?

  3. If your medical papers are in order when you go to the doctor for your appointment ,you will get a temporary paper to use until the dispensary is open and they e-mail your permanent card. Most of the waiting time is for the appointment with the doctor . It took me about 6 weeks to get in because they were booked up.

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