Ohio Qualifying Conditions

Ohio Qualifying Conditions

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How to Add Additional Qualifying Conditions to the Ohio List:

Additional conditions may be added by the the Ohio state medical board. In fact, Ohio doctors may soon be able to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment option for anxiety disorders. Members of the state’s Medical Board recently recommended that anxiety be added to the list of qualifying conditions. However, those suffering from anxiety may be limited to using non-psychoactive CBD oil.

Board members also recommended that autism, opioid use disorder, depression, and insomnia. However, the board recommended against adding these conditions to the list.

The medical board accepts submissions for new qualifying conditions and votes on them once a year. Cachexia, aka wasting syndrome was added in 2020.

The board recently advanced three more for consideration in the future including Huntington’s diseasespasticity or persistent muscle spasms, and terminal illness. 

In 2021, the board voted on a total of 30 petitions to add new conditions. These recommendations are the result of the Medical Board asking the public for online petitions to request additional qualifying conditions.

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