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  1. I am retired, blind (recently) and suffer from chronic pain due to spinal stinnosis and spine surger. I have my medical mari card and looking for place near Fairfield Ohio

  2. I did read Michigan accepts medical cards from Ohio. But does Ohio accept Michigan product? Curious because before I got my card I tried the thc e pen and they helped me tremendously so I dont just want flower in ohio

  3. Dear Pamela, I know how you feel. My wife, Debbie, went through the process of obtaining a card only to find that there are no dispensaries open in and around Cincinnati or in Ohio. This was about two months ago. Now there is one open in Jackson Oh but they only have “buds in THC. She needs oil or tinture. Also, I understand that when dispensaries first start opening the price is high until there are enough of them that compeitition brings the price down. I’ not sure that is true.
    I searched the internet, especially the medical marijuana.com websites. since Detroit is about as far away from here as Cleveland, I headed for Ann Arbor, MI because I thought Ann Arbor would be less crowded Than Detroit. Now I am not sure about that. Ann Arbor is more than a college town; it is a city with a major university (I’d love to be there to see Michigan play anybody just once.)

    I have been there twice — to a dispensary called Bloom city Club at 423 Miller ave. No, I’m not working for them or getting a big discount for telling people about Bloom. In fact, there are several other dispensaries in that area, all of which must be very good. I found Bloom to be professional, the small building inside and out clean and attractive, and the product I bought for Debbie could not possibly work any better. For the first time in several years she has gotten such relief from chronic pain she had not gotten from the strongest Opioids allowed in a pain clinic which she no longer uses.

      • Mario, You might already know that the first medical marijuana dispensary in southwest Ohio opens this coming Tuesday in Lebanon, not far from you. See “First Medical Marijuana dispensary in Southwest Ohio set to open Tuesday in Lebanon”, an informative article in the Enquirer. No date is given so I have assume this coming Tuesday. (You can find the article on this website in which you are now reading.) Very pricey but just down the street.

        I mentioned earlier, tincture under the tongue absorbs into the bloodstream faster than eating gummies (sp.) chololate bars, capsules or gelcaps. And the bioavailability is much higher. My guess is that it is also less expensive, if that is a concern.

        Regarding CBDs, The Ohio CBD Guy, actually located in Covington KY for now, has good quality meds at reasonable prices. My wife, Debbie, has found that CBDs enhance the relief from pain and anxiety from that pain without making her high.

        Hope this is useful to you. Mike

  4. You paid too much. Cards are going for as little as $200. There will be lots of dispensaries open in the Dayton area as soon as next week I’d think. I’m also waiting. Cards are accepted in Michigan.

  5. I have spent over $340 to get approved and receive my medical marijuana card. I have suffered from PTSD for over 40 years. I would have NEVER spent this money had I of known there were zero dispensaries near me. I live just north of Dayton Ohio and feel ripped off by the entire system from not being told up front! So now come January 2020 I have to spend another $340 to continue playing the game! Huge disappointment !

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