Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in University Heights, OH

There are plenty of open cannabis stores to service the needs of the growing medical cannabis community in University Heights. Dispensaries offer a wide variety of medical grade cannabis products as well as different discounts. To order from local dispensary menus, patients must first get approved by a certified doctor online or in person. Ordering ahead online for pick up or in-store shopping are the way to go. Get or Renew your Ohio MedCard today.

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Cannabis Rules For Ohio’s Medical Program

Possession limit for University Heights medical card holders:

Ohio MMJ Patients are allowed to purchase up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana at one time. University Heights dispensaries are required to make sure that patients have not exceeded the possession limit before selling them dispensary menu products.

  • A patient or caregiver can possess up to 8 oz of marijuana flower
  • 6 oz of marijuana in solid form
  • 36 oz of marijuana in liquid form

Types of Dispensary Menu Products

Licensed cannabis stores are able to sell a variety of products including tinctures, flower for vaping, infused edibles, concentrates, topicals, transdermal patches, inhalers and more. Marijuana edibles in University Heights are patient favorites as there is no inhaling smoke and they are delicious. Concentrates can include oral syringessugar wax, dabs and shatter.

Hemp CBD products are is legal in University Heights without a card. Local stores carry CBD products or shop for CBD online from high end retailers.

Ohio Qualifying Conditions

How To Get Certified For Medical Marijuana?

The easiest way to get certified is to fill out the patient registration form and visit with a recommending doctor online. To qualify patients must have a Qualifying Medical Condition. You will need a recommendation from a participating medical marijuana doctor to obtain a marijuana card.

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Recreational Cannabis in University Heights, OH

Ohio legalized the use of medical marijuana in 2016 with the passage of House Bill 523, but recreational use remains illegal in the state. There have been some efforts to legalize recreational use in Ohio, but they have not yet been successful. Will this year be the year? Read more here

Is Marijuana Delivery available?

Ohio Marijuana Deliveries

Delivery of medical marijuana products from University Heights dispensaries is currently not an option under the states program. Marijuana deliveries RX is being considered to accommodate the needs of patients.

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