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Keith Kohn

ELKO — Legend says it all started in the 1960s, when a group of high school friends in California wanted to “get high.”

Word of the friends’ idea to smoke marijuana each afternoon at 4:20 spread via High Times magazine. That “code” was spread by the Grateful Dead and other bands of the era.

On April 20, the Newe Dispensary celebrates a counterculture tale

Keith Kohn

Not that 25-year-old Jaden Robinson was around back then, but the tradition, he said, has evolved into today’s use of the term 420 and 420-friendly to mean pot-friendly, weed-accepting and the legitimate use of cannabis.

Robinson is a team leader at the Newe Dispensary, which is located “almost” in Elko. It sits on Te-Moak tribal land off Ruby Vista Drive, overlooking Interstate 80.

Items on sale at the dispensary.

Keith Kohn

“We’re the only dispensary for 200 miles,” Robinson said. He’s been at the dispensary nearly since it opened on, yes, April 20, 2020 — 4/20. Saturday, in honor of 4/20 and the dispensary’s four-year anniversary, a family-friendly event is planned — outside — and a sale inside the shop.

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