Law enforcement and marijuana dispensaries in the Ozarks warn of potential danger of Delta 8 THC products – KY3


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Missourians have been able to buy marijuana legally for over a year, but there is one THC product that is unregulated but legal: Delta 8.

Billboards across Missouri advertising federally legal THC cannabis at vape stores or gas stations, spurring conversations about the lack of regulations surrounding who can buy these products and what actually goes into them.

“Anyone could be making it,” said Ashley Frazier-Osburn, general manager of Greenlight Dispensary in Springfield. “Anything could be in there. There could be mold. There could be other drugs or anything.”

Due to the marijuana holiday of 420 being celebrated around the world, there have been more conversations surrounding Delta 8 THC regulations surfacing.

While marijuana is federally illegal, Delta 8 is not due to it being derived from hemp instead of marijuana. And with no regulations, it can quickly become a problem for law enforcement and the families they protect.

“We’re seeing it mostly at convenience stores, party stores, things along those lines across the state,” Branson Police Chief Eric Schmitt told KY3, “And what’s really disturbing for us in law enforcement is the fact that the pictures of it looks just like candy and it’s being you can tell it’s

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