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On the unofficial holiday of 4/20, another dispensary opened its doors to new customers – part of the booming statewide cannabis industry.

Rebelle on Albany Street in Boston is the first dispensary to open in the South End neighborhood. The company produces its own marijuana products while also selling other brands as well.

Guillermo Erazo, assistant general manager of the store, told Boston 25 that their natural products focus on general wellness.

“We produce our own product,” said Erazo. “We cultivate our own flower. We cultivate our own edibles and concentrates as well too.”

Rebelle is now one of more than a dozen dispensaries across Boston that sell recreational marijuana.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts in 2016. The cannabis control commission reported roughly $1.5 billion in sales in 2023 as the industry grows statewide.

Erazo added, “We have a lot of consumers who came down that are more happy that it’s recreational, that we open up doors for consumers to get it the correct way.”

The growing industry is also opening new doors for local businesses.

Sam Burgess of Bootstrap Compost in Everett held a pop-up at the South End dispensary, saying his company can create a more sustainable marijuana industry.

“We can actually compost green material after

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