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This comes as Northern Arkansas sees an increase in billboards for out of state dispensaries.

ROGERS, Ark. — A lawsuit has been filed by Arkansas dispensary Good Day Farm against the state, challenging its advertising restrictions when it comes to medical marijuana. 

The suit has sparked discussion among Arkansas dispensaries who claim the restrictions to advertisement is hurting business. A hearing in the suit is set for May. 

“Dispensaries and cultivation facilities in the state can advertise, but it’s limited,” said Scott Hardin, spokesperson for the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission. “Let’s say a dispensary wanted to run a billboard, that dispensary would have to prove to the state that children are not seeing that consistently and that children don’t comprise a significant portion of that audience.” 

The law says a dispensary would have to prove that a television, radio, print media, or internet advertisement’s audience is less than 30% of people under the age of 18. With a billboard, Hardin said that would be nearly impossible. 

Adding insult to injury, dispensaries across the border in Missouri are able to advertise in Arkansas, which some sellers in the Natural State claims take

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