VERDANT Dispensaries

Verdant Creations

326 James Way
Marion, OH 43302

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

About Verdant Creations Dispensary in Marion

Verdant Creations is a medical cannabis store now open at 326 James Way in Marion, OH 43302

Verdant dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

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No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Chiquita Brown
Chiquita B.
14:09 28 Jan 22
Pretty good place, even the workers are cool! Could work on the wait period! I feel that if I recieve a message that my order is ready, I shouldn't have to wait any longer than 10 mins to pick up my product. I also feel that employee should fill up every register, to keep the traffic moving quicker.I'll be seeing you guys soon!read more
Donna Kilgore
Donna K.
18:49 23 Jan 22
Great! The selections are good, the staff are Awesome! Pricing is reasonable, it always could be better everywhere. Wait time isn't bad at all. The staff can help you with anything. They are very good when it comes to getting a person on the right more
Lisa Lassiter
Lisa L.
23:13 20 Jan 22
Everyone working at Sunnyside was so very helpful!!! Jessie was able to answer all my questions, there were many. He gave me all the info I needed to select the right products for my aches and pains.Kudos to the front office for their patience with me while getting me checked more
Marissa Wafford
Marissa W.
07:45 17 Jan 22
The wait at this dispensary is always ridiculous. The staff are nice and relatively knowledgeable (I mean, for a medical only state at least, one suggesting “new” live resins made me laugh). I hate that you can’t see any product before you can buy it though. Everything, even bud, is behind a wall and given to the staff drive-thru style. Pretty expensive so go on sale days for more
Marissa Doolin
Marissa D.
00:24 27 Nov 21
I always love coming here. The service, products, and staff are amazing. Alex is always so kind and helpful and I’m always glad to have her help me when getting my more
Ryan Donaldson
Ryan D.
18:19 11 Nov 21
I love this place! Super nice people. The Amanda's are so helpful. Every time I have a question they help with the most educated more
susan burgess
susan B.
15:02 05 Nov 21
Nothing is ever the same with this place. You gotta fight to take back something broken. If a pod league said your fault. If they closed down for A-day they don't honor the previous day that they were closed discounts. You order something over phone only to find out they sold it to somebody else when you get there. My drive is over an hour and a 1/2 to the closest place around me and unfortunately it is you. 73 more dispensaries coming soon one less customer for you when this happens. Sorry about the punctuation. This place just gets me riled up a lot. Employees are nice management's a little goofyread more
Axtastic “Axl” Bee
Axtastic “Axl” B.
04:54 28 Oct 21
As a medical patient in Ohio this is the number one dispensary that I would recommend. Friendly efficient Service and Knowledgeable staff. I can't fail to mentionThat the Product is top grade. They have such great deals that it saves way more time and money than traveling over state lines. And look it! A cute discrete recyclable bag!read more
Patricia Wiggins
Patricia W.
16:04 25 Oct 21
Kiley is AMAZING. She literally changed my life, I told her how much pain I was in and she recommended the perfect strain. I’m now living with little to no pain. Love all the staff at Sunnyside, Aaron is wonderful and always a joy to see. Thank you to all the staff for your hard work and dedication to your customers!!read more
Emmett Slay
Emmett S.
20:59 23 Oct 21
First I'd like to thank my good friend, Aaron for always being a great help to me in choosing the best product for me. It makes me very happy that I can have a very well knowledgeable, and well rounded friend to make my day, Sunnyside up. And a big thank you to management and the entire team. Everyone is amazing. Emmettread more
Michael James
Michael J.
15:30 23 Oct 21
Don’t make sense to make an online order. Drove a hour and they didn’t have anything I ordered. Other than that staff are great people to deal with. Products are good when they have more
19:47 20 Oct 21
First come, first serve even if you have an online order. If someone else comes in before you they get what you've ordered. They supposedly have no phones to call you or automated text delivery to let you know that your order is sold out.Twice I've had an order that "sold out hours ago" but I unknowingly made the 40 minute drive for absolutely nothing.The only thing that keeps me going back is that their prices are lower than some of the Columbus dispensaries. Guess you get what you pay more
The Mean Liberal
The Mean L.
16:26 11 Oct 21
This place has been a life saver...literally. Any and all questions I have are answered without ever making me feel as if I am incompetent. Definitely worth more
Kevin Taylor
Kevin T.
21:19 04 Oct 21
Great atmosphere. It was my first time here and I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and knowledgeable the staff are! I had a wonderful young lady named Christal helping me today and she was just the nicest! Repeat customer for sure!read more
Glenn Murray
Glenn M.
22:24 01 Oct 21
Highly recommend asking for Ben,very knowledgeable about all the products and the effects so you get exactly what you are looking for!!read more
Scott Bensley
Scott B.
09:20 23 Sep 21
Very clean and sterile all employees have been a great experience. My parents are elderly and my mother came to this location also and were very happy with the service. The only complaint was it was very expensive. This location was awesome though. Would recommend it to more
Justin Stacy
Justin S.
23:58 17 Sep 21
Absolutely amazing experience very friendly and informative and actually very good prices which I did not expect. Incredible product as well let’s put it that way hahaharead more
William Jones
William J.
15:54 03 Sep 21
Miserable, execrable experience here. Fifth time I've been and it just does not matter what time of day or what specials...the wait time is excessive. I wanted--really wanted--this place to be great. The menu is fine.And here's my real issue: Why have an app tell me my order is packaged and ready to go when, in fact, my order could not and would not be packaged because I was "out" of days? Either don't have an app or make sure it says the correct thing: "This app does nothing more than spit out a message saying the order has been received. If you want real information, call. We're really busy, though, because our manager thinks this is all ok..."read more
Jackie Vomits
Jackie V.
23:48 26 Aug 21
It's okay. They charge way too much for edibles that don't even have much effect at all. Gotta eat $30 worth just to feel it. They have decent sales on flower though. That's about it. Everything else is over pricedread more
Mi_chain G
Mi_chain G
23:03 22 Aug 21
Clean , professional & closest to Delaware, Ohio.Will & Kim were extremely helpful, all the staff are extremely friendly. The reason I didn't give them 5 stars is they NEVER have any dessert flavor pens, cartridges, vap indica hybrid, it's only kind I use aside from edibles because I do not like the weed taste or smell. I don't know if they just stopped carrying the dessert flavors since changing ownership, but as much prefer to here will likely have to go with one of their competitors & make the drive all the way to more
Stephanie Ellis
Stephanie E.
15:17 11 Aug 21
This place is hideous! Don't get me wrong staff is really friendly they need to really step their game up with online orders they say they want those taken care of first hahaha what a joke I have literally watch an item be taken put of my cart while I was still shopping not to mention have done an online order and get there for them to tell me the item is no longer available, my opinion is once the order is placed online fill it have it ready for when we arrive don't make us wait thats the whole reason we do online orders in sure in not the only one who feels this way, sad more
Rita Heacock
Rita H.
18:51 18 Jul 21
Love the plp here, just wish I could get more days so I could play around with edibles more often. Love making my own medicine 💚read more
Alison Fink
Alison F.
14:46 14 Jul 21
I had a really great experience. As a first timer at a dispensary, I was a little intimidated. But the budtender took time and discussed what would work best for my need (arthritis pain and insomnia). Professional, organized and an excellent experience all more
Justin W
Justin W
14:17 07 Jul 21
Friendly staff, clean and wait times are not bad. Prices are high depending on what your used to. If your are use to Ohio prices this dispensary is quite reasonable and they run good sales. If you have only bought in recreational states be prepared Ohio prices are more
Amanda Dehart
Amanda D.
02:44 17 Jun 21
I've been a patient at the Marion Verdant; now Sunnyside location for over a year because it is a little closer than the Newark dispensaries and I was always happy with the staff. However I was turned away at 6:31pm after driving 45 minutes. The security guard even asked the manager if I could enter and she came out just to tell me it's written on the door about the 6:30 rule. So I will just take my business to Herbology in Newark where returning patients are permitted up to 15 minutes before more
cheri nelson
cheri N.
20:59 11 Jun 21
Just wanted to thank Sunny side for wasting my entire day off! Order online at 1030 am. Received a text message at 1240 sayingy order was ready for pickup. After driving for over an hour I arrived at the store at 2pm. Was told would be a 45 minute to an hour wait. Do I sat down and waited . . . And waited. . . And waited. An hour and fourth minutes later I finally got to go into the back room. What is the point of placing my order online if I still have to wait? Thought this issue had been resolved. If this is the way Sunny side is going to continue to do business then please let me know and I will gladly take my business elsewhere!!read more
Great Lakes Audio
Great Lakes A.
14:51 05 Jun 21
I was there today my name is Charles. The best group of associates as always. G I will call him and A are always good people and the girl is always super nice. That cashes me out. Definitely make you feel like family. Great team awesome people thank you. Julie give them all a raise they deserve and you too. Any questions they answer. Will help and go above and beyondread more
Energy Lightless
Energy L.
17:16 02 Jun 21
The people at the front today are not nice people. If you act like them they'll be nice to you. As soon as they realize you are not one of them they become ZOMBIES. I won't be going back to this place. Columbus is only 40 mins away. I'll give them my more
Caleb Baas
Caleb B.
11:59 30 May 21
Friendly and helpful staff. They are very professional yet chill af.. love this place
Michael Scribner
Michael S.
23:37 18 May 21
They still have closed at 7pm on the website and the doors of the building, only they say they close at 630 now, one would think after 2 years of being open this would be a very easy thing to get right. Until they start doing things properly, I'll be recommending anybody goes elsewhere if they more
00:14 07 May 21
This was my first time going to a dispensary, so I didn't know what to expect. Candy was very knowledgeable about the process, and what would help me with my PTSD and insomnia symptoms. She answered all of my questions, and helped me make an informative decision on what would work best for me. Staff was very friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed and more
Seth Howell
Seth H.
18:05 08 Apr 21
We have had good and bad experiences here, but mostly very long wait times (until recently with the new owners) and lots of pricing issues, advertising products at one price, then giving you something different when you pick it up. The last straw was when they offered cresco products at 10% off, failed to give the discount, then will not return any of my 5 calls, and I'm not driving an hour each way to get a refund. I'm just not going again and I will recommend everyone else do the more
Jennifer Wallace
Jennifer W.
11:37 01 Apr 21
Nice place to go if u don't wanna travel far ppl are really nice and are always glad to help with any questions
Christian Gardner
Christian G.
18:51 23 Mar 21
Great place. You’re obviously gonna have a wait considering it’s the only dispensary in about a 30 mile radius. Great place, great product, great more
Mitch R
Mitch R
22:07 18 Mar 21
The security guard NEVER has his mask up when I go in. He sometimes is sitting in the only doorway— today coughing in there without it on. That’s my biggest complaint about this store. I do like that they have pretty consistent deals, but the fact that I’m put at risk (at risk because of health) unnecessarily just to buy medicine is enough to make me not make it my first choice in more
Mary Sindledecker
Mary S.
02:49 13 Feb 21
I placed an order on line at Verdant Dispensary in Marion Ohio. I have been there several times. But this occasion my order was declined. Not really sure why, the text said to update my phone number. The text came to my current phone number. I would guess they were out of what I ordered. So I arrived and went in and gave my card and ID to security and went back out to the parking lot to wait for a call when it was my turn. After an hour I went back in at which time I inquired as to the length of my wait. I was informed i had 3 people in front of me. I returned to the parking lot. After another 50 minutes I went back in. I was told they tried to call me more than once and got voice mail. I was holding my phone waiting for a call and had none. They said it would be still more waiting. I ask for my cards back and left. I would not recommend this dispensary ever. I'm sticking with pure wellness in London Ohio. I have never waited more than 15 minutes there. If I could have I would have given 0 on the more
danimal 76
danimal 7.
03:37 30 Dec 20
Verdant should regulate products they sell and inspect weight for quality control. HON Pearls packages say .5g when the actual weight of product inside is.4g? $50 for half a gram and customers are getting ripped off 20% of that weight. The added terp sauce does not add up to another tenth of a gram. 2 separate containers both underweighed. Shameful to be charging this price and not give customers what they've paid for and what is advertised on more
Shannon Marie
Shannon M.
01:32 03 Nov 20
Verdant staff in Marion are pretty friendly. Decent product. The issue I drove about a 2.5 round-trip for absolutely no reason. Placed an online order for pick-up between 5:45 and 6:45 Recieved text that it was ready...pulled up and parking lot was blocked off and told today they stopped at 5:30p. Their site said open to 7p, was never notified by phone, email or text about change in hours. I will not go back due to this issue. Unreliable service. This isn't the way anyone should do business. I'd recommend The Botanist in Columbus or any another dispensary. If you live close, probably not bad...but if you live further away, I would not take the chance. I really liked Verdant sales...but it is not worth the drive not knowing what is going to happen. I will be taking my business elsewhere as I've never encountered issues at other dispensaries like more
02:15 13 Oct 20
Everything about this place is great. Have yet to wait, product is good, prices are decent; especially if you take advantage of sales. Staff is super friendly and helpful. The security guards are nice too. I read through the 1 star reviews on here and the people who wrote them all seem pretty stupid, so give this place a chance and decide for more
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