The Forest Dispensary

The Forest Springfield

1711 W Main Street
Springfield, OH 45504

Hours of Operation

MON – SAT: 10AM – 7PM
SAT: 12PM – 5PM

About The Forest Dispensary in Springfield

The Forest Springfield is a medical marijuana dispensary now open at 1711 W Main Street Springfield, OH 45504. 

The Forest dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if you’re eligible today!

Patient Registration Form


$21 OFF

Use SUMMER21 to get $21 off your online visit.
Expires 7/12/21

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

19:36 30 Jul 21
All Star Dispensary. All the ladies there are the best. Full of knowledge. So very helpful. Thanks!!
Mike Jones
Mike J.
00:19 10 Jul 21
Best cheapest cleanest fastest dispensary in Springfield much better selection and much better pricing than the other places I was very pleased with all around service and easy check-in and friendliness of the staff. I will be visiting again check it out if you haven't. You won't be disappointed support localread more
Amber Mckinley
Amber M.
17:58 07 Jul 21
The store is always clean and the staff are more than willing to get the answers for you that they don't know. Although most are very knowledgeable. Love this place!!!read more
Mike Jones
Mike J.
05:33 06 Jul 21
Best cheapest cleanest fastest dispensary in Springfield much better selection and much better pricing than the other places I was very pleased with all around service and easy check-in and friendliness of the staff. I will be visiting again check it out if you haven't. You won't be disappointed support localread more
Jeff Winkle
Jeff W.
01:55 19 Jun 21
This place is thru the roof with high prices. I always drive to London, Dayton, or Columbus. Way too expensive and too many restrictions on quantities.I mean geez you should be able to purchase an ounce or two of an item regardless. Pure Ohio was way better. I guess you don't know what you have until it's gone. They really take advantage of our community. Everything is higher prices than competitors. What a ripoff.Currently they have 10 percent shake for 20 dollars as their cheapest quality option in flower. Their cartridges are legit 20 to 30 percent if not higher than competitors. The staff are fine as far as I know. I only have been there twice though. What a rip off !!read more
Earl Currie
Earl C.
12:57 11 Jun 21
These fine ladies and gentlemen work their butts off being short staffed almost daily.. the employees are always friendly even if they are super swamped. Thanks for doing your best!read more
Whitney Shaw
Whitney S.
12:30 28 May 21
I tried to order curbside. My pick up was between 5 and 6. I got a text at 7 saying they canceled my order. I would've just went inside if I had known but they never answer the phone more
Mike Johnson
Mike J.
21:33 25 May 21
That They are willing to help Me with My, order, to know what I would need. For My Central Nuerological System Condition.!Thank You Team Forest,Respectfully,Mike Johnsonread more
wayne williams
wayne W.
23:22 15 May 21
Good daily specials with decent pricing. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Much closer and more convenient and less more
Katie Kuss-Shivler
Katie K.
19:05 11 May 21
Prices are excellent and the people are nice but plan on being here at least a half hour. It doesn’t matter if you pre-order, do curbside or go inside, you’ll be waiting. I’ve tried it every which way, at every time of the day and if I make it out of there in under 20 min I feel like I hit the more
Gwen Lienhard
Gwen L.
14:55 14 Mar 21
This place is second to madriver. They have a lobby and offer online curbside. Sometimes the menu doesn't match what they actually have and that stinks but what else is new. Every one is very kind and more
Shane Mussetter
Shane M.
14:55 03 Mar 21
Terrible customer service experience. Was threaten by female employee .She came out in attack my wife screaming foul language. She's been reported to the pharmacy board police in the company head of the forest . She the black woman who works there also be careful she's given us empty jars. The forest head said he is gonna correct this cause he dont want people like that representing there brand . The pharmacy board said she may never be able to work at another pharmacy t thank god report made with police department to see if any charges can be filed for the threats steer clear of this place see the good people of tessanna dispensaryread more
Franco Smith
Franco S.
20:05 22 Feb 21
Can't wait to go back home... I need some Wax. Great Choices
james skinner
james S.
14:33 11 Feb 21
Good prices. Stain of the day are at times VERY good. I've seen better quality flower but quality is good, and best for the price usuallyread more
Shannon Griffin
Shannon G.
21:22 29 Jan 21
The two gentlemen at the front were very nice.Wait wasn't long, I went in around 10:20,I'm sure they were still trying to get the morning started but the gentleman who helped me was very rude. Didn't help at all, acted like I was putting him out. When I asked him about deals of the day he just pointed to the board and walked away. It was my first time in there and it will be my last.Never asked me what I was looking for, what I've had or what my experiences were. He just was not interested at all in what I needed.VERY DISAPPOINTED!!Very expensive more
Melina Stickler
Melina S.
22:41 28 Jan 21
I would not go here if I knew how they do things here.. they tell you one thing on the phone and then tell you the opposite when you get there! I did the curbside and had to do it on their website because they don't do orders over the phone.. waited and waited for them to let me know my order is ready. So I had to call and explain I did an order for the first time with them and he said that the times they tell you is a ballpark estimate and I should continue to wait and I informed him that I had already waited almost 20 minutes after my time slot and I had other things to do then for them to eventually get my order ready.. so he said that I can just come to their curbside but to wait next time until they contact me saying my order is ready (TRUST! THERE WILL NOT BE A NEXT TIME FOR ME THERE EVER AGAIN!!)So when I got there guess what.. had to wait almost another 25ish mintues in their curbside! So when it was finally my turn and they gave me my total.. it was more then I thought it should be with their sale plus my 15% discount.. THEY DONT ADD YOUR DISCOUNTS TOGETHER!!! BUT PURE OHIO WELLNESS DOES!!!!!! Long story short I bought my order but was very unsatisfied on how they work here!DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE!!!! GO TO PURE OHIO WELLNESS.. THEY HAVE FRIENDLY STAFF AND THE BEST PRICES!!PURE OHIO WELLNESS IS SUCH A BETTER OPTION AND I HAS A BETTER PRODUCT!!!read more
Corey C
Corey C
21:47 22 Jan 21
I rarely come here but when I do I expect a hour long wait at the curbside pickup and I never buy flower here it's way to expensive only like 1 cart in a emergency situation and there is a good reason for that. I drive a hour away to go to another dispensary because we don't have any good ones around more
Angela Orca
Angela O.
22:34 18 Dec 20
Everyone is super friendly, hardworking, and this is my favorite place to go. Their customer service is above and beyond. They know their stuff when it comes to asking about products and they have a great more
Corretta King
Corretta K.
18:51 18 Dec 20
Horrible customer service (slow, slow, slow). Employees are rude. Comparably too expensive. Lastly, they ALWAYS run out of products. Save time, go more
Rob S
Rob S
22:02 09 Dec 20
This place is run about as poorly as a street vendor. From uneducated employees to misrepresentation on products and prices, they are the furthest thing from guising as a medical grade facility providing pharmaceutical products to patients. Would not recommend this place to a first timer let alone experienced self more
Michele Pelfrey
Michele P.
00:21 05 Dec 20
First time in, since business changed name. Different people..different products. But same great service! I asked lots of questions, cause that's me. Looking for the right products for my needs. Not a big smoker..but like the right flower. Didn't have the ones I got at the other place...but came up with one that I am really pleased with! Need one for just body chill...found it! Creams and Salves are like gold to me. Got them too. Will go back!read more
Joseph Ram marcher
Joseph Ram M.
20:24 20 Nov 20
First time patient! Absolutely loved the environment and the deal of day was amazing. You got a new customer fs. Highly recommend you check it out!read more
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