Terrasana Dispensary Ohio

Terrasana Labs

1800 E State St
Fremont, OH 43420

Hours of Operation

Mon – Thurs 10am – 5pm
Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat 10am – 5pm

Terrasana Dispensary in Freemont, OH

A Terrasana medical marijuana dispensary location at 1800 E State St in Freemont is now open. 

Terrasana dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

256 SSL Encrypted Secure
No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Nicole Lewis
Nicole L.
15:54 15 Jan 22
Place is amazing staff is very aknowleged and they always got lots of product. Never a long wait maybe 5 minutes for us each time max verses a half hour or more anywhere else.read more
John Szymanski
John S.
16:33 03 Jan 22
Excellent customer service and knowledge of all products. Always courteous and kind.
Jerri Merricle
Jerri M.
19:15 31 Dec 21
I drove a distance for my strains. Unfortunately my local dispensary won’t constantly carry them !?!? I called the day before to be certain they had the amount I wanted ( If I’m going a distance I’m making the most of it). Ordering online at their website is an option - and the prices are on their website - reasonable too, but I needed help figuring my days. Professional and friendly staff helped make it an enjoyable and beneficial trip. Went late morning - no waiting. Checked me in and remembered my call. Got right back into the dispensary and even tho they had to get into their back room stock, I was checked out within 15 minutes! The woman that waited on me was very helpful and friendly. Great experience. Clean & safe. Calm vibe. Highly recommend!***To every dispensary, please include lineage and terpene profile on your menu! Every flower is tested in a lab and that information is readily available. Please include it. It helps in making the best choices on which product may work for your clients.Great job, Terrasana - Fremont! Thanks.read more
Lloyd Wilson
Lloyd W.
08:30 24 Nov 21
All the staff in Fremont location are absolutely outstanding. Not a single complaint. Seriously one the best experience’s I’ve ever had. Thanks y’all for everything!!read more
Diane Holland
Diane H.
23:21 05 Nov 21
The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and always have my order ready, when I get there😃
Sarah Sprauer
Sarah S.
22:30 28 Oct 21
Staff was amazing super nice and very patient. Product was a little expensive but great quality I'll be back
Claudia Bivens
Claudia B.
18:29 05 Oct 21
Two thumbs up! Great people, awesome service, and the products are phenomenal!
Denny Rule
Denny R.
22:14 23 Sep 21
The staff offers great advice on products and find service. I will shop there many times in the future.
Karen Starr
Karen S.
07:28 21 Sep 21
The people are very nice and helpful they make you feel at home
Alicia Sanson
Alicia S.
17:28 29 Aug 21
Terrasana In Fremont Ohio is great overall, I have had my fair share of experiences in many shops and the people and products here are phenomenal. Ohio products are better than any other state hands down! I wouldn’t listen to anyone telling you to go to another state where when you get back home it’s not even the products you asked for on top of potency OHIO IS WHERE ITS AT!!!!!read more
Jeannine Ouding
Jeannine O.
20:48 11 Aug 21
VERY knowledgeable about everything. She had an answer for every question I asked her. A lot of things to choose from. It was my 1st time so I don't know if this is typical, but, you aren't allowed to see any items. Not the wax, flower, anything. Idk, may be standard for a medical dispensary. Can be pricey if you choose a higher mg as far as cart vapes. I got the Strawberry Banana hybrid 1g cart by Cokoh. Haven't tried it yet. Also got a sativa, the Birthday Cake, Cokoh as well, which I don't think is any stronger than the $50 ones I get at the recreational side. So, paying more, wasn't necessarily better for me, personally. Everybody reacts differently. Now, I did buy the Sour Blue Diesel tierc2 sativa and that made me fight high. I will say, my horrible headache I had before I smokes IS subsiding. So, good for pain. Not grearmt, but, some relief. I'll go back and try a live resin cart or wax because I think I need something stronger. I have a high tolerance. And they are nearest to my house. Anybody know what dispensary gives you the most bang for your buck in Toledo, OH and surrounding areas? Other than that, no wait and like I stated earlier, knowledgeable staff. Which is great because I didn't know anything about this stuff!read more
I was impressed. I like the people there. Truly oriented to the plant not the money.
Michael Root
Michael R.
16:17 30 Jul 21
Well these people are great they've helped me deal with my chronic pain and I'm in the last part of my life so I'll keep going there they're a great place they help people outread more
Rafael Hernandez jr
Rafael Hernandez J.
14:05 31 May 21
The workers know their product and are very attentive. Great personalities...
Kevin Maurer
Kevin M.
09:04 13 May 21
I stand by the awesome staff and product hands down.
Laura Stewart
Laura S.
17:56 15 Jan 21
Absolutely love this place! Very clean and the staff are always polite and are very knowledgeable about the products and what they are good for.read more
Patrick Morris
Patrick M.
16:26 15 Jan 21
Good selection, helpful staff and decent pricing
Jacob Tolento
Jacob T.
20:05 12 Jan 21
This is the nicest medical dispensary in ohio that ive been too. Great service . Friendly staff. Good product. Good prices. No wonder they won ohios best dispensary for 2 years.read more
Demo Rcr
Demo R.
22:09 03 Dec 20
This is the 2nd time I have showed up about 10 mins before 5pm, and they are closed already. I understand not being open until 7, or normal hours, but why shut down before 5PM, the time you are saying you're open until. Driving 30 mins, meanwhile getting there with 9 mins to spare, just to find out you wasted time, gas, and luckily didn't get a speeding ticket, it's very disappointing, and frustrating. I Have had a positive experience with everything else, but I now know to drive to Sandusky if I am pushing it close to closing time.read more
Robert J
Robert J
16:14 26 Nov 20
This Teresana location is in a strip mall.They have a good selection, and a friendly staff. I did an online order, and they had it filled quickly. Their prices are average, but they frequently run specials.I highly recommend Terrasana.read more
Toria Preston
Toria P.
05:49 05 Jul 20
The staff were really friendly and knowledgeable. They were able to help me get started and understand the variety that is available. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very nice. The interior design is beautiful.read more
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