Ohio Grown Therapies

1250 N 21st St
Newark, OH 43055

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm

About Ohio Grown Therapies Dispensary in Newark

Ohio Grown Therapies is a medical cannabis store now open at 1250 N 21st St in Newark, OH 43055.

Ohio Grown Therapies dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

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No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Chrissy Aeby
Chrissy A.
11:07 30 Nov 21
Friendly staff, super clean, good prices. The aroma of the building is a bit overwhelming though.
Ben Foraker
Ben F.
20:13 18 Sep 21
There very freindly i never have to wait long to go back and vet my product and the staff are smart
Melissa Holland
Melissa H.
14:16 04 Sep 21
It was a great experience I like to play they'll earn you a lot
Megan Thompson
Megan T.
16:18 23 Jun 21
Great place hardly no line. Very friendly. Huge variety to choose from. Make you feel welcome. And… they even called me, day after my first time visiting. To see if I had any questions. That’s the only dispensary I’ve been to that does this. Check them out!!! Ask about their specials.read more
Shirley Hollins
Shirley H.
20:05 29 May 21
Very friendly staff. Quality products. Watch for errors as you don't look at the products before check out and if they grab the wrong produce it's and charge you, it's a hassel.read more
Kylie Bennett
Kylie B.
16:39 26 Apr 21
Horrible employee's they couldn't answer questions and had the menu messed up but had no desire to change the mess up when I pointed it out cause I had purchased that item. She then proceeded to tell me I personally make them so they are fine. Very rude.read more
Brenda Smith
Brenda S.
15:03 25 Apr 21
My first time here. I was nervous, didn't know what to expect. They made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and explained everything to me.I'm still confused about the 90 day supply as a allotment to purchase. Maybe I will get it figured out. I hope.It's a nice place. I'm glad they are here for meread more
Roxxann Bennett
Roxxann B.
16:14 23 Apr 21
Absolutely love this place. The facility has a great aesthetic, and the staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and friendly. Highly recommend this place!read more
joseph marshall
joseph M.
16:15 22 Apr 21
It's probably the best dispensary I've been to in Ohio, but that isn't really saying much. The prices and quality of product are ridiculous in all of the ohio dispensaries, but here they at least have a wide selection of varied products. The 4/20 sale was great with 25% off everything, yet even with that discount, the prices are still atrocious. Ohio's dispensary owners could learn a lot by going to Colorado or California and learning from the business models there because what they're doing here is price gouging, pure and simple.read more
Rodger Brown
Rodger B.
21:22 12 Apr 21
Great experience. Staff was great and very informative. I won't use the competition again!thank you!
Mal Bradley
Mal B.
22:45 30 Mar 21
Wow, what a terrible experience. Ill try to stay to the point to notate it all.1. Receptionist was rude.2. Bud tender came up and was standoffish and over his job.3. They said they completed the 10:30 order, and at 5 it was still not.4. When standoffish bud tender completed the order hours after they said it was done, it was still incorrect.5. He did not give the discount they advertised and didnt fix it when i asked.6. Because my order was wrong, my days got counted more than they should have.7. I called to talk to them about the discount, and my days and the overall experience 50 minutes ago. Receptionist put me on hold to say she was discussing it with manager and here i am on the pay no mond list. Ill show up tomorrow. This is wrong.8. If i shorted them money i'd be arrested. This is state funds, property and a controlled substance, not a big mac.9. Ill drive another 45 minutes to deal with this in person and be there at open tomorrow.read more
Sharon Wargo
Sharon W.
17:53 26 Mar 21
Great store! Prompt service and courteous staff most always has the product I'm looking for
Blazein knight
Blazein K.
21:08 11 Feb 21
Paper said shake and they gave me trim. Sticks and leaf tips. If i could post a picture i would. They said its the growers fault. But on the container it says trim. They put shake when they made the item list. And the cartridge i got has to have a specific battery. And they said my battery would work. Wrong again! And they wont do anything to make ir right.read more
allan kocher
allan K.
13:59 25 Jan 21
Will be back. indigent discount 25% or if they have 10% off store wide they will bump it up to 35% (I think this is the max discount in Ohio) . Super clean well thought out facility. Super great staff.read more
Rachel Wright
Rachel W.
18:57 15 Jan 21
I always love coming here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. They are very knowledgeable about their product which helps tremendously when you're not sure what you want or are looking for something different. Prices are not bad either 🙂read more
Jill Salina
Jill S.
18:15 17 Nov 20
Remarkable everything. The staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and very caring. The location is convenient, comfortable, clean upbeat. They do not rush you, and make sure you understand everything. The process is not stressful with them but smooth in/out. Thank you for your wonderful service.read more
Bill Ballantyne
Bill B.
14:59 28 Oct 20
The general manager Logan was very professional and knowledgeable! The representative Sam that helped us at the counter was very friendly and super helpful!! They helped my wife by answering any and all questions we had to the best of their ability. I am her caregiver and so is my mother, they were very welcoming! We go to Verdant as a regular and they were out one day and sent us there.. Glad they did!! Might become a regular there too!!! Lolread more
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