have a heart cincy cincinnati marijuana dispensary

Have a Heart Cincy

8420 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45216

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10 – 8
Sat – Sun 10 – 6

About Have A Heart Cincy Dispensary in Cincinnati

Have A Heart Cincy is a medical cannabis store Is now open at 8420 Vine St in Cincinnati, OH 45216.

Have A Heart Cincy dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.


Appointments are available with a qualified recommending Ohio telehealth doctor online. Click on the link below, complete the registration form, and your on your way to renew or get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form


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What People Are Saying

Dorothy Stinchcomb
Dorothy S.
21:44 19 Sep 20
Polite and helpful helped me understand my need.
Payton Halliwell
Payton H.
03:02 19 Sep 20
Best experience I've had in Cincy!! Will def return. Please shop here!!
Rodney Calhoun
Rodney C.
22:04 18 Sep 20
Awesome menu with a lot to pick from. Very knowledgeable staff. Nice store layout. Operates smooth compared to other dispensaries.read more
Christopher Broadus
Christopher B.
14:41 18 Sep 20
I love coming to this dispensary however i hate to wait. I do wish they had a more efficient way to process online orders (like there should be a separate check in window where one can just quickly and easily pay and pick up items that were ordered online)read more
Natasha Castle
Natasha C.
20:55 17 Sep 20
Super chill.
Haley Jones
Haley J.
16:06 17 Sep 20
Best dispensary in the area by far
A Google User
A Google U.
03:53 16 Sep 20
Great first experience with this disp! Very friendly staff, who seemed knowledgeable for the quick in and out I made. I ended up arriving at 8:34, as a new patient. They were kind enough to let me proceed even tho it was 4 after the new patient cutoff time. I already knew what I wanted and a super nice gentleman took my order. I was called to the back by a staff member who gave me a brief run through. I went quick because I knew they were closing soon and I didn't want to hold them up. Building is large inside, displays and setup were nice. I will say I've found some better deals at other places but I'm def going to go back to Have a Heart. I want to spend some more time looking around and asking more questions. Will review again!read more
A Google User
A Google U.
23:05 15 Sep 20
I love this place. Good customer service and great meds.
A Google User
A Google U.
18:09 15 Sep 20
First time stopping in & I wasn’t sure on a lot of things. I was lucky enough to have Jalal assist me, he was very patient and knowledgeable on the products. The place was welcoming, the staff was helpful and kind & there was little to no wait time. Worth the travel, I will be back.read more
Michelle Perry
Michelle P.
21:16 13 Sep 20
Friendly, fast, and a supreme professional level of care
Ms. Understood
Ms. U.
18:19 11 Sep 20
Omg this is the best place I’ve ever been, and I’ve been to every dispensary in Cincinnati. Friendly, educated, helpful staff. EXTENSIVE menu. Great music in waiting room and in the bud bar. This just started my day off right. I won’t be going anywhere else. 12/10It’s also right next to Lefty’s smoke shop so you can get all your needs at once. And Lefty’s is INCREDIBLE.read more
Tammy menkhaus
Tammy M.
03:11 10 Sep 20
Great staff love the place a little high on the price...
Sarah Hedger
Sarah H.
01:19 09 Sep 20
This was the first dispensary I have been to, but I don't feel a need to try any of the others. The product list here is extensive and the prices are fair. The employees and management are knowledgeable and friendly. I can tell they actually care about their patients.read more
Larry Spencer
Larry S.
21:33 07 Sep 20
My wife has been a customer for a while and has had nothing but good things to say about the place. I finally got my MMC and we went together and all I can say is the place is amazing, the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. JR answered all our questions and made some recommendations for products for us to try. With being a Veteran they also have the biggest discount around and like JR said we earned the discount and it was said with sincerity and was much appreciated. Keep up the good work we will continue to advertise for Have A Heart...read more
Pam Pederson
Pam P.
21:42 05 Sep 20
I love doing business with this Company. Everyone is so polite, helpful and very knowledgeable about the products they sellread more
Henry Chandler
Henry C.
22:12 04 Sep 20
21:14 31 Aug 20
Great place loved the environment and staff was super nice and very knowledgeable.
Luv Lites
Luv L.
12:45 30 Aug 20
I liked the overall experience. Marlissa at check-in was helpful and friendly, as well as younger man at the door. And J.R. in the back took his time educating me as a first timer. I will go back here.read more
Robert Burton
Robert B.
19:45 29 Aug 20
The employees in this location are awesome. Cant thank them enough for great treatment of veteran here. Awesome experienceread more
Roshod Walker
Roshod W.
14:16 26 Aug 20
I have a wonderful experience everytime I make a trip. The budtenders are the best. I highly recommend "Have a heart Cincy"read more
Azra Hostetler
Azra H.
23:20 22 Aug 20
This was my first visit, and Ashley is such a sweet girl. I enjoyed my visit and her understanding of what I'm going through, especially during this pandemic.read more
Andrew Ball
Andrew B.
22:19 12 Aug 20
Would’ve been cool to know it’s cash only before waiting an hour to be served with virtually 2 customers there.
Scott Crowder
Scott C.
21:32 12 Aug 20
I had an amazing, quick experience. I was nervous as it was my first time legally purchasing marijuana, however they made it incredibly easy and smooth. Lauren was awesome, and I greatly appreciate her help.read more
Michele Johnson
Michele J.
23:35 09 Aug 20
David was extremely helpful and explained many things relative to the typed and effects of of their products. These folks are Professional and knowledgeable. Thank you!!!read more
Hype Goddess
Hype G.
16:15 08 Aug 20
Great folks over here. Brooke was very helpful. Comfortable waiting area and good selection.
16:10 08 Aug 20
This is the only dispensary in the Cincinnati area with customers in mind. They are very professional and you feel at ease getting your medication. Every budtender I have interacted with treated me with respect and was knowledgeable. Don't waste your time at other dispensaries.read more
Alicia Taylor
Alicia T.
14:11 05 Aug 20
Great staff, but those prices are whack! Check around you'll see how much more than other stores in the area. I mean come on we're not even getting a regular 8th dnt price gouge tooread more
Mary Powell
Mary P.
17:28 03 Aug 20
After lots of researching and several recommendationsI decided to go to have a heart Cincy for my first experience with a dispensary after getting approved. The wait time wasn't bad I was a new patient so it took an extra like 10 minutes. I had a young lady named Lauren H. to help guide me through the experience. She was very knowledgeable and helpful because even though I've done tons of research I don't know even an eighth of the info. we discussed different strains and exactly what medical effects I needed and came up with a game plan (that included a great sale discount on my order). She helped me pick blends for 4 different medical complaints I have and was extremely knowledgeable and nice and so patient. I was very impressed with her depth of knowledge & recommed Have a Heart Cincy to anyone who loves great customer service and a corona safe set up. Also, huge bonus, I purchased flowers that were supposed to be packaged as shake and when I opened it up & it was all buds! No shake in my discount purchase of shake! Must've run out of shake, nice bonus score for me & generous of the dispensary to honor the sale price on their replacement flower.read more
Tony Hall
Tony H.
15:40 01 Aug 20
Brooke was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. First time was a wonderfully positive experience.
Theresa Edelman
Theresa E.
05:18 30 Jul 20
Ordering is easy. Check-in is easy. Product and price nice. Employees friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Opportunities to learn more were even posted. Nicest dispensary in area for being able to social distance while waiting. Inside you can hear each other well, compared to most other places with raised ceilings, all concrete and lots of voices. Being able to communicate to your bud tender is important to find the medicine most beneficial for you, Props to Alex, Jalal, and the lady bud tender. Bring cash because no onsite atm though.read more
Kay Esk
Kay E.
00:16 10 Jul 20
Went for my first visit today and it will definitely not be my last! From the security officer at the door, to the woman who cashed me out, everyone was SO NICE! I was nervous going in because i've never done something like that before, but it went so smoothly and wonderfully! Definitely would go back and recommend it to any ohio patient.read more
18:03 28 Jun 20
My favorite dispensary in the Cincinnati area. Very clean and welcoming, staff is friendly and the facility is very nice and clean. Great deals and the deals are posted on Leafly so I know what to expect before coming in. Only downfall is they do not accept cards and there’s not ATM on site. Come with cash.read more
Paul Eckert
Paul E.
23:44 10 Jun 20
Love the staff, they are always helpful, very friendly and they even remember my name every time I go in. That alone already makes you feel like you're someone they care about. As for the most important part. The medicine is always top choice selection. With plenty of varieties to choose from and their menu gets bigger every time I go in. The dispensary is one of the biggest if not the biggest in the 50 square miles of here. Which is nice so you don't feel all crammed in a small building. Sometimes vendors will be there to talk to patients and answer questions, talk about new products etc.. That information goes a long way. All in all I will definitely keep coming back to have a heart cincy its the best one in town.read more
Thought Provoked
Thought P.
18:25 07 Jun 20
Today was my first visit. Ashley is such a sweet woman. She showed empathy very well and was genuine when I was telling her about my current struggles especially during this pandemic.read more
Tyler Tackett
Tyler T.
01:09 07 Jun 20
I used them before with no problem. This time was much different. I went in because the website advertised a deal where you purchase one product and get another on a discount. Well then when I arrived they had it listed but two of a certain product and get the other on discount. I tried to show the clerk who wouldn't even listen to me until I asked to speak to a supervisor. Now he helped me by giving me the discount anyway. Yet when I tried to purchase my items all of a sudden the product I wanted which fit the qualifications of the discounted product. Was for some reasoan not eligible for the discount.read more
Blu Magoo
Blu M.
17:51 30 May 20
Look.. yall that know I'm mister bad review. Never leave good ones at any place but the atmosphere here was professional an chill. Now Paul the brotha that help me today was off the chain knowledgeable was his keep but also honest. Very much so impressed and good with the service provided today.read more
Marilyn Woods
Marilyn W.
09:37 28 May 20
This was my first time visiting Have a Heart. The staff were very friendly and professional. The selection was great; a little overwhelming for a newbie but I had a great employee who was knowledgeable and helped me with my questions and selection.read more
Adam Holtzleiter
Adam H.
15:47 19 May 20
Ashley, Brook and David (name spelling?) were just rad. I’ve been to several dispensaries throughout the country as well as overseas. Being a native of OH it’s nice to have another dispensary I feel welcome visiting from the moment I walk in.This past Sunday was my first visit and I’ll definitely be a repeat patient/customer. Great atmosphere, great selection and solid prices. Overall just a great experience!read more
Garrick Williams
Garrick W.
19:56 01 May 20
Every time I come, it’s always love. Each member of the staff is full of positive energy and are always delighted to see you. They remember who you are each time you come, creating that familiar experience and rapport with you. The quality of their merchandise is always elite. I’ve never had a bad experience here, and would advise anyone who’s in the area to visit this loving place. You won’t be disappointed.read more
martinmand1r .
martinmand1r .
01:48 20 Apr 20
Showed up today to meet with Paul and the other great staff. I must say great experience and knowledgeable staff led to right medications for my conditions. Also very impressed by the menu. Menu’s with the Terpene profiles! Gotta like that. Five Star!read more
Carley Schaeper
Carley S.
21:41 19 Apr 20
Amazing place. Beautiful waiting room amazing pharmacy. Fabulous, knowledgeable staff.Paul helped me, extremely nice, took time out to show and explain everything. Will most definitely go backread more
Candy Stumpf
Candy S.
14:34 17 Apr 20
This dispensary is so much cleaner. It's more customer friendly. It has a relaxing atmosphere. Best of all they treat you like family. And for those of you who have never been there they also offer a crub side pick up.read more
J. H.
J. H.
18:51 12 Apr 20
Very friendly and inviting to the newcomer. Great discount for veterans. There are dispensaries much closer to me but this will be my number one choice.read more
Michael Sweeney
Michael S.
22:20 29 Mar 20
TLDR: No ATM on-site, but exceptional staffTruly, this place deserves four stars because they don't have an ATM on-site. Some of their prices are higher than at other dispensaries around Cincinnati, but some prices are better than their competitors so I will call that a wash and not ding them for that. The lack of an ATM is ridiculous though. Everywhere else I have been has them. It is a standard feature that should be considered essential for them. So, minus one star for not having one.Where Have A Heart Cincy shines is with the employees. I expect excellent customer service at any dispensary and have never been disappointed, but the environment here is a cut above. Everyone here was warm and friendly. From the guard to reception to sales, each person was welcoming, pleasant and comforting. Creating a space like that requires leadership that values those traits and people who are genuine and kind working together. So they deserve an extra star.read more
Adam Douglas
Adam D.
17:45 18 Mar 20
Great, very knowledgeable staff! They have a good variety of options for different budgets, and the flower quality was great. This is my regular stop now.read more
Michael S. Kennedy
Michael S. K.
17:41 09 Mar 20
Excellent. Spacious, many product options, no 'feeing like you are a criminal' waiting rooms. Spacious display area.The assistants are great. My new favorite.read more
Ryan Riberdy
Ryan R.
21:48 30 Jan 20
In town for a Bearcats game and stopped in Have a Heart. Great selection, pricing and a top notch staff. Probably the biggest and nicest dispensary in the state.read more
Robert Lewis
Robert L.
23:24 20 Jan 20
Nice setup, friendly staff and a diverse selection. Possibly a little bit cheaper than it's rival. They would do well, to put the menu up daily. There's a lot of product not on the leafly menu and most doesn't match menu in store.read more
Mark Waller
Mark W.
22:41 16 Jan 20
Went to Have a Heart today. I had a menu from Verilife and one from About Wellness. When I compared the menus, Have a Heart was more expensive than the other two. Also, I am completely disabled. Have a Heart would not give me a discount for Indigent or for SSDI as the other two dispensaries did. If I cannot get the discount and the higher prices at Have a Heart, I will not be returning. However Have a Heart was nice dispensary. Verilfe is also a nice dispensary.read more
April Hunter
April H.
12:39 12 Jan 20
Have A Heart Cincy was wonderful. Yesterday was my first time there and they had all of their products In. I was super impressed by the staff who just want you to feel at home and with their process of assigning someone to guide you so that there is never a chance that you are going to walk out of there with something you know nothing about. These people felt down to earth and Welcoming and in my book you don’t see that much. Kudos to the staff for a great opening... it really seems like your smoothed out the kinks.read more
Trevor .
Trevor .
19:50 11 Jan 20
I've been to About Wellness and Verilife before visiting "Have a Heart". I think this is the best setup and staff I've seen in the area. David was very patient, educated and helpful. All the other staff members were pleasant, nice and helpful. Good experience.read more
Alec Chenkus
Alec C.
15:53 09 Jan 20
Well worth the wait!! What an unbelievable facility and team. I was greeted with a smiling face every step of the way, and every team member was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable! Cincinnati patients have an amazing choice with Have a Heart.read more
bob cowans
bob C.
04:48 09 Jan 20
Went to the new dispensary in Cincinnati. Have a Have A Heart Cincy. Was a soft opening. Which meant they could only sell specific growers. I was number 1 customer. They treated me great. They had some growing pains but was in no hurry. The layout is good. Only 1 display case on the floor. They rest were shelves set back in the walls with locking glass doors. Got a 25% indigent discount. Not sure they say Grand opening Friday, but I believe I heard they were open tomorrow. All in all was fun and looks like I'll be back for sure. Flower I got was fresh very good. Got the go to layer cake. One of my favs 29% Give it a shot. See what you think.read more
Polo Cee
Polo C.
02:35 02 Jan 20
It’s taking a long long time to open. Verilife and verdant been opened. Get with the program.
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