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Have a Heart Cincy

8420 Vine St
Cincinnati, OH 45216
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Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10 – 8
Sat – Sun 10 – 6

About Have A Heart Cincy Dispensary in Cincinnati

Have A Heart Cincy is a medical cannabis store Is now open at 8420 Vine St in Cincinnati, OH 45216.

Have A Heart Cincy dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

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What People Are Saying

Adam Douglas
Adam D.
17:45 18 Mar 20
Great, very knowledgeable staff! They have a good variety of options for different budgets, and the flower quality was great. This is my regular stop now.read more
Michael S. Kennedy
Michael S. K.
17:41 09 Mar 20
Excellent. Spacious, many product options, no 'feeing like you are a criminal' waiting rooms. Spacious display area.The assistants are great. My new favorite.read more
Ryan Riberdy
Ryan R.
21:48 30 Jan 20
In town for a Bearcats game and stopped in Have a Heart. Great selection, pricing and a top notch staff. Probably the biggest and nicest dispensary in the state.read more
Robert Lewis
Robert L.
23:24 20 Jan 20
Nice setup, friendly staff and a diverse selection. Possibly a little bit cheaper than it's rival. They would do well, to put the menu up daily. There's a lot of product not on the leafly menu and most doesn't match menu in store.read more
Mark Waller
Mark W.
22:41 16 Jan 20
Went to Have a Heart today. I had a menu from Verilife and one from About Wellness. When I compared the menus, Have a Heart was more expensive than the other two. Also, I am completely disabled. Have a Heart would not give me a discount for Indigent or for SSDI as the other two dispensaries did. If I cannot get the discount and the higher prices at Have a Heart, I will not be returning. However Have a Heart was nice dispensary. Verilfe is also a nice dispensary.read more
April Hunter
April H.
12:39 12 Jan 20
Have A Heart Cincy was wonderful. Yesterday was my first time there and they had all of their products In. I was super impressed by the staff who just want you to feel at home and with their process of assigning someone to guide you so that there is never a chance that you are going to walk out of there with something you know nothing about. These people felt down to earth and Welcoming and in my book you don’t see that much. Kudos to the staff for a great opening... it really seems like your smoothed out the kinks.read more
Trevor .
Trevor .
19:50 11 Jan 20
I've been to About Wellness and Verilife before visiting "Have a Heart". I think this is the best setup and staff I've seen in the area. David was very patient, educated and helpful. All the other staff members were pleasant, nice and helpful. Good experience.read more
Alec Chenkus
Alec C.
15:53 09 Jan 20
Well worth the wait!! What an unbelievable facility and team. I was greeted with a smiling face every step of the way, and every team member was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable! Cincinnati patients have an amazing choice with Have a Heart.read more
bob cowans
bob C.
04:48 09 Jan 20
Went to the new dispensary in Cincinnati. Have a Have A Heart Cincy. Was a soft opening. Which meant they could only sell specific growers. I was number 1 customer. They treated me great. They had some growing pains but was in no hurry. The layout is good. Only 1 display case on the floor. They rest were shelves set back in the walls with locking glass doors. Got a 25% indigent discount. Not sure they say Grand opening Friday, but I believe I heard they were open tomorrow. All in all was fun and looks like I'll be back for sure. Flower I got was fresh very good. Got the go to layer cake. One of my favs 29% Give it a shot. See what you think.read more
Polo Cee
Polo C.
02:35 02 Jan 20
It’s taking a long long time to open. Verilife and verdant been opened. Get with the program.
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