bloom medicinals painesville township medical marijuana dispensary

Bloom Medicinals

403 S Main Street
Seven Mile, OH 45011

Hours of Operation

Mon & Wed – Sat 12 – 7

About Bloom Medicinals Dispensary in Seven Mile

Bloom Medicinals Dispensary in Seven Mile is now open at 403 S Main Street in Seven Mile, OH 45011.

Bloom Medicinals menu products are available to patients in Seven Mile with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today!


Appointments are available with a qualified recommending Ohio telehealth doctor online. Click on the link below, complete the registration form, and your on your way to renew or get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form


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What People Are Saying

Jay Williams
Jay W.
13:48 07 Sep 20
Nice place friendly staff crazy expensive though half gram carts for over $50 and $45 for 10 gummies otherwise great placeread more
Debra Ferry
Debra F.
22:32 03 Sep 20
Great place. People are super informative and nice. Never bought anything yet that wasn't good. Close to home. Thanks for your time,help, and merchandise. Making my life more
Tammy Gaspar
Tammy G.
18:09 03 Sep 20
Great service and very nice employees. Fove stars
ikonik boss
ikonik B.
18:03 03 Sep 20
Great experience, great staff , clean , Nice products, will return.
Donald Trunk
Donald T.
18:01 03 Sep 20
Clean, Nice Staff, Helpful, Nice product , Will Return.
Jeremy Couch
Jeremy C.
14:16 24 Aug 20
The only place to flower up the best staff an more friendly than the others a comfortable environment very up lifting makes you feel welcome an ready to help you always THEY CAN HELP MAKE YOUR LIFE BLOOM IN SEVEN MILE 💗read more
eric johnston
eric J.
17:39 10 Aug 20
The people that work here mostly are the worst. Alex is good, though. I try to avoid this place if at all possible
DPO247 *
DPO247 *
21:09 23 Jul 20
I've had some time on the MMP here in Ohio and other state(s). And this facility here, the staff that work here, and the impact this has on the community is wonderful. Everyone works hard there to care for us. We all got red tape somewhere to deal with. times are tough. Bloom Seven Mile has been above reproach and set a nice standard for care for us. Thank you Bloom Seven Mileread more
Chris Benton
Chris B.
20:33 22 Jun 20
Excellent customer service very friendly they know there stuff well kept promises I would highly recommend to go here especially for there gummiesread more
23:56 19 Jun 20
The ppl there are super. Just wish there was more of a variety, quanity, and lower prices. Over all my favorite place to shop close to home. If the things I listed would be a 5 more
carla richards
carla R.
22:07 13 Jun 20
Beautiful, spotless, friendly. I drive way out of my way just to go this dispensary. I get a veteran discount, so it is worth the drive. I look forward to visiting, even though it is brief. It looks just like the pictures on the web more
Gail Shields
Gail S.
19:36 22 May 20
It is Very clean, very friendly, very knowledgeable about the products they sell, So I trust their recommendations . Been to many since the opening ! This is my pick for fresh cannabis, and etc.....And a nod to Ancient Roots Golden Goose please bring back!read more
Shae Drake
Shae D.
21:54 19 Apr 20
Everything is so wonderful about this place. New, clean, stylish decor, FRIENDLY STAFF. Little to NO WAIT. Updated menu every 5 minutes. Clear on what you’re getting and for how much. Very knowledgeable staff, especially Lisa. She is the bees knees. She is so knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. AMAZING products, HUGE selection. They help you find the product that works best and does what you expect it to. They explain everything, they’ll let you change your mind a million times, and ask them a list of questions. Once you try this stuff, you will never go anywhere else to get your more
Jahs Lion
Jahs L.
20:30 18 Apr 20
Great place they really took care of my wife on her first visit to a dispensary!
Jahs Lion
Jahs L.
20:30 18 Apr 20
Great place they really took care of my wife on her first visit to a dispensary!
Nickie Burton
Nickie B.
01:10 21 Mar 20
The inside is beautiful! Very friendly and helpful staff. Bloon also gives the largest Veteran's discount I've seen so more
Casey Lovins
Casey L.
15:48 11 Mar 20
Stagg is excellent very helpful and polite and even remember me by name this is my number one go to!!!
Tonica K Combs
Tonica K C.
12:29 11 Mar 20
I absolutely love the staff here! They are always very kind and courteous. I make most of my purchases at this location because it’s so close to home. I do like the fact that they include the tax in their prices and there’s usually a large selection of products. And the staff seems very knowledgeable. The only thing I don’t like is there are hardly ever any deals or sales. I’d like there to be some price competition or something so I don’t drive an hour out of my way for a better deal when I’d really prefer to visit this more
Jason Wise
Jason W.
16:38 29 Feb 20
I been there about 20 times cant find anything with a good taste first time i went to strawberry fields in monroe jackpot twi seperat strains i got were both awesone taste .read more
Robert Swoboda
Robert S.
05:55 26 Jan 20
Great service, great variety of supplies , the menu is the best I've seen so far in my opinion.
R Patrick Roll
R Patrick R.
15:54 19 Jan 20
Disclaimer: I was a bit jaded as my first ever experience with a cannabis dispensary had only been a few weeks prior over the Christmas Vacation to visit my Niece in Estes Park, Colorado. That being said with Ohio being a Medicinal State the entire process has been quite different. Now then #Bloom in #SevenMile is a very clean, professional, new facility and as soon as one reaches the back they are presented with quality. The friendliness and patience of the Staff was awesome and with all the options patience is key. My only real issue was the upper-scale quality of the devices. For instance was a multiuse device used for concentrates, the only one sold, at around $250. C'mon Guys, between Veterans and Indigent, offer some minimal to moderate gear for sale. Besides this issue #Bloom is great with a great staff and great medicine and I recommend 💯.read more
Tom Martin
Tom M.
21:02 22 Dec 19
Why is everything so expensive? Well anything worth getting. The pheno 51 tasted llike C02 kinda like bad breath, I think they used too much when growing it. That orange 43 was the best stuff but it went fast. But the prices are so high, u would have to spend every penny you get just to be able to smoke every more
Dave Pressler
Dave P.
16:23 12 Dec 19
Great building, Staff was perfect, and 25% indegent/veteran discount
Dave Pressler
Dave P.
16:23 12 Dec 19
Great building, Staff was perfect, and 25% indegent/veteran discount
00:30 28 Nov 19
The people at Bloom are wonderfull and so helpful. I'm new at this and they have so much patience and education about what they have at the dispensery. I give seven mile Bloom 5/ more
Ty Arnold
Ty A.
02:30 26 Nov 19
Family oriented and very nice and helpful staff. I'll be going back 💯
Rick Igo
Rick I.
18:04 15 Nov 19
I have visited Five Ohio dispensaries and Bloom Medicinal was by far the best and just happens to be the closest one to me.Brand new high tech building with very friendly staff. They have a great selection of products with low prices.It was my fist time in and only had to wait Five minutes! Bloom Medicinal will now be the only dispensary I will visit. IT'S AWESOME ! They also give a Twenty Five percent discount to Vets and Indigent patients !read more
Stefan Hammel
Stefan H.
01:16 25 Oct 19
Super friendly staff, good selection, and it’s close. Will be going back for sure 💯
Tina Wade
Tina W.
18:20 24 Oct 19
Very friendly staff! Beautiful facility! Much better selection than any other dispensary I've been to!
John Kennedy
John K.
18:14 24 Oct 19
Extremely friendly and helpful!
Personal Computer
Personal C.
15:31 24 Oct 19
Heck yeah mang, bout' time y'all open, I'll give you five stars just for that 😎👍
Personal Computer
Personal C.
15:29 24 Oct 19
Heck yeah mang, bout' time y'all open, I'll give you five stars just for that 😎👍
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