zenleaf marijuana dispensary ohio

Zen Leaf

1155 N Main Street
Bowling Green, OH 43402

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10 – 7
Sat – Sun 10 – 5

About Zen Leaf in Bowling Green

Zen Leaf Dispensary is a medical cannabis shop now open at 1155 N Main Street in Bowling Green. Zen Leaf Dispensary menu products are available to patients near Bowling Green and throughout Wood County. 

These are for MMJ patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard. Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today!

Patient Registration Form

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No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Jes Land
Jes L.
20:54 27 Jan 22
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Og 1Jacobi
Og 1.
12:27 15 Jan 22
They are very shady here and always have the highest prices around. I just bought some edibles and they sold them to me expired. Someone report this place.read more
Ryan H
Ryan H
22:27 02 Jan 22
The staff is extremely nice and knowledge. They know exactly what strains I needed for my back pain
Vickie Hoff
Vickie H.
17:47 30 Dec 21
Staff is friendly but preorders makes zero sense. Only dispensary I've ever been to you put an online order in and when you get a text it's ready for pickup means very little. You get treated just as if you never placed an order other then they have it set aside you still have to wait for everyone ahead of you placing orders before you actually get to pick up. Thought I could place an order here like literally every dispensary I've been too who has order set aside for fast pick up on an extremely busy day just to find out it was a huge mistake messed up my appointments for the day. Won't try this again. For normal orders wouldn't think twice but for fast pick ups wouldn't bother.read more
Robert Miller
Robert M.
00:14 08 Sep 21
Thanks for your help and service keep on improving.
Brody Ramone
Brody R.
20:06 04 Sep 21
I have never consumed marijuana before and knew nothing about it. I recently obtained a medical marijuana card for chronic pain. I went to another storefront who had a ton of reviews and was recommended to me by a coworker.During my visit to that depensory I felt rushed and constantly felt like I was just being sold products rather than being asked what I was trying to alleviate (pain, headaches, etc).I decided to visit ZenLeaf because it is local. I wish I would've visited here first rather than AmazingBudz in Adrian.This location is small but offers a wide variety of product. The staff was not only knowledgeable but took their time with me. They answered all of my questions and asked what I was looking to achieve when I consume.I never felt rushed, never felt like I was being sold products just for the sake of it, and more importantly it was a more personable experience altogether.Whether you're a new like me or an experienced smoker, this place will definitely have it!read more
Wes “Wes” Wittenmyer
Wes “Wes” W.
14:32 04 Sep 21
Friendly people great supply need better prices
Heather S
Heather S
09:21 30 Jun 21
very friendly and helpful staff. Clean facility. 10/10
Joshua James
Joshua J.
18:34 25 Jun 21
Ohio prices are pretty high. Why do they sell in 2.8 gram containers instead of 1/8ths? The quality and variety is great but you’re better off going to Michigan if you want the best value for your money.read more
Conner Bowker
Conner B.
23:57 30 May 21
Only go here if this is your only option to get your medicine. The prices here are very high and most of the staff is uneducated on the products except for Jeff. They sold me a half gram cart today that doesn’t work with 510 thread and didn’t tell me that I would need to buy a special battery for it. Just make the drive and go to Michigan if you can because ZenLeaf/Soothe fails me almost every time.read more
Randy Cotterman
Randy C.
13:34 19 Apr 21
Ohio prices are rediculous.. and there is no ramifications if they sell you a junk product.. like u can't bring it back and say hey look this dont work. There needs to be alot of changes in ohios rules.. and a little more scrutiny on the products you sell. I bought a lemon tree wax a standard wellness product and a MAC .. the lemon tree was watery and I couldn't even use it. The Mac burns up so quick. How can u buy in other states and get a better product?waste of money and time to buy here or ohioread more
Amy Perry
Amy P.
01:45 10 Apr 21
Always nice and professional 🙂
Sammy Dorf
Sammy D.
15:41 15 Mar 21
Great product selection and friendly staff! Excited to see Zen Leaf in Bowling Green!
Jacob Tolento
Jacob T.
00:09 19 Jan 21
Nice place. Friendly staff.
Sheila Varnado
Sheila V.
20:04 07 Nov 20
Simple efficient helpful nice clean place.
Og 1Jacobi
Og 1.
16:01 01 Nov 20
Great Product and I actually like our program for Medical in Ohio. When it's recreational it ruins our medicine.
Cindy Wolph
Cindy W.
20:22 25 Sep 20
The staff are very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Great team work, great products/selections.
Mellany Daugherty
Mellany D.
13:36 25 Jul 20
Staff was so nice, took their time explaining everything to me. I will be back again for sure.
Gage Rinebolt
Gage R.
05:13 26 May 20
Great quality content and workers who know exactly what they are doing! Worth every single penny. Tier 2 stuff can get pricey, but it is definitely worth the extra money. Their staff are always super nice too! 5 Stars from this patient!read more
Darrell Zink
Darrell Z.
14:05 18 Mar 20
Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Competitive prices. A great place to shop.
Luke Whitta
Luke W.
23:14 17 Feb 20
The most knowledgeable and educated staff I have dealt with and they’re so caring and nice and make you feel welcomed! Great deals and lower prices then usual places around northwest Ohio..read more
Darrell Zink
Darrell Z.
13:21 14 Feb 20
Helpful and knowledgeable staff. Competitive prices. A great place to shop.
Corinda Solomon
Corinda S.
16:15 02 Dec 19
Honestly the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was because it's a little pricey, but the product is very good quality. Honestly worth it tbh. A half gram cart would normally be gone in like 2 days, I got the Jilly and Jbean, Jilly lasted 4 days.. and I just started the Jbean. The staff were so helpful and so awesome there. Great people.read more
Andrew Hartman
Andrew H.
19:00 25 Oct 19
I would highly recommend checking out Soothe. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about their product. Even the girl at the front counter was very helpful. I feel bad I don't remember anybody's name but they were all really nice. The flower is high quality 👌 atm on site which was awesome as well. The only reason I didn't give soothe a 5 star was because the selection was kinda small. Hearing they have only been open for a couple months. I'm sure the product varieties will come in time. I'll definitely be back though.read more
Ann Hines
Ann H.
18:02 23 Oct 19
Love this place ppl are really helpful and nice. 🙂
Jodi Kisseberth
Jodi K.
18:25 10 Oct 19
Very down to earth .. highly educated to all the facts..they take time to explain everything and go over the details...very respectful and polite...read more
Angela Rood
Angela R.
14:36 08 Oct 19
5 stars for me . Very nice staff, very knowledgeable in product. Very nice experience love the place
Lynn Gillespie
Lynn G.
00:55 24 Aug 19
The young man at check in was very nice and informative.However after viewing the menu page there I can't understand the states pricing A normal concentrate cartridge starts at about $30.The state makes them sell cartridge, battery, and charger with each cartridge purchased. Cost is $75. A battery last a long time so to make the customers purchase these with each one is unbelievable.Everyone should write the pharmacy board and complain.All of the prices are way to high on all of the products. Period. I leftread more
Jon Cheney
Jon C.
04:08 23 Aug 19
Great staff very friendly prices for flower is compared to MI other then you have to buy in 2.83grams pre packed you can see the product in plastic containers with built in magnifying glass and holes so you can smell the product. Prices for ediables is a bit high 50 for a little of 100mg but I'm sure the price will come down once it's more available. But over all I would definatly recommend you stop in and take a look.read more
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