Verilife Hillsboro

1088 North High Street
Hillsboro, OH 45133

Hours of Operation

9am – 8pm Daily

About Verilife in Hillsboro

Verilife Dispensary is the first medical cannabis dispensary location open in Hillsboro at 1088 North High Street. 

Verilife menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today!

Patient Registration Form


$21 OFF

Use SUMMER21 to get $21 off your online visit.

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Alicia Allen
Alicia A.
19:14 02 Sep 21
I usually have a great experience but today was the 2nd order that I've ordered online that was wrong. The items will appear on the website as a hybrid but when I leave it is sativa. I'm not a fan of sativa. I didn't notice until I got to the car and of course they will not replace it because they can't. She offered for me to come back and buy something else but that's my entire budget on bulk flower. So mannnn I'm so bummed! Won't be ordering online again!read more
Tammy Maxfield
Tammy M.
12:02 01 Sep 21
Incredible staff. Clean and fast service. The staff are informative and always had a great experience.
Nick Lighte
Nick L.
23:03 22 Aug 21
The staff are always helpful,friendly and willing to take the time to answer questions. Very knowledgeable about all of the more
Pat Holt
Pat H.
14:46 21 Aug 21
Great people , in and out quickly, very knowledgeable employees, very friendly.but I'm concerned why there aren't any crystals(trichomes) on the flower, is the flower a byproduct thats left after all the essential oils are more
AVL Himebauch
05:09 10 Aug 21
Much cleaner and faster than Sunnyside in Cincinnati. Plenty of parking. Easier to get to, and not nearly as crowded. Literally in and out. Friendly, knowledgeable, and the selection information is super more
swaug unda score dawg
swaug unda score D.
20:59 09 Aug 21
This folks are well versed in their craft and offer lots of helpful advice. Awesome experience!
AVL Himebauch
16:35 18 Jul 21
Much cleaner and faster than Sunnyside in Cincinnati. Plenty of parking. Easier to get to, and not nearly as crowded. Literally in and more
Travis Brown
Travis B.
00:24 16 Jul 21
Well it was the best place we have been when it was Debbie's dispensery but now it hasn't been the bet, I have got things that said it was indica when I ordered it and the when I got there it was a sativa or like now it had 20.3 g for 120.00 and up in cart got there and then they said it was a misprint but I got put it in my cart and they said when it would be ready at 7:30 but I get there and nope it a more
Jami Haecker
Jami H.
21:59 15 Jul 21
Great store. With most of the pharm techs able to guide you in your medical marijuana solutions. The only reason I give them a 4 star rating and not a 5 star is the inconsistants with product. If I find something that works really well and go back to purchase the same it's a hit or miss if they will have it. For that reason I keep a list of the terpenes and qualities of the more
Charles Ritchie
Charles R.
23:08 30 Jun 21
The best place on earth go at least once week and there fast friendly alsome staff cpuld ask for better bunch
Ronnie G
Ronnie G
16:45 25 Jun 21
This is my go-to dispensary for many reasons. If you make an online order, you’re in and out within 3-5 mins. There’s usually only a few patients in the building when I arrive. The NICEST people work here and will offer knowledge on what strains are best for your condition. Also enjoy the different daily 20% off deals they have. I’ve bought about 10 strains from this place so far, all fire. Strongly recommend!read more
Diana Simon
Diana S.
18:13 05 Jun 21
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable with the products. As a new client they helped explain the difference in each more
Dawn Shanks
Dawn S.
19:17 03 Jun 21
The staff here is very knowledgeable and the product is awesome was going to the one on ridge before I knew better and now I just take the drive in the country out to Hillsboro and they have at least 300 products at any given more
Michelle Lynn Davis
Michelle Lynn D.
17:02 01 Jun 21
I've always had good time and good service... The stuff I got was killer stuffAnd the smell is intoxicated,the smell is more
22:32 23 May 21
My favorite despencary by far!!! Luv the ppl every single one I've ever spoken to even on the phone have been super attune ppl and very helpful thanks ya'll you rock🤘 I do wish you'd be open on Sunday like the one on redbank other than that you are the best I've been to more
Dana Feazell
Dana F.
17:23 06 May 21
The customer service was outStanding .. very clean .. I can't say enough about my experience .. thank you for making this a great experience!!read more
Jason Adams
Jason A.
16:29 06 Mar 21
Great products and service. Highly recommended.
20:32 14 Feb 21
Debbies is pricey!! The whole medical MJ industry is a rackett truthfully,,Debbies Charges us big dollars $40-$50 bucks for 2.83grams and Debbies very rarely offers bulk at all 'and when they do its $185.00 , per half OZ,, !! Come on Ohio Medical we really need a home grow program..Its not really legal until we do now is it?read more
Craig Davidson
Craig D.
20:41 12 Feb 21
Debbie's is a great company.The only complaint I have is when you call your order in, and you show up to pick up your prescription. The line is over a hour long. Here's a idea. Have a worker dedicated to the call in orders. This would help move the lines faster. Hell put in a drive through window. Just for call in orders. I mean McDonald's will cook your food and get it to you faster. Need to have a little more more
Donna Spilker
Donna S.
18:09 06 Feb 21
These ppl r GREAT..they take their time to actually help and answer any questions u have.
Ashley Greene
Ashley G.
05:46 12 Jan 21
Great to have one out where it's at for people out that way. I made an hour trip to check it out. It's def on the smaller side but had a decent menu..prices are a little higher than those in Cincy understandable with no competition out there I suppose. Overall a decent placeread more
rockets rockets
rockets R.
21:11 28 Dec 20
I have been to several Dispensaries over the past 15 Months, and Debbies is by far my favorite. The products are great and the staff is awesome! They are knowledgeable, and helpful. I'm a Veteran, and they take care of me, plus they provide patients with your "fill-date" info where the other places I've been to, do not. I appreciate they're attention to detail and kindness also. Richard more
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