VERDANT Dispensaries

Verdant Creations

1243 North Cassady Avenue
Columbus, OH 43219

Hours of Operation

MON – SAT: 11AM – 8PM
SUN: 11AM – 5PM

About Verdant Creations Dispensary in Columbus

Verdant Creations is a medical cannabis store located at 1243 North Cassady Avenue in Columbus. 

Verdant dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Chris Schmitter
Chris S.
18:50 27 Aug 21
It's A Great Place & Always Has What I Want But They Really Need To Do Something About The Way They Check People In. There Always Only 1 Person Checking People & Takes Forever(Always A Long Line). This Is The Only Dispensery That Seems To Have This Problem. If They Could Fix The Checking In Process To Make It Faster, Would Definitely Make Things More Efficient & Faster. They Have Several People Working In The Back So I Feel Like They Could Change more
Brian Roessler
Brian R.
21:13 12 Aug 21
1st time at a Dispensary and I had heard you usually have to wait awhile and that most everything is out of stock and I was pleasantly surprised. This company knows what true customer service is and are extremely friendly but don't come off fake. I was in and out pretty quick. I don't remember exactly but it was no time at all. Will definitely be returning. Not sure how this place has a 3.7 rating. Highly recommend!read more
Angela Borghese
Angela B.
02:26 21 Jul 21
As a newbie, I was unsure of the process and the products and gave Verdant a call. Morgan answered, and went above and beyond to walk me through everything, and then shared his wealth of knowledge with me about the vast amount of products offered!Once I arrived, the process was quick and easy, and the facility was super clean. I had the pleasure of working with Candi, who spent her time going over ALL of my questions, as she helped me navigate what products would work best for my needs! Great place all around!read more
Cole Harmoni
Cole H.
21:06 03 Jul 21
It was my first time and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They explained everything to me calmly even though there was a lot of people. My ride was able to sit in the car without being hassled. If I could give it more than five stars I wouldread more
Ashley Moody
Ashley M.
10:44 01 Jul 21
I’ve never had an issue with This location until a week ago. I wasn’t aware of payment methods, did a split transaction (2 diff cards) both deducted funds but only one traces in system and on receipt. Address in system pulled diff (next door) unsure why but now fighting dispute and proving my card was used twice here. Just be careful when using 2 cards. Issue is being resolved due to one employee’s more
Jennifer Combes
Jennifer C.
21:35 25 Jun 21
This place is my mecca. It's my 'Cheers', everybody knows my name and I'm always happy to go there! Not only is the staff extremely friendly, helpful and truly want you to be well, they are the hardest working group of individuals in and around any other Columbus dispensary. It truly feels welcoming and warm everytime I visit and I've been a regular for a year and will continue to be! Great job Verdant, I see you and applaud you and want to thank you for continuing to help patients during the pandemic! Peace and Blessings to the Verdant crew!read more
Ashley Moody
Ashley M.
20:22 17 Jun 21
I’ve never had an issue with This location until a week ago. I wasn’t aware of payment methods, did a split transaction (2 diff cards) both deducted funds but only one traces in system and on receipt. Address in system pulled diff (next door) unsure why but now fighting dispute and proving my card was used twice here. Somehow I’m out of 100.00 and nobody can locate it. Just be careful when using multiple cards, I’ll prob never return due to this more
Edwin Sherwood
Edwin S.
03:17 11 May 21
Very cool staff. Vet discount 30% across the board. Good selection. I've yet to be disappointed. If they're out of something I had my heart set on, I'm always able to find something comparable. I would recommend Verdant Columbus to anyone with an OH MJ card. Oh, they have lots of discounts for those who aren't a vet or indigent as well. Holidays, vendor days more
Carter Seecamp
Carter S.
20:54 10 May 21
I had previously rated it 2 stars due to no phone response, paying and getting the wrong product and brutal wait times, but the place has picked up and is doing a better job. They have good deals but the parking lot is small and the wait times aren’t the greatest. To be fair, wait times aren’t necessarily there fault. Great people, and good more
Justin Harrington
Justin H.
11:44 06 May 21
They were really helpful seeing I had just got my card and never have been to any dispensary. Everything was a pain free and easy process. Plenty of options. I may have gone around a slower time (5-6pm) but I was in and out in maybe 10-15 minutes. Luckily they're just down the street from me so I will definitely be going more
Carter Seecamp
Carter S.
18:31 11 Apr 21
It’s a cool place, good deals and nice people, but this is now the second time I have bought something and it is not the product I payed for. Not happy. Also don’t even waste your time calling, you ring for 30 minutes and then it automatically hangs up... every single time!read more
kc sena
kc S.
20:23 09 Apr 21
The staff was extremely helpful and welcoming. Got some really nice stuff to help me with my chronic migraines. Gave me lots of pointers as I had just gotten my card. I highly recommend checking this place out! 🙂read more
Linda Moreau
Linda M.
15:38 04 Mar 21
Knowledgeable, friendly, professional, always playing danceable music! Ordering online, I found one item sold out when I I got there. Easy exchange, but wish items could be locked in, even though cash is only taken at register. Same person orders for Newark franchise, but Columbus runs out!read more
Thomas Jones
Thomas J.
06:20 21 Feb 21
One of the best in the city! Very informative staff. They even printed a physical copy of my card for me! Great selections and have specials on certain days. Highly recommend this team!read more
Sarah-John Smith
Sarah-John S.
17:28 17 Feb 21
Two friends who are medical marijuana patients recommended this place for my first time at a dispensary. The chick that helped me listened to what I wanted and needed, explained everything in detail and made good recommendations. Didn't get her name. Def go here if you are looking for a consultative more
22:17 20 Jan 21
Not too bad...staff was friendly, quick and efficient. Would have gave them 5 stars but they only had a few edibles on display, maybe 20% of what they offered. They expect customers to pic what they want off a sheet where all the products are listed. For someone that is new to this world that could be more
03:48 12 Sep 20
Was in and out in about 20 minutes.
bryan Divelbliss
bryan D.
02:02 01 Sep 20
Super busy when I went but the staff did everything they could to get everyone helped in a timely manner.
Cody Mcneeley
Cody M.
22:07 29 Aug 20
F this place was told to park a place waited over An hour and was told to leave
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