VERDANT Dispensaries

Verdant Creations

5149 Kennedy Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45213

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

About Verdant Creations Dispensary in Cincinnati

Verdant Creations is a medical cannabis store is now open at 5149 Kennedy Ave in Cincinnati, OH 45213

Verdant dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

Discounts & Deals


Take $20 Off

Use the promo code VETERAN to get $20 off your online visit.


$15 OFF

Use the promo code MEDCARD15 to get $15 off your online visit.

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What People Are Saying

Dave Corbett
Dave C.
03:03 03 Apr 21
Hi y'all. Dave again. And it gotta say you guys & girls are doing even better. 5 thumbs up to Brandon, for the improvements. New personal , Avery, informative & polite. Best pharmacy ever. Keep up the great work.RespectfullyDave Cread more
Kimberly walker
Kimberly W.
22:22 09 Jan 21
I am a veteran and a medical marijuana patient. I loveVerdant creations Knowledgeable, friendly employees and amazing discounts! However what I do not love is having to wait 90 minutes plus outside of my order window. The system of ordering online, or ordering period Is broken.If I order online, an hour ahead of time with a one hour pick up window I shouldn’t have to continue to wait 90 minutes outside of that pick up window. Medical patients shouldn’t have to wait over 90 minutes outside in their car. I’ve seen the back room with just one employee filling prescriptions.It cannot get more Mickey Mouse then that. Who is managing this place and what can you do to fix it immediately? That parking lot is packed every night, that means you’re doing something right! Now let’s get better! Hire more employees, use the system that is given to you. Technology is not being used and it’s 2021! It’s almost like the state is making it hard for us, bingo!Disgruntled Army veteranread more
Alicia Hildebrand
Alicia H.
00:19 26 Nov 20
I’m here to be constructive as a usually pleased customer. I expected to be there for at least 2-3 hours because of the sales but ended up spending 5 hours in the parking lot today.Please figure out a better way to navigate the balance of online order pick up vs just regular shopping on super sale days.Why didn’t I just place an online order? Good question. I like seeing the paper menu because the online menu does not list as much information. As I am on a budget, I really have to get the most bang for my buck.Again, not here to bash y’all. Just a perspective from the other more
10:14 03 Nov 20
The longer they’ve been open the worst the experience has gotten from long wait lines to a low inventory that also lacks variety, the online ordering is a joke why have it if I’m still waiting in line?They need to really tighten up and most definitely need to make online and in store purchasing two different things a simple fix that 9/10 they will not makeI gave 2 stars simply for their deals but is it worth it ?read more
Brian B.
Brian B.
18:28 24 Oct 20
Top notch professional customer service here and excellent prices! They really care about the customer's experience here.Cash or debit card accepted. They are patient and kind more
tara pendleton
tara P.
22:41 19 Aug 20
The staff seem helpful and knowledgeable. However that’s where the pleasantness ends. The entire system is messed up. Ordering online does NOTHING to expedite the process. Call in orders. Yea right! No one answers the phone. Inventory is always changing and always sold out. To ask customers for cash when they can’t enter the store is a HUGE liability! I’m not sure who manages this but it’s in dire need of an overhaul. The process takes an hour if you are lucky. There is another dispensary a mile away if that and they are efficient and more
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