VERDANT Dispensaries

Verdant Creations

1641 N Bridge Street
Chillicothe, OH 45601

Hours of Operation

Mon – Sat 11am – 7pm
Sun 11am – 5pm

About Verdant Creations Dispensary in Chillicothe

Verdant Creations is a medical cannabis store now open at 1641 N Bridge Street in Chillicothe, OH 45601 

Verdant dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

John Wilson
John W.
14:38 13 Sep 21
People are fine when you go in. Any questions you may have over the phone dont even try. You'll just be inconvenient to them. Ive made 10 calls to this location and not one time have they picked up. Then i thought maybe they are busy. Well when i call a 10:01am and the phone rings for 15 minutes.. you're not that busy when you open up just to stoned to answer the more
20:35 02 Aug 21
A complete turnaround from how it used to be under the Verdant name. The environment and renovations have spruced the place up and have definitely upgraded the look, but the biggest difference is the staff. They are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient; this location has gone from being the worst dispensary I've ever experienced to one of the most professional and welcoming. Discounts are great, inventory is great. Highly recommend!read more
Ooh Lala
Ooh L.
03:24 26 Jul 21
Had to change my review because they fixed their new site and have been improving a lot since the change of ownership or w/e. There is a pretty good selection, the online ordering does make things go more smoothly and quickly, and the staff is very friendly... All good. The only thing I wish is they had curbside pickup for when I can't go more
Jennifer Pinson
Jennifer P.
14:52 18 Jul 21
I like their selection. Some staff are better than others with patience, and knowledge of menu and products.. Make sure you're id is not expired. They will not take it if it is expired anymore starting July 1st 2021read more
Pawnee Murray
Pawnee M.
16:24 25 Jun 21
I love Sunnyside! Did I buy medical marijuaja from them? Nope. Did a kitten get stuck under my car and into my engine? Absolutely. They helped me get the lil thing out and one of them took him/her home. Super kind and down to earth people. I really appreciated it!read more
Angela Ulrich
Angela U.
22:17 21 Jun 21
My first visit went great. I received several excellent recommendations of different products to try based on the pain management I'm trying to achieve. Very thorough and friendly staff. I plan on placing my order online for my next more
ASHBAE Creations
19:24 17 Jun 21
My experience here is always quick and friendly. I only wish they could improve their prices or create their own type of insurance plan for patients. They also could offer more discounts for certain illnesses not just for veterans. I am aware it is a learning curve and all new to our community but I highly suggest going here. Never been let down for the past 6 months. Also, I would love to see a shop on the west end of town.Update : 6-17-21 placed online order and boom in and out so fast i didn't even realize how fast. Super friendly, very nice love my dispensary!read more
Jessica Neal conley
Jessica Neal C.
20:10 10 Jun 21
My husband loves it but they screwed him out of 3 days he had left cuz of the new system... But other than that nice workers nice products and all that more
Kathy Miller
Kathy M.
22:24 09 Jun 21
I placed an online order at the Chillicothe location and went to pick it up. I received a text saying it was ready at 4:09. I sat in the waiting area watching people go back who came in after me. I asked why I was being skipped and if they lost my information and they said something about the “new system” and assured me I’d be next. They opened the door and called another name, not mine. Five people were waited on ahead of me. Some waiting only five minutes to my 40. They finally called my name and I had to sit and wait again. Three employees were standing there when a woman came to the front and asked if they needed help, which they declined when clearly they did. They called another girl back who came after me as well and took her directly to the window skipping all who were sitting and waiting. There is no need to have three people in the reception area when they are so congested in the back. I finally walked to the window and asked if they were ever going to wait on me and the employee said we suggest you do online to speed the process which my response was “I did place my order online and still waited 40 minutes” He was apologetic but you guys need to get yourselves together. Ever since it’s become Sunnyside it’s been terrible. They don’t even show you your order before they staple the bag anymore to see if you even get the correct order. My experience today was the most horrible one I’ve had. You should have left it as Verdant where there were no problems and they waited on people in order and had a decent selection. It just seems the place is run by children or people who just don’t seem to more
Connie Weaver
Connie W.
16:37 09 Jun 21
First time in this week. Did not have to wait more than 15 minutes.Employee contact was professional,Informative, very knowledge about products. Answered all my concerns and led me down the right path ofTreatment that would work for myIssues.All staff members were friendly.Only complaint I have: needed freshen up in waiting room and interview area.Staff all wore mask but customers did not have mask. A few individuals were coughing and sneezing without covering there mouths. The plastic shields covering the dispensary and reception needs wiped down and I noticed tables were not cleaned after interview.Perhaps employees are not required to clean surfaces.Just a more
Bob Fox
Bob F.
17:33 06 Jun 21
Nice selection on paper but it would be better if I could have actually looked at and smelled my medicine before purchasing. I went for the Kush Cake and while it does have a very high THC level it also gives me a very bad headache. Next visit I want to know more about Terpenes of each strain and hopefully check out the products since covid restrictions are over and done with more
Lance Thurman
Lance T.
20:48 05 Jun 21
. Very professional and relaxed atmosphere. Not crowded. In and out. Not at all happy with prices,availability,or more
Dane Dwartmen
Dane D.
19:18 05 Jun 21
New ownership was the best decision ever. In and out in no time now. The staff is very informative. The staff members I have interacted with so far have been super friendly and extremely helpful !read more
Ooh Lala
Ooh L.
14:59 04 Jun 21
It's okay.. They migrated to their new website but didn't bother putting all the products on it so you can't order online now (for vapes at least). Which lowers the amt of time you are in there but not by much really since you can't pay online at all. They usually have a wide variety of products so I always find what i need or something new to try. The prices could be better, curbside pick up would be nice.. But idk if they can even control those things more
ASHBAE Creations
21:33 15 May 21
My experience here is always quick and friendly. I only wish they could improve their prices or create their own type of insurance plan for patients. They also could offer more discounts for certain illnesses not just for veterans. I am aware it is a learning curve and all new to our community but I highly suggest going here. Never been let down for the past 6 months. Also, I would love to see a shop on the west end of more
Lance Thurman
Lance T.
17:32 12 May 21
My last two visits the facility is open. Masks required. Very professional and relaxed atmosphere. Not crowded. In and out. Needs to finish construction work on more
Terra Spurlock
Terra S.
13:40 12 May 21
My phone froze up. Allowing me to only give one star last time. But this place is great very professional
They really have great deals staff is very helpful and has a wealth of knowledge about the products will be going back there again and againread more
James Jenkins
James J.
21:16 08 May 21
Great parking staff was friendly very helpful prices reasonable p
Kris Stitt
Kris S.
20:56 07 May 21
These guys are all great! So friendly and helpful and now I get right in and out! They're getting some new, better quality products in too! Love it!read more
I'mdat Bishhh Muah
I'mdat Bishhh M.
23:50 24 Apr 21
Love the people there and their selection and prices are pretty good too.
Justin Rose
Justin R.
04:21 04 Apr 21
They are finally starting to get better about things but the online menu is usually messed up or something, I have to go in to be able to see what the best deals are. Still takes a half hour or more if I don't hit at a bad time, then it could be 45 to an hour from start to finish. Other places I've been to are quite a bit faster. The selection is usually pretty good though, I must say. The phone service is practically nonexistent...apparently to cut costs they route all the calls to a central location that never more
Dominque Nelson
Dominque N.
18:26 31 Mar 21
Very nice place , very knowledgeable staff, very clean and well ran 👏
Lena Osborne
Lena O.
17:12 24 Mar 21
First visit was great, second visit today not so much greatness. I sat in the waiting room for nearly 30 min as 5 online orderers were taken back before me and I left without being seen. Apparently in person visits are discouraged so go to to do an online order and you can skip the more
20:50 22 Mar 21
Went Friday meaaed up my order 3 timea took them an hour and 20 mins to gwt my stuff got home and the order was still wrong... Didn't open try to take it back and gwt the right pod and they would not make it right.... This is the second time the made it right the first time but not the second... I recommend getting better employee's... You juat lost our business we will be going to Logan From here on out. I could understand if it was opened but it wasn't and your mistake not mine... Bad more
Rad Dryden
Rad D.
22:30 13 Jan 21
For me I'm prepared to wait here for a minimum of 3 hours. Every time Is the same unless you go late in the evening. Way fasterread more
gabriel sheldon
gabriel S.
22:05 09 Jan 21
I waited for over 2 hours and watched the employees coming outside 5 times in groups to vape together on the side of the building and have conversations and a good time. At one point there were 4 employees out there smoking their pens while the patients sit in their cars in an overflowing parking lot for hours while the employees are taking a break every 20 minutes. Its very sad for all the patients that had to go through this and I witnessed having to leave empty handed today out of frustration. We drive over a hour to get here, its suppose to be a medical pharmacy. But the kids that work here make it seem like it's all fun and games and a place to hang out with friends. Sure have fun, but at least try and focus on the job when people who have been sitting in the parking lot since 11 have been waiting until 1:30 to get served. Just think that since this is medicine that some people rely on to get through their day that it would be taken a little more seriously by the more
10:26 10 Nov 20
The Ppls are so nice, patient & willing to answer all questions. It's like going to visit a friend. They seem to keep a great selection of stock on hand. Prices are reasonable. Never had any kind of problem here, more
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