Two Somerdale Dispensaries Under Development on White Horse Pike –


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Two all new dispensaries are under construction on the White Horse Pike in Somerdale NJ, located approximately 800 feet from each other.

A new 2,800 sf building has been under development at the corner of White horse Pike and E Maiden Lane since last year.

The full exterior building exterior is in place and it appears they started work on the interior framing.  Although in my visit today things looked quiet at this project site.

Then just last week construction crews showed up at an empty lot to the left of the Super Wawa on the White Horse Pike,  starting the process to develop a 4,506 sf retail dispensary.

The adjacent Wawa sits at the corner of Somerdale Road, and with the new dispensary project starting to the left of Wawa it basically has this dispensary in the middle of the block.

Two dispensaries now under dev for Somerdale

Both of these projects were approved by the Somerdale Planning Board in the Fall of 2022.

The two dispensaries are completely different projects and ownership, it’s just a coincidence that they moved through the Planning approval

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