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Suzan Nickelson marks a historic milestone in New Jersey as the first black woman to own and operate a cannabis dispensary.

Holistic Solutions, established under her leadership in Waterford, NJ, is the culmination of her successful bid in the state’s 2019 medicinal dispensary licensing process. Her achievement not only challenges the norms within the state’s cannabis business community but also sets a precedent for diversity and leadership.

Loading…Loading…Holistic Solutions: A Beacon of Customer-Centric Innovation

Holistic Solutions operates out of a 4,000-square-foot facility equipped with advanced retail capabilities. The dispensary includes 11 transaction stations and a dedicated consultation room, ensuring personalized service. A drive-thru feature represents a commitment to accessibility and convenience, setting a high standard for patient care in the state.

Rooted in Tradition and Ethical Practice

Nickelson’s business philosophy is influenced by a familial heritage that treasures cannabis for its therapeutic qualities. She states, “The women who raised me taught the importance of cannabis as a healing plant.” This ethos is woven through her business practices, focusing on patient welfare and education.

Advancing Education and Supporting Community

Education and community support are pillars of Holistic Solutions. The dispensary emphasizes a diverse product lineup, including items from women and BIPOC-owned brands, promoting an inclusive market space.

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