The Final Democratic Debate: Fact Checks, Lies, And Videotape

The Democratic primary has been winnowed down to only two candidates and the final debate covered a wide array of topics in its two-hour runtime: foreign policy, the President’s disastrous handling of the COVID-19 crisis, national health care, and former Vice President Joe Biden’s numerous falsehoods and blatant lies. 

Beyond this, there was a notable development in Biden pledging to nominate a woman as his running mate with Senator Bernie Sanders also claiming that this would likely be his preference as well, but for the most part it was a rehash of the same debate between the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party. As Dave Weigel of the Washington Post once remarked, “if there is a way to ask about Medicare for All without throwing the candidates into a repetitive time warp, no moderator has figured it out.” Occasionally the conversation wandered into Sanders’ comments about Cuban literacy programs and Joe Biden’s vote on the Iraq invasion, but by now these also feel like old news.

Due to concerns related to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the debate itself was held in the nation’s capital instead of it’s original location in Arizona. States like Georgia and Louisiana have delayed

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