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This post is part of our Best Dispensaries in Arizona series, brought to you by Cannabist.

There’s something all-American about munching on some popcorn or peanuts while enjoying a baseball game on a perfect summer day at Chase Field.  This nostalgic pastime is a winning way to make memories, treat the family, and watch the AZ Diamondbacks score some serious game. Now that recreational weed is legal in Arizona, you can score too!  Just in case you’re not sure about which dispensary near Chase Field to pick, we’ve got a curated list for you to peruse.

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Our top pick for game day fun is Cannabist in Tempe. This cannabis dispensary is only 20 minutes away from Chase Field, and it is, hands down, the best place to score.  The friendly budtenders at Cannabist are exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful in answering any of your questions. Plus, their shop is ultra-clean, tastefully decorated, safe, and pleasing.  Better yet, Cannabist has only the highest-quality products sourced from responsible growers. 

Oh, did we mention the variety at Cannabist?  Edibles, drinkables, dabs, flower, resins, vapes, pre-rolls, topicals, pipes, and even cool merch – Cannabist has everything you need

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