Terrasana Dispensary Ohio

Terrasana Cannabis Dispensary in Springfield

183 Raydo Circle
Springfield, OH 45506

Hours of Operation:

10am – 7pm Weekdays
10am – 5pm Sat
Closed Sun

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Terrasana is a medical cannabis dispensary store located at 183 Raydo Circle in Springfield, OH 45506. They specialize in providing high-quality medical marijuana products to patients who have received a medical marijuana card from a state certified MMJ doctor.

Terrasana offers a wide range of dispensary menu products including flower, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals. Find out if you’re eligible today.

Terrasana Cannabis Store In Springfield

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What People Are Saying

Donna C.
Donna C.
Everyone that works there is on point describing the products and what they will help with what pain you have. I Love the discounts they have as well.
Bimz C.
Bimz C.
I never leave reviews of any kind, but this is necessary. 3/10 times that I’ve been here, the employees mess up the total for my order, over charging me and I have to do math for them or bring the receipt back in. This time was a doozy tho, out of the items I ordered, one was 50% off already and the other two were buy one get one 50%. After I paid I saw that I got charged full price for the 50% off item and got my other two items bogo 50%(as advertised). So I go back in and tell them I was charged full price. The lady comes out and takes my receipt to fix it. When she comes back with money and receipt, I see the two items are no longer bogo 50%; just the item that was already advertised as 50%….. why steal my little $5? I should have received an extra $5 for my constant hassle with the math of the employees. Very displeased.
Tony J.
Tony J.
I go here regularly because of the sales, pricing and the fact that the store employees are just excellent, knowledgeable and helpful in anyway they possibly can!But they also falsely claim that they are open until 7pm but they’re not! They’re open until 6:40
Tony J.
Tony J.
I go here regularly because of the sales, pricing and the fact that the store employees are just excellent, knowledgeable and helpful in anyway they possibly can!
Dan L.
Dan L.
purchased Riviera creek Garlic cookie trim. Stated 27% smoked 1/2 oz in just a couple days. THC might be 19 or 20% max. Old time hippy here and I have been smoking for 45 years. I know a terrible product. Sent email to Terrasana to complain and was told to take it up with the grower. Been a weekly / bi weekly customer since Springfield store first opened. Since I still have unopened product I feel this should have been settled at store level and not the grower. I guess customers are not important except for there money. Really feel done wrong. I guess you are taking chances that its good. Medical is suppose to be better regulated.Follow upSent grower a message stating my issue. Received reply saying they would be happy to explain testing procedures. I don't need a explanation the weed sucked period ! Never had to throw pot away but was truly terrible so I did.All I wanted was credit for it or something. Maybe don't take my days away for this purchase. Still feel this was not handled correctly. Trying to decide if I will EVER go back again. For now it's a big fat NO
Remy W.
Remy W.
Easy to get in and out with out a hassle. The staff is very helpful.
Miri R
Miri R
Nice, clean, quiet place with a knowledgeable staff. The stock is rolling, especially with the edibles, but there are some common favorites that seem to be always in stock. You can order online and pick up everything you need in no time flat. The store inventory is also connected through Leafly for even more info on each strain, which is incredibly helpful.
Joshua D.
Joshua D.
I highly recommend this place, for starters I hear other customers talking with the handsome guard, the cute representatives that help you in the product room, that they are so much quicker and friendlier along with more knowledge than that of the other shops, they get people as far from Cleveland, Columbus and that because of service and quality of help. Second the atmosphere is great they Music is on point all though I wish the tv would have movies, sports or shows on what's the purpose of adds when you are all ready there ? Third from the times I have been there so far the customer base is polite, kind and easy going unlike other places. Fourth I feel its my duty to rate so I may bring business to this establishment so they up hold the standards they have brought fourth in there young growing business and to maintain it. To everyone and I mean everyone, at Terrasana thank you for the wonderful experience, kindness, and help you have provided me in my time of hardship and despair, may you be a shinning beacon of hope to others in need and to help them achieve victory in there journey or quest in life.With All My Love:Joshua D aka (Dewbie)
David M.
David M.
Great location! The staff knew things I didn't, and they helped me get my medical card account straightened out! The product is great, and the specials they have every week are awesome!Damien is super knowledgeable and always suggests awesome product!
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