Terrasana Dispensary Ohio

Terrasana Labs

656 Grandview Ave
Columbus, OH 43215

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm

About Terrasana Dispensary in Columbus, OH

A Terrasana medical marijuana dispensary located at 656 Grandview Ave in Columbus is open and selling medical marijuana to qualified patients. 

Terrasana dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today!

Patient Registration Form

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Ryan 2020
Ryan 2.
20:24 03 Oct 21
Great place! Wide variety. Knowledgeable staff. I have been at the Columbus and Springfield locations several times and always walk away very happy.read more
Erica DiPaolo
Erica D.
02:52 10 Sep 21
I had an exemplary experience at Terrasana, it was my second visit and everything was very smooth and easy. I never felt rushed and Brian, the budtender who helped me this visit we very knowledgeable and helpful. I am very pleased with my experience here.read more
Cassandra Brown
Cassandra B.
21:38 27 Aug 21
Management?! Is there any? Highly disappointed to see the issue that brought me to leave this review has been a reoccuring issue for a few weeks for others as well. After a treacherous 1 hr drive due to a 670 closure, I was let in to be told that I could not be served (for an in & out pick up order!). Since employee breaks at the facility had not been properly managed for the day, the facility was closing for 1 hr so all 4 working employees could take a lunch together?! Never in my "shopping" endeavors, at any store, have I ever experienced this. While I was offered an additional 1 hr wait time for, my 12:30 pick up I ended up making late (445 by the time I reached the dispensery), I could not wait an hour for "employee lunch" (since apparently everyone needs to go at the same time here). I could not manage the wait due to being a single mom with a daycare cut off to make. Also could not make a return trip that evening since I would have my kids. Staff was very unapologetic and stared with just a deer with head lights expression on their faces. To top it off, I had to cancel my order forfeiting my discount for that day. Unacceptable! Do better Terrasana! Although you're lack of response to reviews leads be to believe that doing better is a false hope 🙁read more
Michelle Wessel
Michelle W.
21:28 15 Aug 21
This doesn’t allow me to give them lower than 1 star, which is disappointing. I don’t even know where to start, there are so many issues here. They need to completely fire all their staff and hire new. It’s pathetic how bad it’s gotten. They are so disorganized and they change their hours and rules on a whim. One minute they take walk-ins and the next minute they don’t. You can never get through on the phone and their staff is beyond rude. I have three close friends and family members who USED to go here but after one left in tears we have all refused to return. Don’t waste your money or time here, they don’t deserve it. Go to the Botanist down the road on Vine. They have a bigger and better store and, more importantly, you get a smile, excellent service and amazing products.read more
Cody Toops
Cody T.
17:04 09 Aug 21
Usually a great selection however the wait times and customer service is about a 2 star... long wait times, mouthy security, can't change order once it's placed (one of the only places with this rule ) only good thing is the selection and quality of products.read more
Sarah Bandstra
Sarah B.
16:51 09 Aug 21
I drove to Columbus from Dayton because the dispensaries near me were out of the product I usually buy only to get there and be turned away. I asked why their policy of no walk ins 30 minutes before closing and they stated it was on their website which if you see the picture it definitely is not. I proved it wasn’t posted and they still refused to serve me and when I politely explained that I just drove over an hour to get there and was out of meds. The worker copped an attitude with me and told me to go somewhere else, which I will be doing from here on out. I usually go to the Springfield location but I’m going to fully take my business elsewhere.read more
Barwaco Tinny
Barwaco T.
18:38 06 Aug 21
This place is extremely disorganized. Prepare for a long wait. You would think they would have improved by now but they are still awful. Go to bloom medicinals if you have a life and don’t like waiting forever.read more
Abbi Truman
Abbi T.
17:32 23 Jul 21
I loved Terrasana in Springfield and moved to Columbus. This one was okay at first compared to Springfield but today they honestly lost me. I feel like as a medical dispensary they should be able to accommodate people with disabilities better especially because you have to have a medical condition to be legal.Today, there was a sign on the door saying they weren’t open till one but no where did it say that on the website. So I made a 30 minute drive to pick up my order scheduled at 11a. Frustrating but okay. I came back and there’s a very long, long line. I have a disorder where standing for long periods of time makes dizzy and there was no way to accommodate that here. It really sucked. I’m extremely disappointed and will be ordering from somewhere else.I would think that for a place that dispenses vital medicine with those for disabilities and medical conditions would have better accommodations and be able to handle these situations better. Hopefully they can make changes in the future to better equip themselves for these issues.read more
Jason Anastasia
Jason A.
18:36 11 Jun 21
Super slow for walk-ins…been here 40 minutes during a slow time with no walk-ins ahead of me. I came here for 1 item…ludicrous wait time. Try Bloom Medicinals and Verdant…much better customer service and super fast!read more
20:37 08 Jun 21
Decent prices they have lots of variety and lots of days of discounts throughout the month. You can ask for a monthly calendar that shows all the times and days where there are specials or vendors on site. They will also which is something new provide you a card with how many days left you have and how many you came in with. The only reason I did not give them five stars is because the ATM on site which they say is not theirs is limited to $200 for a $5 fee so I had to take out $200 twice so that I could pay for my medication resulting in $10 in fees from the ATM and no doubt fees from my bank as well I will think twice about coming back to this location because of that . If I do come back it will be with cash in hand and I will not be using their ATM. If you are vaccinated you are not required to wear a mask here if you aren't then they are asking that you do wear a mask please help stop the spread.read more
Jason Overholt
Jason O.
19:34 15 May 21
Great staff, great selection. A little pricer than other places but they still get my money every trip.I recommend anything by Woodward / Firerocks on the flower side... always👌👌👌read more
Adam Harmon
Adam H.
17:52 14 May 21
Constantly changing how things are done. They change how their menu will look without telling anyone things have moved so you end up ordering the wrong thing. But you are unable to look at the stuff you are trying to buy until after you do then there's no exchanges or returns so you get screwed.read more
Shannon West
Shannon W.
19:33 04 May 21
Drove my partner there recently. Seems to have plenty of parking and friendly atmosphere. You can also can do a pickup order online. Limited customers in store due to social distancing I think.read more
David Schlanser
David S.
18:55 02 May 21
Staff were nice but it was horribly slow to get in and out. And if you are a new patient expect a long wait getting checked in. Huge down side is, you can't look at the product you must make an online order even if in the store. Not a good experience.read more
Scott Russell
Scott R.
15:29 01 May 21
I've been to dispensaries from San Francisco to Amsterdam, Arizona to Michigan, I know a proper dispensary. Terresanna is improving.Their selection is decent The prices are ok,read more
Jezzi belz
Jezzi B.
23:35 28 Apr 21
You guys were great and super friendly. Made this whole experience great.
Michele Veneziano
Michele V.
21:20 23 Apr 21
Awesome and helpful employees assist you from the beginning to the end of your purchase. Everyone is so friendly. It's a great place to shop for your medical needs.read more
James Swisshelm
James S.
20:04 19 Apr 21
New patient process was quick and easy. Everyone was friendly and helpful.
La Familia
La F.
18:59 07 Apr 21
I made a bad review for this place before and things are night and day compared to the first three visits. I had to make a review. The service is so efficient and much quicker than last time I could literally leave my car on (I have a few times) compared to everywhere else I’ve been this place is in and out. Whatever they did to fix the process is working perfect now. So glad too because I love this location from the people to the product. Hell I even like the security. Good job!read more
Christopher Fisher
Christopher F.
23:38 05 Apr 21
Only go here if you have to. Will not accommodate real patents. As a person who lives in pain. I placed an order for pickup here driving from Cleveland. Needed my medicine. When I got there I was 10 mins early for my pickup time. I was told had to wait for a text message saying it was ready. OK that's fine. Ib drove from Cleveland my pickup time is in 10 mins. Can you accommodate one time because I have a appointment to get to. Was told nope had to wait for a text message. I never ever have that problem in Cleveland. You place your online order and show up 5 mins later they still take you in. Not make you wait. That's the purpose of online ordering. Mind you placed my online as soon as they opened drove there 2 hours and was told wait had no time to stop but needed to. Thanks for making me feel like a recreational user and not a patent.read more
Todd Manning
Todd M.
20:32 15 Mar 21
Staff here are awesome. They know me by name. Quick and clean.
Brent Bates
Brent B.
19:55 04 Mar 21
Decent but they're always out of stuff the place is small and seems caotic at times but good I definitely recommend that you check the menuread more
01:10 23 Feb 21
This is where you should be going. Knowledgeable and super KIND staff. Yay Moonrocks. My mind is blown. One love friendsread more
john honabarger
john H.
01:07 23 Feb 21
Absolutely wonderful people and products. I will be there weekly for myself and my K9 companions. Much love
Clay Sorrell
Clay S.
17:22 08 Jan 21
The first time I went here and filled out my paperwork it was over the summer and they were kind and helpful. They must only treat you like that the first time you come in because I happened to be in the area and wanted to place and order. I placed my order online and then my order was cancelled. I went to the dispensary and tried to go in and order something but they treated me like I was crazy for even attempting that. The guard opened the door a crack and told me I needed an online order and would have to wait a while to get it. My advice is to go somewhere that wants your business. This place is a joke like a lot of the dispensaries are. They got my business once but that’s it for me.read more
19:23 13 Dec 20
Hard to actually get what you order ahead.I assume that can be volume based,Only allows entrance with APPROVED online order. And 8ve literally had my "cancel" after making the 30 minute drive with it telling me pick was ready prior.This is really only my go to when it's a whatever is available kind of purchase.Staff is friendly enough but I cant utilize them or their experience for any purchase for recommends.read more
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