Terrasana Dispensary Ohio

Terrasana Labs

10500 Antenucci Rd - Suite 200
Garfield Heights, OH 44125

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10am – 7pm
Sat – Sun 10am – 5pm

About Terrasana Labs Dispensary in Cleveland

A Terrasana medical marijuana dispensary location in Garfield Heights at 10500 Antenucci Rd in Suite 200 will open soon. 

Terrasana menu products in Cleveland are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Nicole Taylor
Nicole T.
17:48 09 Oct 21
This was my first visit and it was an awesome experience! Tommy talked me thru the whole process and he was very helpful. The location is close by so I will definitely return!read more
Danielle Jarosz
Danielle J.
22:45 08 Oct 21
Each experience here gets better. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very clean and inviting environment. Can't go wrong at Garfield Terrasana!read more
Lynda DePompei
Lynda D.
14:35 08 Oct 21
Nice, well-run place. Lines move fairly quickly and call-ahead service has had a positive effect. High quality products. Expensive, but that's the state's fault not Terrasana's.read more
Randi Bayer
Randi B.
17:25 06 Oct 21
This dispensary is better every time I go there. The sales associates are very knowledgeable and helpful, full of suggestions. The wait is minimal, 10 minutes max. This is my go to dispensary!!read more
Louise Sheboy
Louise S.
18:22 19 Sep 21
I agree with good variety but price? Terrasana is always $4 - $8 dollars more for the exact same strain as Rise. Compare, I do.read more
Phillip Krotine
Phillip K.
20:29 05 Sep 21
The staff is always super friendly and helpful, if I have any question they’ve always been able to answer it. It’s also always super clean and organized as well.read more
Dawn Hartle
Dawn H.
20:15 04 Sep 21
Great staff. Very nice, super helpful and knowledgeable. They do a great job keeping things moving along so you don’t have to wait too long. Online ordering is easy and convenient. Always a positive experience at the Garfield Heights location.read more
Charles Jacobs
Charles J.
20:44 02 Sep 21
Visit was polite and fast, selection was large.Personel were very knowledgeable able products.All around a pleasant visitread more
Michael Davis
Michael D.
19:40 02 Sep 21
Great discount for veterans, we get 30% off the 1st Wednesday of every month or 25% any other time. Great products as well. The Garlic Cookies strain is one of the best I've ever had.read more
C. marvin
C. M.
17:40 27 Aug 21
Never have the same product twice. Everytime I order something that I actually like they never have it back in stock. Time to find another place!read more
iranian wind
iranian W.
19:21 25 Aug 21
Bill Cacy
Bill C.
16:42 07 Aug 21
Staff there were very helpful and answered every question I had as a first time visitor.Highly recommend!
Helen Blanchard
Helen B.
19:30 13 Jul 21
They get u out fast good price very cursoity staff polite nic
Kristen Yantko
Kristen Y.
20:26 06 Jul 21
I love going there because it takes just a couple minutes and waiting room and you could be out of the back in just a couple minutes alsoread more
George Vadaj
George V.
21:07 07 Jun 21
I work in Bedford but honestly avoid terrasana even though it would be incredibly convenient for me. Prices are always higher than anywhere else around. I make the drive to body and mind for realistic prices as well as the daily deal of buying an oz and getting 20% off. The botanist prices their products at market value then rotates discount each day. Rise even changed their throw down Tuesday promo and still offers better deals. It seems like all terrasana products are about $10-15 over the market.read more
jason bowman
jason B.
13:20 07 Jun 21
Very polite & knowledgeable staff, but they've become the expensive alternative if everyone else is out of what I'm looking for. They definitely need to add a bigger selection of ounces & half ounces because every other dispensary has multiples of both. Please up your promotions & discounts game too!read more
Heidi Dunn
Heidi D.
01:54 27 May 21
Nice people. Quick and efficient. Was told about a sale that got me double the product for $1 more.
Krystle Jones
Krystle J.
10:55 26 May 21
Very calm atmosphere. Angela was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions about the medication I purchased.
Barry Glassner (CRUZTAKER)
Barry Glassner (.
17:53 16 May 21
You've come a long way folks! Back to visit after 2 years abroad and your menu has grown fantastically! ♡♡♡
Steve Padilla
Steve P.
15:12 29 Apr 21
Walked in to pick up an order 40 minutes before closing. The security guard walked up aggressively. Nearly pushed me out the door and stated "You can't buy anything we're closed! But only if you have an online order" I stated again I have an online order but he continue to push me out the door aggressively. Not sure who the new security guard is or what he's been through in his life. But after having two surgeries and getting a medical marijuana card the last thing you want when going to get your medicine is someone forcing you out the door. Great place but terrible Guard. You can't give certain people control in life. This is one of themread more
coco sutter
coco S.
11:58 28 Apr 21
Good customer service, my questions were answered effectively. It is very clean and sanitary. I will return!😊 BTW, the honey is spectacular!read more
Katie Granfors
Katie G.
03:47 18 Apr 21
GoodFollowed safety procedures.Fast & helpful service.
coco sutter
coco S.
20:29 09 Apr 21
Good customer service, my questions were answered effectively. It is very clean and sanitary. I will return!😊 BTW, the honey is spectacular!read more
My first time at this particular dispensary. I do not live in this part of Ohio.Very clean, very modern styling. The staff makes you feel at ease, and is as helpful as you'd expect, which can't be easy considering they can't allow you to handle the marijuana because of the pandemic.I can't wait to return here after things have returned to normal (or new normal)Great job staff.read more
Not for me
Not for M.
17:54 18 Mar 21
STAY AWAY FROM THE MONEY HUNGRY TRASHASANA! You guys are getting ripped off, $42 for a .3 gram cokoh disposable is absolute robbery! The only reason why this place stays in business is clueless old people have no idea where else to go because all the doctors in this program approve legitimately ANYONE in 2021.read more
joe maxie
joe M.
16:20 08 Feb 21
recently bought a $108.00, Puffcop Plus portable vaporizer, IT STOPPED CHARGING after 3 weeks and I was basically told oh well call Puffoc, so now I cant medicate & am out all the money, what a scam.......read more
Lia Bovinet
Lia B.
12:10 29 Jan 21
The staff there are polite and all, but they’re not very helpful or enthusiastic when answering questions. They’re pretty short and they make me not want to ask any more questions, even though I’m buying their product. I’m going to Rise now when I can because they’re so much more enthusiastic and excited to talk to patients.read more
Kevin Roche
Kevin R.
19:59 05 Dec 20
The prices are great, the building is fantastic, the employees are wonderful but an hour and forty minutes wait to buy a tenth of an ounce of mid grade cannabis is way off the mark. Their system of organizing patients and having them wait was poorly conceived and poorly executed. They need to revisit their policy and refine this process, because frankly this is atrocious.The only reason this is a two star review and not a one star review is because the employees are on point but the people writing company and store policy are the ones that are at fault.read more
Amy Lindic
Amy L.
16:34 08 Oct 20
The staff there is short with the customers and they seem annoyed when you ask questions about products. I don't get it, if you don't like your job find a new one. It is an overall attitude there. I almost have to wonder how the place is run if all the staff is so miserable every time I am there. This is a customer service job in an area where people do have lots of questions, I believe part of your job here is to educate consumers. I do my research prior to going in, but always still have questions. This place could do better. Poor customer service.read more
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