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Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Update – August 2018

2+ years, not one gram sold legally, Really?

Ohio Marijuana products are supposed to be on dispensary shelves in less than a month. These are to be available to Ohio residents that have already got a medical marijuana card.

That deadline won’t be met. State officials are now saying the new program remains on track, however it is moving slower than expected. This may be a bigger issue as the timeline for the roll out of medical cannabis was outlined in the law signed by Gov. John Kasich way back in June 2016. Over 2 years legal, not a gram sold legally in the state…

Here are some of the finer points of the OH MMJ Program:

  • The program authorizes use by patients with 21 named qualifying conditions.
  • The allowable forms of marijuana are edibles, oils, patches and vaporizing.
  • Patients and their caregivers will be allowed to possess up to a 90-day supply.

Here is where it’s at progress wise up to August, 2018:

Here’s where key parts of Ohio’s medical marijuana program stand:

  • 3 Growers Inspected: Only 3 of 26 licensed growers have received operations certificates from the state. 5 more have inspections scheduled this month.
  • Processor Applications In Progress: 7 processors have been licensed. 6 licenses are waiting for background checks and tax compliance verification. Ohio plans to license up to 40 processors.
  • Dispensaries Licenses: In June, 56 dispensary licenses were awarded where medical marijuana would be sold. That number remains at 56.
  • Certified Doctors in Ohio: There are now 222 physicians certified by the state to recommend medical marijuana for qualified patients. Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor Locations
  • Additional Medical Conditions: A panel of experts is being assembled to review petitions to add more debilitating conditions that would qualify for medical cannabis.
  • Patient Registry Inactive: The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has not opened the Ohio online patient registry.

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