Study Indicates Most Patients Don’t Think Doctors Will Understand Cannabis

According to a recent study, most cannabis patients don’t feel comfortable disclosing to their mainstream medical doctors that they use cannabis. 

The study, which was published in the Journal of Cannabis Research and titled “Communication between healthcare providers and medical cannabis patients regarding referral and medication substitution,” was carried out by researchers at the University of Michigan Medical School. The study looked at 275 medical cannabis patients in the state and examined how they discuss cannabis with their doctors.

“People report using cannabis as a substitute for prescription medications but may be doing so without the knowledge of their primary health care providers (PCPs),” the study explained. “This lack of integration creates serious concerns, e.g., using cannabis to treat medical conditions that have established treatment options.

“Only 18 percent of participants rated their PCP’s knowledge about medical cannabis as very good or excellent and only 21 percent were very or completely confident in their PCP’s ability to integrate medical cannabis into their treatment.” As a result, most subjects (86 percent) reported obtaining their medical cannabis recommendation from a doctor specializing in cannabis rather than from their primary care provider.”

Of the 275 subjects surveyed, 86 percent of those who took part

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