Study Finds Cannabis Use Not Related to Loss of Motivation

Study results show that marijuana use is not independently associated with a loss of motivation among teenagers, according to recently published research. The research, by a team of investigators affiliated with Florida International University, was published online last week by the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.

The authors of the study note that a reduction of motivation is commonly cited as a consequence of cannabis. However, previous research on the subject has largely been focused on adults and has yielded mixed results. 

To conduct the research, investigators recruited a group of 401 study subjects who were aged 14 to 17 years old at the onset of the research. Each subject completed a total of five biannual assessments throughout the study period.

The researchers assessed the motivation of the study participants through the use of two self-reported questionnaires including the Apathy Evaluation Scale and the Motivation and Engagement Scale, which consists of subscales that quantify disengagement, persistence, planning, self-efficacy and the value the study subjects place on school. The researchers also asked about the participants’ use of alcohol, marijuana and tobacco during each assessment, and performed an analysis of the data to model patterns of cannabis use and motivation over time.

The results of

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