Strawberry Fields Marijuana Dispensary Ohio

Strawberry Fields

300 N Main St
Monroe, OH 45050

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10 – 6
Sat 9 – 4

About Strawberry Fields Dispensary in Monroe

Strawberry Fields is a medical cannabis store is now open at 300 N Main St in Monroe, OH 45050

Strawberry Fields dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.


Appointments are available with a qualified recommending Ohio telehealth doctor online. Click on the link below, complete the registration form, and your on your way to renew or get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form


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What People Are Saying

Autumn Moon
Autumn M.
20:14 19 Sep 20
Love the sales, but MAN does the line get long on a daily basis! I go on Wednesday & its just as busy as saturday! Other than that its great, the employees are super friendly & helpful!read more
Robert Whalen
Robert W.
19:42 15 Sep 20
A little shackie
Mark Korte
Mark K.
18:26 08 Sep 20
I would definitely find a different dispensary. I've been 3 times, nothing but issues each time. Had a online order only to be told I didn't, then was told that they didn't have the product that was clearly on the website. Never again!!!read more
Kc Prater
Kc P.
15:18 05 Sep 20
I love this place, and obviously everyone else does. Its always packed no matter the time.
Amy Thurman
Amy T.
18:29 03 Sep 20
Management of checking people in is less than organized. They need to set up two additional tents to accommodate a line for online pickups and the other for new patient/walk-ups. When a patient places an online order and expects to receive it within that timeframe but then sees others just being waved on into the dispensary without checking in it's rather more
Mark Gordon
Mark G.
15:23 03 Sep 20
The man at the front door. Is very unfriendly. He is of no help. He won't give no answers. I mean we need to ask questions. And I feel as if he don't like his job. He should find a new more
Travis Caine
Travis C.
13:18 02 Sep 20
Need room for people instead standing outside lol
Charles Myers
Charles M.
21:42 01 Sep 20
They say they close at 6 o'clock and stop accepting patients at 5:30 well that's not true because I got there at 5:20 and the guy told me they had stop accepting patients for the day. I drove 45 minutes to get my medicine that I needed for my P TSD and now even more triggered because I can't even get it. I hope after you reading this review That you might consider taking your business elsewhere because this place does not believe in helping more
Jason Dean
Jason D.
18:59 29 Aug 20
Always seem to have what I need which is high in cbd thank you!
Julie Hartley
Julie H.
18:28 28 Aug 20
The place is nice, expensive and wait.
Mike Degenhart
Mike D.
00:24 28 Aug 20
It took a while before they got a good Covid system down, but it's smooth sailing now. The guy at the door is always great and the sales are more
Brandon Hoy
Brandon H.
17:53 25 Aug 20
Everyone that works there, including security is extremely courteous and helpful! Long lines, order online. Just be aware of your "time window."read more
Christina King
Christina K.
17:20 25 Aug 20
They will mess your prescription up and then treat you like it's your fault
Shalonda Crutchfield
Shalonda C.
17:48 22 Aug 20
The entire staff wad extremely professional and very nice. Great experience! Great prices!!! Great products!!! I Will be a more
Jimmy Baldwin
Jimmy B.
21:36 20 Aug 20
Waited outside for 20 minutes to have them tell us they weren't taking anymore people. Still had 40 minutes left until close. And was asked if i had a pickup order which i usually do but they turned off the pickup option online so had to go and wait still to be told to leave. Awesome. Its a business thats doesn't like to make money or help people so glad to take my business to Bloom Medicinals. They are very nice and more
James Cornell
James C.
20:42 18 Aug 20
I like this place people are friendly good selection, I will say this to all who purchase from the dispensarys weigh what you have purchased you can get a scale for pretty cheap. Be especially careful when buying Riviera creek products. I don't care if people love their products, if you can't get your weighed right you should not be in business, I was shorted half of what I paid for and these are presealed packages so either they are theives or who ever works for them packaging are. I will never buy Riviera creek products again. My hope is strawberry fields sees this and digs into whats going on. But once again Strawberry fields is a good more
Michelle Allison
Michelle A.
21:18 15 Aug 20
Don’t waste your time driving. They wont let you walk in the last two hours of operations. It’s nice to know your staff gets to go home comfortably on time while people need their meds. I truly wish my boss stoped sales and business for the last two hours of my shift too. The strawberry fields in Dayton is way better. Please take the extra drive and go to that one. The employees and security were the best! That’s why I thought I’d give this one a chance. Will never be back! Thanks !read more
Carl Markelson
Carl M.
16:53 14 Aug 20
Staff is amazing ( especially the ladies who helped me today!)Best doorman in the gameDo them, and everyone else a favor and order online!read more
Stephen Buchanan
Stephen B.
15:41 10 Aug 20
So look I had a pick up order for myself and my patient I’m 20 miles away and was running a little late. I get there and I’m the last person and they let me in still! So I get in and the prescription are mixed up and I’m like I’m sorry I was late blah blah. Seans like “nah man you’re good we will get you together”. Like cool...but then my patient wasn’t in the this point I’m just about to be like I know they aren’t about to do that so I’ll just leave. Craziest part the have some type of revolving door of Sean’s because another Sean came out and said no problem we will take care of it. He took care of it and disappeared back into the abyss of Seans. They got all the scripts together and I was on my way. GREAT JOB GUYS I’m actually going back today 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽read more
Trap Addict
Trap A.
20:47 08 Aug 20
STAY AWAY. They turn away patients 2 hours before they close, which is illegal. They never answer their phone either. Products aren’t bad, but I would never purchase from a dispensary full of ignorant and rude staff. The general manager is a joke who doesn’t know any information about state regulations or laws. STAY FAR more
Brian Truett
Brian T.
22:53 25 Jul 20
Sales is what makes this place good.. still pretty slow going with online orders, be a lot cooler if y'all had a curbside service.. literallyWaiting outside with that 4PM sun is like stepping into a lake of fireread more
05:26 25 Jul 20
This is the best place in ohio to come for your medical needs!!! Fact..... best deals and bang for your buck!!! 👆❤🙏🆙️read more
Caleb Kaltenbach
Caleb K.
21:02 18 Jul 20
Absolutely ridiculous wait. Really need to figure out a better way to get people in and out with Pre-Orders that are claimed as ‘ready’. I just personally waited outside 3 hours. Do not recommend unless you have a whole day and plan on spending it at the dispensary!read more
Danielle Peyton
Danielle P.
03:28 16 Jul 20
Everyone I felt with was super friendly. The wait was longer but they were busy. The sales/discounts are nice. They had everything I needed in stock. The pager system that allows you to wait in the car is a nice alternative to standing in the more
Jodi Totten
Jodi T.
17:56 09 Jul 20
Placed an online order expecting that would have been the best an fastest way to get my order. Unfortunately, I was made to stand out in the heat with lung problems as people were being let in as they walked up. My order was ready to pick up but still had to wait 20 minutes. I honestly don't see the point of ordering online if your just going to have to wait with everyone else. The door staff is bias and let's who he wants in at more
T Combs
T C.
17:16 09 Jul 20
When this location first opened, it was great, very friendly and efficient. But now...ugh. This was my last visit. After placing an online order and being told it was ready, I arrive only to wait a half an hour in line outside while people walked in ahead of me to look at menus and go inside to place an order. What was the point of online ordering?! There apparently isn’t any rhyme or reason to their “system” so online ordering is pointless. And the staff seems rude now too, which is understandable given the pandemic and all but come on, we are patients, all CASH paying patients, not customers, so a little courtesy goes a long way!read more
Darius Washington
Darius W.
18:32 03 Jul 20
Best prices but not worth the hassle. Whole system is a joke. Needs better organization with phone orders and online.
Preston T. Eversole
Preston T. E.
21:14 26 Jun 20
Price on edibles here were much better than other competitors in the area. Product selection was much greater here also. A short wait outside now after Covid happened, but take-out did their best to keep up with the demand in more
Tim Allen
Tim A.
17:49 25 Jun 20
When they first opened they were awesome...Now it's very difficult to get in...It's almost impossible to do a phone order, and I've been turned away 3 out of 4 visits. They SAY last patient is 5:30, but I was just turned away today at 5:20...Follow up...I just had a great conversation with the manager and I believe that she is working on all the issues that she is aware of. Hopefully they can get more phone lines soonread more
Bob Smith
Bob S.
16:41 24 Jun 20
I've been to a few of the Strawberry Fields locations & while I like them all, this location is truly superior. Good vibes is all I have to say. Keep it up!read more
Lynsie Miniard
Lynsie M.
22:17 23 Jun 20
Strawberry fields has always been good to me until today. They denied me from getting my prescription because my license is expired even though its technically still valid in the state of Ohio due to Covid 19. That's not right to denied someone their prescription that they have paid to get. After the security guard denied me I went back up to him to show him that my id was still valid he completely ignored me. I stood there as he closed the door and waited for another customer to come out. I then grabbed his attention to show him and he still said no, so then I asked if I could speak to a manager and he told me no and went back to ignoring me. I'm highly upset at the way I was treated! I will not be more
Lynsie Miniard
Lynsie M.
21:52 20 Jun 20
Strawberry fields has always been good to me until today. They denied me from getting my prescription because my license is expired even though its technically still valid in the state of Ohio due to Covid 19. That's not right to denied someone their prescription that they have paid to more
Bradley Day
Bradley D.
15:43 23 May 20
I always enjoy coming here. I love their deals that’s... what keeps me coming back here compared to other places. Very knowledgeable & friendly staff too!!read more
debra shaw
debra S.
15:15 05 May 20
Excellent staff! Professional but readily greet long term patients! Advice is always spot on. So glad to have this place in my life and only 3.5 miles more
Janet Mckeen
Janet M.
03:41 25 Apr 20
I love this store! I love the staff and their attention to detail and always eager to help or answer questions about products. I really love the call ahead ordering. I don't have to wait in line. I call in my order and it's ready to go when I get there. I have a closer dispensary about 4 miles away from my home but I prefer to drive the extra 20 miles for the service I've received thus far. Thank you all for making an uncomfortable sale for me a lot less more
Michelle Beebe
Michelle B.
16:28 24 Apr 20
I love this dispensary. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with how well organized they were for this social distancing time. Their process was one of the easiest and safest I've seen. They have a great selection of products, and their pricing is as good as it gets in Ohio. I always leave more
Betty Lane
Betty L.
17:53 23 Mar 20
Excellent facility. Clean! I felt very safe. Staff was extremely kind and helpful in answering questions. It's a drive for me, but I feel it is worth it to be in a facility that operates properly. Prices are fair and competitive more
19:12 17 Mar 20
Comfy waiting area with plenty of menus and other useful information. Helpful and friendly staff in the back. Military discount, which is applied on top of any store wide discounts; this is practically unheard of!! Great selection of products. Highly recommended!Please consider posting weekly pics of your menus to one of your websites (e.g. Facebook). Thanks!read more
Clint Planck
Clint P.
14:06 28 Feb 20
Not a bad place, definitely has a better harvest selection than it's Dayton Ohio counterpart. The bud tender was great didn't catch her name but she was very personable. My first choice for a go to dispensary is about wellness Ohio in Lebanon but if they sell out come here and find it for 5 bucks more
Emma Thadley
Emma T.
14:40 05 Feb 20
This location goes above and beyond. I really enjoy my experience here as far as dispensaries go. From checking in, to picking my product, everything goes efficiently and I feel comfortable that I'm being educated on the right decisions. The management is kind and knowledgeable. I'm so happy we have this dispensary in our more
Adam Mueller
Adam M.
19:19 28 Jan 20
great place to be. security is awesome there very observant. great staff very helpful. everybody there is always happy and seeing their smiling faces is a refreshing break from the tedious shopping. very clean facilities. great decorations. quick service which is great!read more
Ralph Maurmeier
Ralph M.
05:12 25 Jan 20
I thought it was an amazing place. They helped me with my veteran discount process. Friendly and eager to help.
Brandon Gentry
Brandon G.
17:47 14 Jan 20
Professional and knowledgeable staff, chill and laid back environment, extremely clean facility. The wedding cake is 🔥🔥. Thankyou!read more
Lorrie C
Lorrie C
12:44 30 Dec 19
Absolutely love the location of this business staff was amazing and very helpful and just downright fun will definitely go back... Very roomy inside waiting room and purchasing room were all a great size I've been to both strawberry fields locations and they are both great... Monroe has a great selection for patients much respect Sincerely Lorrie #MSstrong 🧡🧡read more
Ashlee Williams
Ashlee W.
23:20 27 Dec 19
I love Strawberry Fields! Some of the staff aren't very helpful when it comes to picking out strains BUT some are super helpful. SEAN IS THE BEST! But I love the dispensary, very clean, I feel safe there and I am very much grateful for them.❤❤❤read more
03:02 27 Dec 19
Love strawberry fields! I’ve gone twice now. The staff members are always friendly. Check in is efficient. Waiting room menus are updated and accurate. Back room staff is really talkative and helpful. Prices are pretty decent and product is good. No complaints! Thanks strawberry fields!(I wouldn’t be mad if you guys kept your leafly menus updated though so I can plan purchases in advance! That’s the only thing that could use help but it doesn’t reflect on the actual facility at all.)read more
Ashlee Williams
Ashlee W.
13:53 05 Dec 19
I love Strawberry Fields but they're customer service could be better. The first time I went there they recommended Meigs County Cake and it had seeds in it! Nobody told me that until the next time I went in and told them. Some of the staff aren't very helpful when it comes to picking out strains and some are super helpful. It just depends who you get. But I love the dispensary, very clean, I feel safe there and I am very much grateful for more
Melanie Anderson
Melanie A.
19:37 22 Nov 19
So far I've been having a very bad experience with this place. they have a phone number and I've been calling for two days straight but I never get to anybody or nobody returns my phone call. I find this place very unprofessional. and they need to hire a person that can answer phones and answer the your questions. Their prices aren't that good seven mile is better so I'm going to keep my business with seven mile. I thought I'd go ahead and give strawberry Fields a chance but that was my worst decision ever. And that's why I gave strawberry Fields a one-starread more
Dave Pressler
Dave P.
14:37 19 Nov 19
Needs a updated menu, their "leafly" live menu is not kept current. You arrive and get your Id and card checked to get in, then you wait without a menu, then taken in the back to see a menu and purchase. They need a much better menu system, in house and more
Mark Kidd
Mark K.
21:46 07 Nov 19
Very nice layout people were helpful and there wasn't a wait no complaints
Ruth Taylor
Ruth T.
10:32 07 Nov 19
Great place!! Pricing still too much, but I suppose convenience isn't cheap.
Chad Delaney
Chad D.
22:56 06 Nov 19
Loved it , deals, awesome dispensary, best I've seen in Ohio
diridenour .
diridenour .
23:28 05 Nov 19
Love this place. Been to about 5 different shops & this one is now my favorite. Not only do they have very competitive prices with a wide variety but offer a 20% discount for veterans!!! Awesome 🙂read more
Emily Moore
Emily M.
11:56 01 Nov 19
Clean, friendly knowledgeable staff!
nick miller
nick M.
21:37 25 Oct 19
Was the 3rd person in at the grand opening. Very nice and clean store. PLENTY of selection and prices were competitive with surrounding shops. So glad they're up and running!read more
Regular Girl Friday
Regular Girl F.
19:56 25 Oct 19
Best selection and prices I've seen so far. Worth the trip up the interstate, will definitely be returning.
Kassie Gort
Kassie G.
12:27 24 Oct 19
It says right on their site they open on October 25th. No need for a one star review. Rude.
Nicky Mcguire
Nicky M.
21:29 07 Oct 19
This place is a joke supposed to open 3- 4 months ago STILL NOT OPEN!! Just called today because there website says close at 6 pm a very rude lady answered the phone would not answer any questions at all!! Why answer the phone if you have no idea what's going on?? Beganing to think this place is nothing but a front from something illegal WHEN & IF they open I'll not spend $1.00 dollar there they just lost 2 would be customer'sread more
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