Strawberry Fields Marijuana Dispensary Ohio

Strawberry Fields

333 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH 45410

Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 10 – 6
Sat 9 – 4

About Strawberry Fields Dispensary in Dayton

Strawberry Fields is a medical cannabis store Is now open at 333 Wayne Ave in Dayton, OH 45410

Strawberry Fields dispensary menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if you’re eligible today.


Appointments are available with a qualified recommending Ohio telehealth doctor online. Click on the link below, complete the registration form, and your on your way to renew or get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form


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What People Are Saying

Jodell Templeton
Jodell Templeton
18:52 16 Sep 20
I'm not a client but my mom is and she always says they help her out and she won't go anywhere else I'll soon be a mmj card holder tho 😆read more
Roger M
Roger M
12:02 15 Sep 20
Awesome employees! Awesome prices! Awesome selection of products, super great veteran's discount!
Rian Denlinger
Rian D.
20:59 11 Sep 20
Started taking online orders only making it nearly impossible for me to purchase from them.
03:44 08 Sep 20
I normally go to Pure Ohio Wellness but thought I'd check out, Strawberry Fields menu and prices. They had 15% off of everything! Of course we decided to try them! If I wasn't paying attention though they would've charged me too many days. They enter everything into the system manually. Other dispensaries scan one of the '50' barcodes on the container and it all goes into the computer system. No where to sit inside and wait. You have to stand outside and wait. I think I'm going to stick with my, Pure Ohio more
21:23 01 Sep 20
Used to love this place ever sense the bald security guard come I can never get my medicine thanks strawberry fields
Kate Brakefield
Kate B.
10:17 26 Aug 20
Very kind staff. Willing to help when my questions seem stupid.
Stanley Schulte
Stanley S.
19:39 22 Aug 20
The staff are amazing I usually call in or order over the phone but either way sometimes there's a wait but that's expected with COVID but all around 5/5 nice job!read more
Lilly Caudill
Lilly C.
20:49 06 Aug 20
Young Dark haired gentleman at the door controlling the flow was VERY NICE to me (as a first timer who didn’t know what to do) as well as all the other clients. The bald guy is rude..I ordered online and once I went in on my turn it was truly a professional atmosphere where the young lady waiting on me was wonderful!!!read more
Ann Cash
Ann C.
20:48 25 Jul 20
The 1st day I went another patient was talking nasty to me. The staff stopped her immediately and told her to shop somewhere else if she was going to bother the other patients. The quality is some of the best I've ever had. The prices are reasonable. It just needs an awning to protect the customers from the heat and rain. It could be more
Mike H
Mike H
17:22 20 Jul 20
It's a small shop so you might miss it. If you do turn around. But overall my first experience was lovely. I caught a good sale in addition to my veteran discount. Only thing you should really know is be prepared to stand in line more
Wayland Whitehead
Wayland W.
02:32 07 Jul 20
Great prices, excellent quality of products, wide variety of medicine, and always something new. The technicians that work there are knowledgeable, curtious, friendly, and more
David Howard
David H.
16:14 06 Jul 20
So first off I love this location. They have great products and overall the staff is very friendly and respective. My only complaint which isn't gonna stop me from coming back or anything is that they need to do a better job keeping track of the days. On my last visit before today I was told I had 10 days left,I always ask how many days I have before I purchase because I like to know exactly what I'm ordering so it makes life easier for the employees and the other customers standing in line and normally they tell you without having to ask and I was told I had 10 days so I went on to purchase 6 days worth of flower. I show up today thinking I have 4 days left because 10 minus 6 is 4 but when I get to the counter I'm told I only have 1 day. Now mind you I know how it is to work in retail and customer service it can be trying at times dealing with so many people on a daily basis I get it. I go on to tell the woman that I should have 4 days and explained I was told I had 10 days last visit. She didn't yell or get loud but she was very short with me and told me "Well I'm counting that you have 1 day" and looked at me like I just spit in her face. I was just trying to explain what I was told by the last employee who helped me and I spoke in a very calm and courteous manner. Like I said I love this place and the people and I will continue to spend my money here but it's not the customers fault if the employee miscounts the days so an "I'm sorry sir but they must have miscounted last time" would have did just fine instead of looking at me like I had 3 eyes on my face. Overall though this place is the best cannabis store in the Dayton area and I know my money isn't making or breaking this place I just hope they get better with the days thing. I will actually start keeping track of them myself I just thought that was part of what they do is keep track on the computer. If you're a medical marijuana patient in the Dayton area I highly recommend you go here they are by far the best in more
madison petry
madison P.
15:09 06 Jul 20
been here 3 times and only had a good experience one of those times. you call and try and get a pick up order and it just rings and rings and rings it’s very rude. people need their medication and this is such a rude and poorly ran dispensary. who wants to go up there and wait outside for up to an hour or more when you can just call? do not recommend this more
Blake Lloyd
Blake L.
22:39 27 Jun 20
Great selection of product. Prices still high, over time that will go down. Long lines is why it got 4/5. Best spot to go to for your more
Tyler Smith
Tyler S.
21:53 19 Jun 20
Super nice staff. Line is ling but phone orders clear that up. Had a staff member even change something out on a pick up order when I arrived. Its expensive but you can find deals on more
Tiffany R England
Tiffany R E.
13:23 17 Jun 20
Have never had the need to go anywhere else. These girls are great! My 1 recommendation to make EVERYONE'S day and life easier there - upload your Menu PDF file to your website every morning!!! ( takes about 1 minute) Current menus online are not efficient, hard to view the info you need, and hard to click through on a phone. You have the best variety in Ohio, show it off!!!!!read more
Christopher Fyffe
Christopher F.
22:34 12 Jun 20
4/5 I would rate 5/5 if the prices were better in Ohio, but that's to be expected with the program being new. Eventually prices will drop more, that's when i will rate 5/5 :). There is a line, first time visitors will have to fill our a short forum. Once you get approved for your medical MMJ card (Paid the 50$), you get a picture of the card that you can use until you get the physical copy. I though this was incredibly helpful and i was able to get relief the same day i paid my 50$. The onsite menu is larger than the online menu, they are working on that. I noticed today they added a whole lot of new items to the website. So that's good and influences my rating! :)The staff was very friendly and helpful in suggesting what product might be right for you. The person who helped me today was wonderful, they recommended something that i am very pleased with. There was some good deals, I am able to spend 25-35 here and get something that is reasonably effective and lasts a few days. As a first time customer i am satisfied and will continue to shop here. Hopefully the prices drop more soon, however at least flower prices are not too hatefulOil and editable prices are way to high for me to be able to afford enough to effectively treat myself. However as i said earlier, prices will drop eventually and be about the same as Michigan. I would definitely recommend this place, i haven't been anywhere else yet though. P.S. i got the Sunshine Buckeye, Is very good, Close to the max % of a tier 1 so it almost feels like you got a tier 2 🙂read more
David Jordan
David J.
20:11 04 Jun 20
At first I was a little turned off of the store because of the size of the store and the lack of parking, but the staff really take their time with you and it’s grown into my favorite little spot! Prices are comparable with others and they always seem to run good deals. I really love this store!read more
Justin Winegar
Justin W.
22:53 02 Jun 20
Huge selection of amazing product. I don't think I'll go anywhere else. Staff was friendly and the process went quick and smoothly, couldn't be happier!read more
gary nianouris
gary N.
16:05 29 May 20
Called yesterday to place an order and the phone rang and rang. Nobody picked up the phone. Then answering machine came on and I left name and number. Did this 5 times with the same results. Nobody ever called me back. I went to another dispensary. Very disappointing!read more
Brandon Benson
Brandon B.
18:05 25 May 20
They need a better waiting room and/or patio for the customers. There is no discretion while waiting for atleast 30min majority time. Thats the only reason its a 4 star ratingread more
Stephanie Mattox
Stephanie M.
17:40 23 May 20
Very down to earth ! very nice! excellent product. Great deals .
Robert Holland
Robert H.
16:36 18 May 20
This dispensary is run terrible Make you stand outside in the rain to be seenPut on this bogo deal, well it’s only the small sack of 2.8 grams & only what they mark on the menu, no top tier materials tho, only very select items & nothing over 2.8. Don’t waste your time here, shop mad river remediesread more
jacob Meixner
jacob M.
11:31 15 May 20
Definitely the best selection in the area, usually a long line but moves quickly.
Lorrie C
Lorrie C
00:14 17 Mar 20
Will be going back to purchase some products soon then will update... For now... Great location great staff... Small but cozy, sincerely a multiple sclerosis patient advocate 🧡🧡 UPDATE.... Huge shout out to Jamie that works there excellent patient service thank you, all the staff and products here are wonderful I've gone several times now 💜💜read more
Lorrie C
Lorrie C
00:13 17 Mar 20
Will be going back to purchase some products soon then will update... For now... Great location great staff... Small but cozy, sincerely a multiple sclerosis patient advocate 🧡🧡 UPDATE.... Huge shout out to Jamie that works there excellent patient service thank you, all the staff and products here are wonderful I've gone several times now 💜💜read more
Heather Latham
Heather L.
03:26 15 Mar 20
I was new to all of this and they were so helpful. Karen was patient and kind in helping me find the right things. They have the best selection and up to date items. Angie the manager is the best.Having MS, these products are providing much more
Clint Planck
Clint P.
14:09 28 Feb 20
Not a bad place, small, very little waiting area. Mostly have to wait in your car till they tell you to come in. Selection is ok. The harvest selection is not great but good. (Percentages are decent at best). Prices are on average 5 bucks more than a place like About Wellness Ohio in Lebanon. Honestly if your a strawberry Fields fan, go to thier Monroe location it's much more
A. Em
A. E.
09:36 22 Feb 20
I'm basing this on the fact that this is new to Ohio and also new to me. Store is very clean. Extremely secure. You have to be buzzed in by an officer with an extremely thick kevlar vest and armed. That makes me feel safe. Once you're inside the receptionists is very friendly and the other customers are happy to share their experiences and help you. Once you are in the pharmacy you can ask them any question and they will always have the correct answer. They know what's on the daily menu.*I think it's cute they call it a menu. I feel like I'm in Europe* I was extremely overwhelmed but very impressed! Nobody misses a beat there! Great atmosphere. If it had cuisine and entertainment and comfy seating, I would never leave. KDS!read more
Justin Ryan
Justin R.
21:46 15 Feb 20
Great first flowers and outgoing guard was friendly as well...bummer though to the person across the street who’s car got backed into and the person who hit it just took off...Ah...Dayton I suppose! Kudos to strawberry forever dispensaryread more
robin smith
robin S.
22:29 30 Jan 20
This place is nice. A little tiny, but everyone there makes it work!! People are incredibly nice and helpful!! Great variety of product!!read more
robin smith
robin S.
22:29 30 Jan 20
This place is nice. A little tiny, but everyone there makes it work!! People are incredibly nice and helpful!! Great variety of product!!read more
Lorrie Tuffy Tufano
Lorrie Tuffy T.
22:00 19 Dec 19
Very good experience.Great selection and staff is very good at helping you understand it all. I will be going there here on out... They are that good!read more
Brian Gabriel
Brian G.
16:39 14 Dec 19
Great experience! They have an awesome selection and I was in and out in around 10 minutes. Friendly and helpful staff! Try Stardawg if you haven't yet! Its phenomenal!read more
Lorrie C
Lorrie C
12:07 06 Dec 19
Will be going back to purchase some products soon then will update... For now... Great location great staff... Small but cozy, sincerely a multiple sclerosis patient advocate 🧡🧡read more
M Hill
M H.
01:27 30 Nov 19
@Dennis Poling...You are a complete jerk. You are a bully and you are rude. You go to various businesses and you try and intimidate people. Trick no good! If the receptionist was rude it’s because you attempted to belittle her. Many people witnessed this interaction and you were awful. If you think being a veteran enables you to act this way, you should take lessons from the other veterans that display decorum. You are a mean old man. Hopefully your medicine will allow you to chill out!read more
Dennis Poling
Dennis P.
22:23 29 Nov 19
Extremely small, 4 chairs in waiting area all others wait in line outside. Processing the patient in is absolutely disorganized. Receptionist was extremely rude. Product is excellent. Veterans discount is outstanding, thanks for that!read more
Chrissy  Wolpert
Chrissy W.
21:06 28 Nov 19
Great Dispensary right in the Heart of Dayton. Very Convenient Location. People are Friendly, And Knowledgable. Most at the front desk is Caring, Funny, and Warm. They have Security, and Handicap Parking. I would Highly Recommend this Dispensary in Dayton, Ohioread more
Patsy Mercuri
Patsy M.
14:20 14 Nov 19
Amazing selection, great prices, always In Stock and superior customer service. My new favorite dispensary!
cheryl schreck
cheryl S.
00:09 07 Nov 19
I tried the other Dayton store and felt rushed.Strawberry Fields was so different, the gents in the back were So helpful ~ they know what they are doing! Didn't feel rushed at all :}read more
Frances McColloch
Frances M.
15:49 03 Nov 19
Super Friendly, Knowledgeable and prepared to answer your questions. Lots of options and amazing prices. My favorite 100% hand more
21:56 01 Nov 19
Hours posted on both their website and the front door were 10a-6p. I arrived at 545 and the front door was locked. The "guard" opened the front door and told me they stopped taking patients at 530 and refused service. It was my first time here and I was excited to check this place out. Doubt I'll make a trip to this location more
Dick Cox
Dick C.
18:33 01 Nov 19
Outstanding security at this location. Fire nuggets from Grow Ohio as well.
Jillian Striebich
Jillian S.
20:06 04 Oct 19
Even though they aren't open yet, which I didn't realize. I stopped by and got to meet some of the staff. They were extremely nice. Can't wait hopefully they will be opening soon! ❤️❤️❤️read more
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