Smash And Grab Suspects Caught On Camera Burglarizing Metro Marijuana Dispensary – News On 6

Oklahoma City police are investigating multiple marijuana dispensary smash and grabs. The burglary suspects were in and out of the businesses on Tuesday within minutes and in one case a suspect appeared to be armed.

The alarm at Lotus Gold in northwest Oklahoma City near east Memorial Road and the Broadway Extension was triggered around 2:40 a.m.

“It was just brazen,” dispensary owner Justin Clemons said. “The crowbar to the door and just run in.”  

The security cameras in Clemon’s store were rolling when the three suspects ransacked the store. One of them brought a weapon.

“Appeared to be armed when they went in,” Oklahoma City Police MSgt. Gary Knight said. “Although nobody was inside the business at that time.”

In a matter of minutes, the suspects got away with thousands of dollars in marijuana and merchandise and left plenty of damage.

“One of them takes off running at that point and jumps over this counter,” Clemons said. “He’s out the door.”

Meanwhile, police were not far behind. 

“Once our guys got there, they were there in a matter of minutes,” Knight said. “It was already over. They got there and the burglars were already gone.”

A few hours later police were called

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