Several Detroit medical marijuana dispensary owners file lawsuit over city's pot ordinance – Yahoo! Voices

Several medical marijuana business owners filed a lawsuit against the City of Detroit Wednesday to allow existing medical dispensaries to also receive recreational licenses, yet another potential setback in getting the recreational cannabis industry up and running in the city.

If the city follows the current ordinance, medical facilities would not be given a shot at getting a recreational license until 2027, when the medical businesses would have likely already closed their doors from lack of sales, the plaintiffs say. They’re asking the court to intervene and stop Detroit from prohibiting dispensaries that sell both medical and recreational cannabis.

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The plaintiffs say state law specifies that once municipalities opt into allowing cannabis businesses within city limits, they cannot prevent medical marijuana licensees from obtaining recreational licenses.

The city’s current ordinance does the opposite of what state law intends by “intentionally singling out and punishing the existing provisioning center licensees, who will all certainly be strangled to death and go out of business long before they are even eligible to apply for (recreational) retailer licenses in 2027,” the plaintiffs

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