Sand Springs City Council approves spacing requirement for marijuana-related businesses – Tulsa World


The City Council voted unanimously at its Sept. 27 meeting to add a spacing requirement for new marijuana-related businesses.

The ordinance mandates 1,000 feet between like uses, such as grow facility to grow facility, processing facility to processing facility and dispensary to dispensary, City Planner Brad Bates said.

“We felt this was a fair compromise to our businesses that exist and future businesses to give them the ability to continue to do business in Sand Springs but also to protect our community’s best interest and also allow for a more diverse economy, if you will,” Bates told councilors.

“It will allow us to keep areas of town to where they’re not being predominantly dominated by one kind of industry.”

All existing marijuana-related businesses will be grandfathered in and will not be subject to the spacing ordinance.

Also, a single grow facility, processing facility and a dispensary could all exist within a 1,000-foot area without violating the ordinance, Bates said.

The ordinance councilors approved also clarifies a requirement regarding how close marijuana-related businesses can be to public schools.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority will change its current stipulation of 1,000 feet from the door of the business to the door of any public school on

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