Rise Dispensary Ohio

RISE - Toledo

3157 W Sylvania Ave
Toledo, OH 43613

Hours of Operation

MON – SAT: 10AM – 7PM
SUN: 12PM – 5PM

Rise Dispensary in Toledo

Rise is a medical cannabis dispensary location at 3157 W Sylvania Ave in Lucas County. 

Rise dispensary menu products are available to patients near Toledo with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Believe you qualify, Find out if your eligible today.

Patient Registration Form

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No Ohio Marijuana Card, no Charge
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What People Are Saying

Michael Leu
Michael L.
03:07 11 Nov 21
Clean, quick, and a wide variety of products. Although the prices feel a bit high but you got to think testing and taxes. Nonetheless they are pretty friendly and you can get in and out which is cool.read more
Ann Ramasocky
Ann R.
17:13 03 Nov 21
Second time I went to Rise here in Toledo,0hio. Nice pleasant atmosphere an very informative staff. No more driving to Michigan everything I want an need is right here. Pleasant Trails!read more
Denny Rule
Denny R.
22:14 23 Sep 21
Helpful and with good service. Order by phone and everything was ready when I arrived. I will return many times.
Angie Pfaff
Angie P.
20:24 22 Sep 21
Very friendly courteous help me out a lot is very nice not a long wait
09:03 19 Aug 21
It was kool. The lady's that worked there was extremely helpful.
Heady Hall
Heady H.
12:30 23 Jul 21
High prices, better get with it or get out the business! They blame the prices on the growers! Who does 2.83 grams, Ohio does! People will continue to go elsewhere until u drop the prices, u get some stragglers but I just keep educating them on where to really go get 25%+ yield @ $200 a oz.! Ohio is a friggin joke when it comes to quality for the price! How r u even still open? Won’t be soon if u don’t get with it!read more
Aaron Lehmann
Aaron L.
21:56 24 Jun 21
They have a good menu and the staff is more than friendly for new patients. They are good at answering specific questions about menu items.-⭐ for location, strict no on-site usage, including in your own car, it a little much. I get not wanting a bunch of people out front medicating themselves because it attracts negative attention. As a patient, when one needs relief quickly time is a factor.It is on par with the other dispensaries in the area.The 5th ⭐ goes to the location that has on-site vendor days. I'm not sure what the benefit is but I can only assume it is a positiveread more
Jessica Garcia
Jessica G.
17:38 08 Jun 21
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Three stars because it feels less comfortable than the many other dispensaries Ive been to. Feels like a doctors office.read more
John Shaughnssy
John S.
13:40 13 May 21
i was thinking that this stuff works. and then i was thinking that is a lot of money to spend. and. if it doesn't work. I would be out of my money. I usually don't buy things like this.without knowing if its going to be any help.. But i had to try it. i asked the dr. what he thought about me trying this stuff.he said that i should give it a try. anyway i just want to say. that it did help better than i thought. and they were very polite and very helpful. So i will be going back to this place. and bloom was the same way. but I'm pleased with everything. have a great day and stay safe and be well. thank,you very much. and i will be back.read more
Dee Steez
Dee S.
17:14 10 May 21
Not happy with pricing! I know it's a young market,but how do you explain the wide price gaps?This area (NW Ohio) only has 2 dispensaries, and it’s disappointing! We truly need more competition here. Look at the other areas cincy, Columbus, Dayton! Prices are lower and MORE options!!! Instead we get the same stale stains for 2 months, at questionable pricing!!! I will gladly drive 2 hours south! And it's not only this strain, but many others! Do your research before getting ripped of here!!!Support Bloom! They have a more diverse staff, and a more comfortable atmosphere! Not sure what changed at Rise, but I will not be returning there!!!read more
20:29 26 Mar 21
Really nice people there. Thanks for the help. I see negative comments on here but I learned we all have personalities and wrong perception of people. I did too.read more
Talesha Richardson
Talesha R.
20:37 17 Mar 21
Always friendly, always professional. They answer any questions I have. I enjoy going there!
Candace Parker
Candace P.
14:52 10 Mar 21
The staff are friendly and the inside is well clean and decorative. Being a new patient in the program, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect going in. But Ms. Linda made it a smooth experience! She was very kind and informative; answered questions and showed me how to read the menu. Ms. Laura was very kind as well; she helped me on my 2nd visit!read more
Baked Brie
Baked B.
20:58 24 Feb 21
Overpriced to be honest. Even recreational at MI Despos is cheaper. Go to Gage, it's worth the drive.
Heather Hall
Heather H.
14:39 29 Nov 20
Go to Michigan! Don’t waste your time with overpriced flower & u only get 2.83 grams for around $45. You can get a oz in Michigan for around $200 in Detroit & well worth the drive. Michigan also has 4 for $100 on the 1g karts!!! Ohio better step it up or move on out!!!!read more
Ryan Williams
Ryan W.
18:52 12 Sep 20
Great place to get what you need
23:26 24 Aug 20
Corporate greed at its finest!
Kelsey Dockery
Kelsey D.
01:54 09 Aug 20
Great ppl great prices fast service
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