Portrait of the Artist, RIP Alan Sayers

CANNABIS CULTURE –  Prolific Downtown East -Side Artist Alan Sayers has died.

You may not know his name, but if you are Vancouver resident or a regular follower of this magazine — you’ve seen his work.

Celebrated for his “rockstar” portraits and gritty depictions of the architecture and individuals of Vancouver’s core communities, Sayers and his portfolio were a constant presence at events and demonstrations.

Now, Sayers is counted amongst the legions left dead —  nearly 5 people per day in British Columbia — by the Opioid Crisis, another tragic casualty in the continuation of a failed policy known as the International Drug War.

He – like all the dead — was also much more.

Sayers, a born Vancouverite and resident of Chinatown, had made his living as a designer and art director when he decided to remove himself from the dilutions of the art for profit world and dedicate himself to painting his neighbors  — and his neighborhood — full-time.

“The last twelve years of my life have been very interesting and creative — monetarily challenging but creative.” Sayers said in a 2018 interview with Access Television (featured above).

His choice of perspective was atypical, painting the

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