Portland Pickles Baseball Team Is First to Offer THC Beverages at Games


The Portland Pickles, an Oregon baseball team in the summer West Coast League, is set to be the first sports team in the U.S. to sell THC-infused beverages at games. The team partnered with Cycling Frog to offer the hemp-derived THC beverages at its home games. 

In a statement, Ross Campbell, vice president of business development, said the Pickles “have a responsibility in the sports industry to take leaps and set precedent of innovative partnerships.”  

“As we saw in 2019, becoming the first team to ever partner with a CBD company, and quickly teams all the way up to the Major League level across sports follow suit. We are very proud to provide an alternative option at our games with Cycling Frog Products for our incredible fans and the city of Portland!” — Campbell in a press release 

The Cycling Frog Light Seltzer will be available at the Pickles’ Walker Stadium starting June 18. The Light Seltzer contains 2 milligrams of THC per serving. 

Matt Palomares, vice president of brand marketing of Cycling Frog, said in a statement that the company is “thrilled to be making history” with the Pickles.  

“At Cycling Frog, we believe cannabis consumption should

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