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A popular marijuana dispensary in Palisade, Colorado is looking to relocate to another location in the town which is currently for sale but also occupied by a vineyard.

The dispensary, ‘The Colorado Weedery,’ located at 125 Peach Avenue in Palisade is looking to move its operations to space currently occupied by the Grande River Vineyards, which is located at 787 Elberta Avenue, also in Palisade.

The Grand River Vineyards’ space consists of the winery, which is currently still operating, along with five acres of land, and went up for sale back in 2019 for just under $4 million.

The reason that the Colorado Weedery is interested in relocating is because of the high amount of traffic that they’ve been experiencing and hope to re-establish themselves in a bigger spot that would be more convenient for not only the customers but the employees as well.

Colorado Weedery owner Jesse Loughman had this to say about the situation:

We think, obviously by moving up there, it will relieve a little bit of the stresses that we put on our medical facility through traffic and stuff like that. So it will allow us to up our level of service

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