Ohio Provisions by BCCO

3560 Dolson Ct NW Suite B
Carroll, OH 43112

Hours of Operation

MON – FRI: 10AM – 7PM
SUN 11AM – 5PM

About Ohio Provisions in Carroll

Ohio Provisions Dispensary by BCCO is now open near Columbus at 3560 Dolson Ct NW Suite B in Carroll, OH 43112. 

Ohio Provisions menu products are available to patients with a qualifying medical condition that have already received their Ohio MedCard.

Medical marijuana cards will be issued by the state following the doctors approval. Find out if your eligible today!


Appointments are available with a qualified recommending Ohio telehealth doctor online. Click on the link below, complete the registration form, and your on your way to renew or get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.

MMJ Patient Registration Form


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What People Are Saying

MJ Ryther
00:34 20 Sep 20
Best dispensary in Ohio! Friendly knowledgeable staff!
bryan Divelbliss
bryan D.
19:22 18 Sep 20
Absolutely the best! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and patient with all questions. There's little to no wait.
Stephanie Karshner
Stephanie K.
23:49 13 Sep 20
Very fast service, moderately priced menu items. A lot of flower choices just not mangy other categories.
The 1978LimitedEd
The 1.
16:24 10 Sep 20
The staff is extremely nice, quick, Efficient, friendly, and welcomes you to the store in a wonderful way.
Jason Azbell
Jason A.
19:21 29 Aug 20
Love their business and the way they treat their customers
Erin White
Erin W.
16:24 28 Aug 20
They are normally great with some friendly staff, but they NEED to get on the same page.
Amanda Bedford
Amanda B.
16:04 11 Aug 20
I drive from Columbus to this place because it's so much better than any place in the city. Better selection, good prices, hours are convenient and the staff are great. Knowledgeable and not snotty. Well worth the drive down. Do yourself a favor. Easy parking too.read more
Lisa Casto
Lisa C.
17:03 21 Jul 20
The best staff you will ever meet. I always enjoy my visits.
Matt B
Matt B
23:57 16 Jul 20
Friendly staff, low wait times, beautiful facility and a price you can appreciate. I will for sure be back!
Bryan Miller
Bryan M.
00:28 24 May 20
I have been to a couple of dispensaries in central Ohio and they are by far the friendliest and most knowledgeable that I have yet to visit.read more
Jennifer Finley
Jennifer F.
12:44 21 May 20
After receiving my medical marijuana card yesterday Ohio provisions was the first dispensary that I decided to try, and I must say it was a very good choice. They have so many options to choose from with great quality and awesome prices. I had Patrick assisting me yesterday and he was so much fun. he was very helpful and any questions I had about any of the batches that I purchased from. Also showing me each product before I purchased it to make sure that I the satisfied with the look of the product. After going home and taking my first doses of medicine last night and taking an edible for the first time. Last night was the first full night of sleep I have had uninterrupted in I couldn't tell you how many years! Thank you guys so much for what you do and Patrick I personally want to thank you because I am more than pleased with the choices that you help me make yesterday!read more
Tonya Mitchell
Tonya M.
23:02 24 Mar 20
LOVE using this dispensary! The staff there are professional, Extremely knowledgeable and very helpful . The other thing that's special about this staff is the compassion they show to each patient. The products themselves are the highest lab quality available!read more
Megan Emrich
Megan E.
21:02 23 Mar 20
Everyone is nice, extremely friendly, and finds what you’re looking for❣️
Patt Mullins
Patt M.
22:38 04 Mar 20
Great place and you don't have to go to Columbus.
Dustin Kinser
Dustin K.
17:47 09 Feb 20
This is a very nice little Pharmacy. Love all the people there. It has a family feel.
The people are so nice and the prices keep getting cheaper every month!!
Kathy Peters
Kathy P.
23:36 17 Jan 20
This place is such a blessing to me. They are so nice and they know so much. I'm very impressed!!! Way to go guys....keep up the good work!!read more
Abdul Mu'izz
Abdul M.
05:26 11 Jan 20
I have had my mmc since day #1, and I have also been to all the other dispensaries in the columbus area by far you guys are the best thank youread more
Karen Strickland
Karen S.
14:44 03 Jan 20
I'm an outta towner but they took care of me like i was a regular! Very fast on doing paperwork and getting back to shop!read more
Thomas Stewart
Thomas S.
02:47 02 Jan 20
People are so friendly and there is never a long wait.
Stephen Potts
Stephen P.
23:39 01 Jan 20
Very informed staff and a very clean feel!
Marilyn Summers
Marilyn S.
03:31 31 Dec 19
Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable of the various products. They can explain the 90 day rules which are very confusing. Wide variety of products. They are very polite and friendly. Good place to go when your learning how things work.read more
Noahs Room
Noahs R.
18:37 07 Dec 19
UPDATE:PRICE INCREASE!! Already high prices were increased this week. Prices were raised 2 times this week! Extremely disappointed purchased concentrate and was in a package you could not see. Got home and it's melted and all over lid and sides . High prices low quality, nothing in Ohio over 70%. If you are proud of your product you don't hide it in a brown wrapper.read more
jeff gaines
jeff G.
14:50 06 Dec 19
I have made it to most of the dispensaries and prefer them the people are very educated and friendly but most of all the pricing and availability always seem to fit my needs and schedule another star which I held back on by mistake they also have a doctor to aid the process if needed by appointment.read more
Joe Wray
Joe W.
13:26 27 Oct 19
Always friendly and professional, with fantastic product. Prices are steep, but that’s expected.
Noahs Room
Noahs R.
22:33 15 Oct 19
Extremely disappointed purchased concentrate and was in a package you could not see. Got home and it's melted and all over lid and sides . High prices low quality, nothing in Ohio over 70%. If you are proud of your product you don't hide it in a brown wrapper.read more
Donna  Reynolds
Donna R.
16:06 05 Oct 19
What's not to love people should get there medical marijuana cards and go there awesome Shop awesome
Maria H.
Maria H.
17:25 23 Sep 19
Great place! OK prices, plenty of choices and nice friendly service! Will definitely be going back!
brent blackstone
brent B.
13:49 23 Sep 19
I recently went to bcco it was great the staff was good and the business was knowledgeable, the only thing that I would change is the variety of 1/2 ounces of flower some even with cbd(isn’t that part of the reason why?)read more
David Zartman
David Z.
21:16 15 Sep 19
I visited today. Nice place... Very clean with nice friendly staff. They shared their knowledge about Ohio rules
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