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Dublin Medical Marijuana Card Certifications

Ohio Marijuana Card in Dublin has doctors available now to help qualified patients get certified for their medical marijuana card!

The team at Ohio Marijuana Card makes the process of obtaining your medical card simple and stress-free. To further assist you is their dedicated Patient Support Center available for assistance.

Ohio Marijuana Card brings experience as a leading provider of medical marijuana recommendations in the state. Having helped over 18,000 patients get their medical marijuana cards, licensed doctor clinic’s are available to help you as well.

If your ready, call 877.265.8886 to get started or simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit, and an Ohio Marijuana Card representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.

A medical cannabis recommendation in Dublin provides access to THC and CBD products from local dispensaries. Your Ohio MedCard will be issued by the state following the doctors approval.

What People Are Saying

Bailey Banks
Bailey B.
17:18 13 Feb 20
Everyone in the office was so sweet and very helpful! The doctor was extremely professional, very understanding, and made the process quick and easy. Im very impressed and very happy with my visit.read more
21:34 11 Feb 20
I went in pretty nervous. I am young and don’t do that well in social situations. But the doctor was kind and considerate and the woman who went over paper work and payment with me was amazing! The only thing that is holding it back from 5 stars is that my appointment was at 1:20 and I didn’t get back until after 2 and was late returning to work. But things like that happen so it didn’t tarnish my experience and they even gave me a discreet doctors note to bring to work. I highly recommend!read more
Joshua Eversman
Joshua E.
22:42 20 Dec 19
I had initially given this practice a 5 star review. However, things have drastically changed over the past year and half when I was initially evaluated and given my recommendation for a MMJ card.I had booked a Saturday appointment for mid-December over 3 months ago back in September and a week and half before my appointment, it was canceled and I was notified by email. I was told in the email I would be contacted by phone to re-schedule and that call never took place.I called in myself to reschedule and there were no appointments that fit my schedule. This was considerably frustrating as Ohio Marijuana Card clearly did not catch this error sooner and inconvenienced me and were also less than willing to accommodate me due to their own error. I decided to take my business elsewhere, where scheduling an appointment that worked for me was considerably easier as they had more time slots available and I was able to pay considerably less than what Ohio Marijuana Card was going to charge me.I recommend researching your options as better and more reliable doctors become available across the state because it’s evident to me Ohio Marijuana Card does not really want my business nor cares about their patients.read more
Bill McCall
Bill M.
19:47 15 Dec 19
I just used Ohio Medical Marijuana card for the renewal. I chose them back in Dec of 2018 as they were one of the first ones up and running in Ohio. The process wasn’t bad and getting my appointment and card went well. They were significantly higher than other providers that are out there now.Upon renewal time, their renewal fee is still up there pretty high. On my first visit I presented medical evidence of chronic pain and a condition that is permanent. I also presented evidence of seizure disorder. However, when I got my card is only lists the chronic pain symptom. I asked about the seizure part and was told it could be added.A year has went by, I went to my renewal appointment and was in an our in 10 minutes. That sounds good, but $150 for 10 minutes of work and filing some more paperwork? The doctor I saw this day only saw seizures on my profile and said I would need to bring new medical records next year. I pointed out the chronic pain part and X-rays showing my spinal fusion and arthritis. I’ll have to wait for my renewal to see if the pain is back on the list. If I have to gather up medical records again, I will probably consider somewhere else for my next renewal.read more
Wango Tango
Wango T.
23:52 04 Dec 19
I was very nervous coming to the appointment but honestly it was one of the easiest doctor related visits I’ve ever experienced. They are Super kind and understanding. Never felt judged or “labeled”. A must go if you’re wanting to get your licence. “Highly” recomend.read more
Тёмас Сармьенто
Тёмас С.
05:51 29 Nov 19
I received my recommendation last November despite no dispensaries or product being available, and because my recommendation was set to lapse, and because I had my renewal appointment scheduled- they allowed me, in the system somehow, up until then to continue purchasing from the dispensary even though my recommendation had expired. The doctors and staff you will see here are professional, this service is set up to get you a recommendation. If they don’t have enough in your file or records to make a recommendation- they will tell you how to do it. The price tag is significant, but remember- it is a form of healthcare, and uncovered by insurance it can be quite expensive no matter what way you go. I recommend it highly. There’s also a military discount, and it is significant.read more
Mark Gossett
Mark G.
12:42 16 Nov 19
The staff was indeed friendly. The most friendly staff I’ve ever met and that’s no exaggeration! Wait times were nill, the doctor was extremely cordial and explained everything I needed to know, right down to what he thought would help. The receptionist was just as exemplary. I had no questions at all when I left, that’s how thorough and professional they are! This is the place you need to go. I came from Urbana and I will not go anywhere else!read more
Deshawna Stoumile
Deshawna S.
12:25 13 Nov 19
I’m truly glad I made the decision To come to this location. They were kind and friendly. I feel completely comfortable I didn’t feel like I was out of place. The doctor made me feel like he was actually listening to me. My appointment didn’t take long at all. This location has one of the best prices especially for all year round. I would recommend all my family and friends to come to this location if you’re taking your Ohio medical marijuana card.read more
14:04 16 Oct 19
Wonderful office and staff. They were informative, kind, and professional. Comfortable waiting room, as well. I definitely recommend this office if you are seeking assistance in acquiring your medical card.read more
Ohio Ladybug
Ohio L.
18:10 09 Oct 19
I was not sure what to expect when I was referred to this office for palliative care. The comical thing was I felt naughty and wouldn’t even tell my friend what kind of appointment this was – ssshhh! Once I entered the practice and met the receptionist I was instantly at ease. The group is very professional and the doctor took time, even though she had many other patients waiting. I felt a lot better about this being a true, legal facility. Now, will I shout it from the rooftops, no not yet but hopefully some day.read more
T Baked
T B.
16:32 04 Oct 19
The staff was short the morning that I went in but the upbeat atmosphere made up for the extra 5 mins wait. Once being seen the doctor there was very professional and truly seemed to care about my past year experience with my card. The renewal was quick and easy and I immediately had access to my updated recommendation at my local dispensary! Thanks so much Ohio marijuana card!read more
Brandy Curtis
Brandy C.
14:11 28 Sep 19
Staff was wonderful however I did wait an extremely long time to see the doctor. Was in with her for about 2 minutes before she determined I qualified. However, day two and I still haven’t received me email to obtain my card. Leaving the office I was told a couple of hours no later than the end of the business day. Call customer service and told it should be here tomorrow. Next day I call now I’m being told 3-5 business days. Not sure how long it takes to submit documentation when I my paper work I brought was scanned and sent immediately and can’t imagine there is much to dictate from the doctor for s two minute visit. Super frustratedread more
Tristan Sturms
Tristan S.
11:20 17 Sep 19
Quick, easy, and great experience. I brought 3 years worth of paperwork on my condition so it was pretty easy for the doctor to make a decision quickly based on the diagnosis. All in all it was a very easy appointment and the staff were great. The doctor reviewed info and my vitals to make sure it’d be a good fit. The front desk was great as well in explaining how the program works and next steps from the state. Definitely recommend this place if you’re looking to get your card. The split payment plan helps ease some of the upfront cost as well as it can be a bit pricey to get everything done day one and then get your medicine from the dispensary.read more
Angie Jones
Angie J.
14:11 07 Sep 19
This was the best experience! The environment was nice and calm, the staff was amazing as well as the doctor. During my exam she noted a couple of other things to follow up with my pcp and I wouldn’t have known to schedule without seeing her. The knowledge and professionalism here is exactly what the industry should be and I couldn’t be happier!read more
Stephen Courts
Stephen C.
17:40 31 Aug 19
I called Columbus Ohio Marijuana Card’s offices on Wednesday afternoon. The lady I spoke with went above the call of duty. She was terrific in every way. I filled out the form on my COMPUTER! This is a first. EVERY DOCTOR’S office requires you to hand write each question. I completed the form quickly and submitted it to Columbus Ohio Marijuana Card. I got in at 1:20 on Friday. I had the SIX back surgeries by my accomplished orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gabriel who owns Ohio Spine Institute. His office printed all six in every detail. I took the binder, about three inches from the quack who began this mess as well as my medical records from a Ohio Health primary care physician. I met a professional doctor, and with this amount of documentation, I was approved quickly. As a veteran, I received a $60.00 discount. I highly recommend this office on Blazer Drive off Frantz road. The office is comfortable, spacious and everyone I talked with were excellent.read more
Douglas Hall
Douglas H.
21:52 29 Aug 19
If you’re wanting to obtain an Ohio Marijuana Card, I don’t see a reason to look any farther. The office manager, doctor and entire staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to listen to and answer any questions or concerns that I had. I really can’t imagine how they could’ve made the whole experience any more convenient and enjoyable! I highly recommend you give them a call. Dougread more
A Google User
A Google U.
07:48 24 Aug 19
The process was easy yet thorough. From making the appointment to supplying records to the exam with the doctor the folks made it easy and were very competent and nice. My only complaint was I waited over an hour past my appointment time to see the Doctor otherwise I would have given 5 stars.read more
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