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Medical Card Certifications

1413 Golden Gate Blvd Ste #240
Cleveland, Ohio 44124

Hours of Operation

MON-FRI: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Cleveland Medical Marijuana Card Certifications

Ohio Marijuana Card in Cleveland has doctors available now to help qualified patients get certified for their medical marijuana card!

The team at Ohio Marijuana Card makes the process of obtaining your medical card simple and stress-free. To further assist you is their dedicated Patient Support Center available for assistance.

Ohio Marijuana Card brings experience as a leading provider of medical marijuana recommendations in the state. Having helped over 18,000 patients get their medical marijuana cards, licensed doctor clinic’s are available to help you as well.

If your ready, call 877.265.8886 to get started or simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit, and an Ohio Marijuana Card representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.

A medical cannabis recommendations in Cleveland provides access to THC and CBD products from local dispensaries. Your Ohio MedCard will be issued by the state following the doctors approval.

What People Are Saying

TJ Brooks
16:28 20 Feb 20
Always have a good experience when I come here, all the staff are really friendly and helpful. They are quick, good, and just overall amazing at what they do and helping you get what you need. Recommend this office for anyone looking to get their card !!read more
Karen McKinzie
Karen M.
01:49 14 Feb 20
I just went for my renewal and everyone at the office was great! It is nice to be in an atmosphere where people really want to help you cope with medical conditions. There are plenty of other locations closer to home but this team is great, and worth the 45 minute drive across town!read more
Cle Native
Cle N.
16:24 07 Feb 20
Not a fan of this facility. The guy who answers the phone in the evening is super unprofessional with his one-word verbal responses. Did not get any of my questions answered. I asked about any availability for today and he replied “Nah.” They allow you to schedule the earliest appointment available and advertises “We’ll gladly make accommodations to get you in,” but this is false. It seems like they are super busy and overwhelmed at this place. Even my follow-up call regarding my history was rushed. I cancelled my appointment and will be rescheduling with an entirely different company due to lake of care, willingness to help patients and also accountability.read more
Brenda Gant
Brenda G.
01:54 31 Jan 20
I thoroughly enjoyed visiting a doctor’s office for a change. The staff were all very professional, pleasant, and personable. The offices were very clean, bright and inviting. The assistant greeted you with a smile when you first walked in. Neither Dr. Wine nor Kim rushed through your appointment. Kim was absolutely great and went over and above to explain things to me in details even when I called with questions the next day. I would HIGHLY recommend this facility to anyone needing this type of service.read more
Gary Pearlman
Gary P.
22:14 10 Jan 20
I highly suggest you bring a book to read. My noon appointment was verified and when I got there a bit earlier was told it would be just a few minutes. Well it was finally acknowledged after an hour wait at 12:55 just for a renewal! Once they finally took me in…it wasn’t even a 5 minute visit and I was done! If a veteran or on social security ..make sure you get the discount not only there but at the stores also. After I left and called a store I was told an additional form was to be filed for the discounts which was never brought to my attention when there. Try calling..the voicemail is full, can’t leave a message, and after holding for an ungodly amount of time, you press 2 to leave a message only to find OUT OUR VOICEMAIL IS FULL..CALL AGAIN. CLICK! Still a few bugs they need to get out before perfecting it if you ask me.read more
Randy Evans
Randy E.
18:50 06 Jan 20
Pleasant to talk with. Answered all questions to my satisfaction. Quick response back. Chelsea Jenkins was so very helpful.read more
Cassidy Bittner
Cassidy B.
16:10 31 Dec 19
From scheduling to letting you know exactly what you needed to bring the front desk girls were amazing! Dr wine listens and you’re able to be honest with him. So happy I found you guys and looking forward to continuing our patient doctor relationship.read more
Cygnet Gallagher
Cygnet G.
03:19 28 Nov 19
The staff is very professional and kind. The process was very streamlined. The only thing I had to wait on was the Pharmacy Board. But, that really didn’t take too long. Help was in available through the whole process. Kindness was shown to me along with respect. The dispensary was also very nice. Guidance was also given to me. The atmosphere is friendly. It is well controlled, and I felt safe. Everything was explained, and the selection of products is great. Very impressive. Care and respect was shown here too.read more
Rachel Niewiadomski
Rachel N.
19:26 16 Nov 19
The staff and people here are so kind and comforting! Smiles and I felt so at ease through the whole process. Amazing service, fast, and all together great place!read more
Trudy Harder
Trudy H.
15:06 16 Nov 19
The personnel at the Golden Gate office are awesome! They made me feel comfortable from the start of the visit to my leaving. I highly recommend this office for anyone in need of a medical marijuana card!read more
Chloe Ousley
Chloe O.
12:37 12 Nov 19
Very nice helpful people. Great doctor! I highly recommend this staff to help you on your journey to receive medical marijuana.read more
Snow Benihime
Snow B.
12:47 09 Oct 19
From the start, and through and through, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They make you feel welcomed and comfortable. They’re very helpful. The facility is clean and secure. Wonderfully decorated walls and tables in the waiting area. Cookies and water available in the waiting area make it very personable and comforting. And they’re also very patient with answering questions and giving you the information you need! Also, the process was so quick, yet thorough and professional. I definitely recommend and wish only the best for this business! Great experience, happy patient!read more
bryan kovalchik
bryan K.
00:43 01 Oct 19
I was nervous on how I would be looked upon or judged. From the person working the information desk to the doctor that took care of me, this experience could NOT have gone better!! I have a pretty serious medical condition and this has helped my pain and sleep more than I can put in words. Thanks so much for treating me with respect and being so darn nice and knowledgeable. I wish all doctor visits were this smooth and stress free, thanks again for all the help!!read more
Liz Elkhoury
Liz E.
18:53 16 Sep 19
Everyone here was so lovely and accommodating from the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out! There was a full waiting room and I still waited less than 20 minutes to be seen! (Even had cookies and water if you forgot to eat or need a snack!) It was quick, efficient and affordable! You’ll feel right at home with everyone who works there! From my personal experience I would 100% would recommend coming here to anyone!!read more
Ashley Charlillo
Ashley C.
20:10 30 Aug 19
Every person was kind, caring, and extremely helpful. I wasn’t prepared with printed medical records but they assisted me to retrieve my information and printed it there for me. I read my appointment date incorrectly and showed up a week early, and they still helped me! Dr Abrams also helped me understand the benefits and provided me with options I wasn’t aware of. Please make an appointment even if you are unsure, they will help you decide if it is the right choice.read more
Kevin Moore
Kevin M.
00:38 22 Aug 19
The ENTIRE staff was just AWESOME! I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable and taken care of at a doctor’s office before! My doctor was WONDERFUL and had a warm, caring nature that was absolutely refreshing. I am so glad I made the decision to call Ohio Marijuana Card. I HIGHLY recommend their services! I have told more than 12 people to come there.Thanks ones againread more
Purple Gemz
Purple G.
18:20 12 Aug 19
The doctor on staff at this location was so compassionate and kind. She really listened to my concerns and made me feel at ease. Erica, the office manager was extremely helpful as well and will get you In and out the door and on your way! Highly recommend this location for your evaluation.read more
Howard Rubin
Howard R.
20:58 19 Jul 19
The ENTIRE staff was just AWESOME! I have never felt so welcomed and comfortable and taken care of at a doctor’s office before! My doctor was WONDERFUL and had a warm, caring nature that was absolutely refreshing. I am so glad I made the decision to call Ohio Marijuana Card. I HIGHLY recommend their services!read more
Linda Price
Linda P.
12:42 02 Jul 19
Going to this facility will not anything like I expected. It was very professional and welcoming. S well as being nice, the staff is well educated in the laws and able to answer any questions and provide patient education. Dr. Wine took quality time to review my symptoms and diagnoses to assure he provided the most accurate treatment. I never felt rushed. Dr. Wine is an excellent and thorough physician. I highly recommend this office.read more
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