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Ohio Marijuana Card in Cincinnati

Medical Card Certifications

4 Triangle Park Dr
(Building 4) Suite #404
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Hours of Operation

MON-FRI: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Cincinnati Medical Marijuana Card Certifications

Ohio Marijuana Card in Cincinnati has doctors available now to help qualified patients get certified for their medical marijuana card!

The team at Ohio Marijuana Card makes the process of obtaining your medical card simple and stress-free. To further assist you is their dedicated Patient Support Center available for assistance.

Ohio Marijuana Card brings experience as a leading provider of medical marijuana recommendations in the state. Having helped over 18,000 patients get their medical marijuana cards, licensed doctor clinic’s are available to help you as well.

If your ready, call 877.265.8886 to get started or simply fill out the MMJ patient registration form, press submit, and an Ohio Marijuana Card representative will contact you to schedule an appointment.

A medical cannabis recommendation in Cincinnati provides access to THC and CBD products from local dispensaries. Your Ohio MedCard will be issued by the state following the doctors approval.

What People Are Saying

Brittani Smock
Brittani S.
12:03 31 Jan 20
Dr. Thress was extremely knowledgeable. He helped me with what would work best for my illnesses. The process was quick and painless and everyone is SUPER friendly! They really help you in anyway they can! So glad I picked here to go for my medical card.read more
John Spencer
John S.
20:44 27 Jan 20
Great staff from the top down. One stop shop to get everything you need to visit any Ohio dispensary! Highly recommended from a two-year customer.read more
Tiffany Dietz
Tiffany D.
15:34 22 Jan 20
I LOVED this visit! Before scheduling my appointment, the required documentation/money and directions were specifically given. The whole process of what my visit would be like was then explained to where I did not have many questions! During my visit, the doctor and entire staff team were extremely friendly and energetic. I had never felt so understood by a doctor and I’m so thankful I could finally get the help I needed!read more
Carolyn Hanks
Carolyn H.
03:27 10 Jan 20
I was so happy with my visit. Everyone there was so nice. And it was pretty neat looking inside. So clean. I will be telling all my friends. Thank You…read more
Liz Link
Liz L.
05:02 12 Dec 19
I have never felt so understood by a doctor. I really felt like he actually cared for my well-being. Upon exiting my consult, I met with Robin, who’s energy is fantastic. Even the fellow at the front desk who’s name I did not catch was great.read more
Saddie Rowan
Saddie R.
03:05 28 Oct 19
Very easy process as long as you have your medical records and the money up front. The doctor was very well educated and made the whole visit very informative and quick. Front desk was awesome. Loved the atmosphere.read more
Parlora Vanadara
Parlora V.
14:27 20 Oct 19
Everything went well and very caring staff just a small hold up in the Ohio registration portion of the process but could have been do to the fact my appointment fell on a weekend including Monday as a holiday. Very understanding staff very professional. The location of the appointment was 4 triangle Park drive suite 404 building for Cincinnati Ohio 45246. I was seen from  Dr. Tim Thress MD .read more
Jim Pitrelli
Jim P.
14:36 26 Sep 19
From the moment I walked through the door and was greeted by Patrick the entire experience was nothing but five star. Dr. Threes was very knowledgeable and most helpful in pointing me in the proper direction. Great people.read more
Mary Robertson
Mary R.
14:51 12 Sep 19
Overall this was a very positive experience. Dr. There’s and his staff put me at ease and were all friendly, professional and respectful. Dr. Thress reviewed my medical history and gave me a lot of good information, and I left feeling reassured and hopeful that I might finally get some relief from my chronic pain.read more
Sally Gecks
Sally G.
00:19 12 Sep 19
I am so grateful for this place! I have a ridiculous number of medical problems. In fact, when I went in for my evaluation, Dr. Threes said, “You’re living a nightmare.” It’s true. I have tried for decades to find relief from the pain of multiple degenerative diseases. I have tried everything! (Not kidding!) Many doctors have given up on me. I resisted getting my card for a long time – because I had tried street weed and didn’t like it. It didn’t help me at all. But I got my card yesterday. My husband took me to the dispensary this morning. I CANNOT believe how good I feel today!!! I didn’t think I would ever feel this good again! And I’m not high!!! (That’s the best part for me!) I haven’t had to take a pain pill or muscle relaxant all day. I was up to many pills many times a day. I am overwhelmingly grateful for this place!read more
Kathi Rohe
Kathi R.
13:48 09 Aug 19
The staff, Jill, was welcoming and made you feel comfortable and explained process so anyone could understand. Dr. Thress went over medical records and asked all the questions. Thoroughly explained the treatment plan & products to use. Getting the card was the easy part. Hard part is getting product, no dispensaries open in area except one over an hour away from my home and prices are high.read more
Mark C.
Mark C.
13:52 24 Jul 19
Prices for doc visits are not set! This office, while charging within the norm, is on the high end. Nice folks though. Sleuth the web carefully because groups of docs are in competition and have their own web sites. This office is over an hour away and $50 more per visit than several just minutes from my home – had I realized the situation correctly. CAVEAT EMPTOR!read more
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