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620 Ring Road
Harrison, OH 45030

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MON-FRI: 9:00AM-5:00PM

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AccuDoc Medical Marijuana Doctor
Trent Austin MD

***AccuDoc Medical Marijuana Doctor has closed the Cincinnati location. We are still seeing patients at our Harrison OH location or by TeleHealth. Contact our office to schedule or Get Started Now by clicking the link below.***

AccuDoc in Harrison has doctors available now to help qualified patients get certified for their medical marijuana card!

Mon – Fri 9-5 — Closed Sat & Sun

Initial Visit: $169.00

Veterans: $149.00

Renewals: $99.00

A medical cannabis recommendation in Harrison provides access to THC and CBD products from local dispensaries. Your Ohio MedCard will be issued by the state following the doctors approval.

What People Are Saying

Greg Singer
Greg S.
15:06 22 Sep 21
The Nurse practitioner was extremely nice and informative.
Melissa Taylor
Melissa T.
16:38 02 Sep 21
My husband was terribly sick from COVID. This is the only doctor we could find to help him. We did have a long wait but worth it to get the help he needed. Thank you very much for helping my more
Laurie Oakley
Laurie O.
18:37 22 Jun 21
Holistic practitioners who listen. I highly recommend.
Emily Ann
Emily A.
17:54 18 May 21
Great consult/visit. Highly recommend coming here for any help. NP Keith went above and beyond. More help and answers in one visit than I have received in years of consults elsewhere. We covered IBS, Anxiety/Depression, insomnia, PTSD, allergies, covid and sinus more
Emily Ann
Emily A.
14:38 18 May 21
Great consult/visit. Highly recommend coming here for any help. NP Keith went above and beyond. More help and answers in one visit then I have received in years of consults elsewhere. We covered IBS, Anxiety/Depression, insomnia, PTSD, allergies, covid and sinus more
Brandon Huffman
Brandon H.
00:21 27 Apr 21
Very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, compassionate, dedicated and patient. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to treat my injury. I would recommend them to anyone and will use them again, no doubt!read more
1 Pretty Mess
1 Pretty M.
15:22 13 Nov 20
Uhmm let me tell you – the staff is just about perfect at this place.I just hung up from one of the receptionist that set up a virtual apptfor me. And she was SO SO Sweet, informative and patient with me(I have brain issues from severe seizures…I don’t think & talk likeI used too) and she was SO patient with me!Sometimes, I can tell when someone is aggravaited because I don’tunderstand something. But that was NOT the case today. She got mesigned up for a virtual appt and I didn’t get anxiety or upset a bit!And she was so sweet, I had to find out if she was single cos I wasgoing to fix her up with my only biological son! : ) I’m old school Italianmommy…we don’t just fix anyone up with our sons. But darn it!she was already married!!! ALL the good ones seem to be gone :(BUT, I’ll keep a looking! LOL@myself ; )Thank you so much to that wonderful young woman who took careof getting me signed up for my virtual visit. If medical help is everneeded again, I’ll be heading right back to this Accu more
Josh Burkart
Josh B.
17:00 09 Nov 20
Very gentle with needles when taking blood samples. Barely even felt the needles go in. Very friendly, calming + gentle more
9575 Marhol
9575 M.
17:12 18 Jun 20
Keirh Tenhunfeld and Co. are the best! Professional, courteous and the office is extremely clean. I’m so glad I found him. I’m very pleased with the natural options for medicine. During my first visit, he took the time to listen and pay attention to my needs. So his bedside manners are superb. If you’re looking for a Physician that really cares you gotta check him more
Michael Sieve
Michael S.
14:57 11 Oct 19
Great interaction with doc. Seemed generally concerned about health and well being not just about signing paperwork for a medical marijuana card. Office was nice, taken on-time (actually early) got my card instantly more
Sierra C.
Sierra C.
14:53 25 Sep 19
Clean and professional. Dr Austin got me setup with Ohio Marijuana Card and walked me through the process which made it much easier than I anticipated!read more
Justin Fielden
Justin F.
11:33 12 Jul 19
My experience at the Vine st location was extremely pleasant. The nurse/receptionist and Dr. Austin are very courteous and compassionate. The waiting area/bathroom is superbly clean. Only slight concern would be that the exam rooms do not have solid walls but instead have dividers which do not allow for total privacy, meaning other patients will likely hear about your conditions as you tell them to the doctor. I’m sure some people would be more uncomfortable with this than others.Personally I get very nervous and anxious at doctors offices but there is only peacefulness and tranquillity at AccuDoc Urgent care. Dr. Austin seems very knowledgeable in both herbal and functional medicine.Not to mention the appointment was only $25……. Best doctors experience I’ve ever had. Everyone with the proper qualifications, get yourself a card and free your minds/bodies from the corporate economy!!!!!!read more
Jon Caplinger
Jon C.
23:50 11 Jul 19
Dr Austin was very knowledgeable and helpful. Staff was incredibly friendly and made my experience very easy. The whole process was super simple, no hidden fees, everything was straight forward. Highly recommend. Happy customer !!read more
Madyson Pineda
Madyson P.
22:23 11 Jul 19
Dr. Austin is very knowledgeable. Super kind staff. Good experience! Appreciate their help.
Dominique Mcneil
Dominique M.
00:54 19 Jun 19
I had very quick and friendly service here. The process was easy and I immediately got my card that same day. I recommend to anyone to go here, good prices compared to more
Trina Duncan
Trina D.
17:54 15 May 19
I fell ill while visiting my parents and decided to go see a Doctor nearby. The office was very clean, the staff was friendly and knowledge, my wait was short. I’m glad I chose to go here rather than to Mercy’s ER. I’m very satisfied with the care I received and highly recommend seeking medical care here if more
Erin Reed
Erin R.
14:23 29 Apr 19
They were very fast to get us back and seen. Clean. Pleasant staff. Reasonable prices for self-pay.
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