Ohio Eliminates Medical Marijuana Patient Fee

Ohio Eliminates Medical Marijuana Patient Fee

In a move to make medical marijuana more affordable and accessible to everyone, the Ohio Division of Cannabis Control announced that starting Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, the medical marijuana patient and caregiver registration fee has been eliminated.

Previously, patients had to pay an annual fee of $50, and caregivers $25.

In addition, the entire registration process has also been even further simplified: 

Patients and caregivers just need to:

  • Visit the Medical Marijuana Patient & Caregiver Registry
  • Verify their information
  • Select “Activate Card” or “Renew Card” without any payment. 

Detailed instructions are available at www.com.ohio.gov/mmcppatients.

The Marijuana Patient Experience in Ohio

Current medical patients will benefit from the improved and streamlined system. Most Ohio dispensaries offer online ordering and some even have drive-thru services.

New adult-use consumers will need to complete intake forms at each dispensary, creating profiles that enable them to earn loyalty rewards and access special deals.

Despite heavy marketing restrictions, dispensaries are finding ways to advertise through permitted channels like websites that detail their product menus and pricing.

The landscape of Ohio cannabis is changing quickly. The upcoming social equity licensing rounds, managed by the Ohio Minority Business Development Division, will award 50 new dispensary licenses and 40 cultivation licenses which is further going to level the playing field and drive prices downward to make them more affordable.

Already, increased competition and supply have driven down prices at Ohio dispensaries.

Quality flower can be found for $129 or less per ounce
Vape cartridges are available for under $15.

Benefits of an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

While removing the $50 patient fee saves money, there are many other advantages to having an Ohio medical marijuana card:

Even as access to marijuana expands in the state, having an Ohio medical marijuana card continues to offers distinct benefits:

  • Tax savings on products.
  • Expanded dispensary access and a wider variety of medical products.
  • Discounts based on disability/income.
  • Simpler, more affordable registration.
  • Legal protections associated with medical use.

Without a doubt, eliminating the patient fee removes another barrier for those seeking legal access to medical marijuana in Ohio. 

Patients benefit from increased affordability and a more streamlined registration process while still enjoying the advantages of having an Ohio medical marijuana card.


Eliminating the patient and caregiver registration fee in Ohio is a major step toward making medical marijuana more accessible and affordable for those who need it most.

The changes helps to ease the financial burden on patients and caregivers. With the program continuing to evolve, there is no doubt that Ohio’s medical marijuana industry is poised for further growth and innovation.

Ohio is further expanding its medical marijuana program with new progressive legislation. The addition of new qualifying conditions means more people will now be eligible for a medical card which will help the enjoy the savings

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