Ohio Dispensary Menu Prices


The average price for marijuana flower, or bud is dropping in Ohio.

Ohio dispensaries sold close to $10,000,000 of medical cannabis since sales started in January. That includes 1,181 pounds of dried flower and 12,152 units of tinctures, vaping oils and edibles.

The biggest complaint, the crazy high prices. For the first two months of sales, prices averaged $471.86 per ounce, according to the Department of Commerce data.

Now, the average sale price per ounce has decreased a little to $442.16. That’s more than in Illinois and Michigan, which averaged $207.63 per ounce during a six-month period ending in March. That being stated, they have been at it for a long time and now have a recreational program to balance the cost for medical.

Flower prices are expected to go down more although growers will need to start selling more plant material for marijuana-infused products as more processors get moving.

Dried marijuana flower – Sold in one-tenth ounce amounts. Prices range between $30 and $52 per one-tenth..

Marijuana-infused products – A pack of 10 or 11 gummies or a small bottle of tincture average costs – $77.

Concentrated oil for vaping –  sold in 1 milliliter amounts containing 590 mg THC, average costs – $175.

Ohio’s medical marijuana program allows patients with one of 21 qualifying medical conditions to buy and use medical cannabis if the get certified for an Ohio MedCard by a qualified doctor.

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