Ohio Accepting New Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis Patients

Ohio is currently accepting new petitions for qualifying conditions. New medical cannabis patients will be able to receive treatment, as long as their qualifying conditions are approved per the state’s regulations. 

The petitions will go through and be analyzed by the State Medical Board of Ohio as part of the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. This process is required by law in Ohio, where patients are encouraged to directly advocate for the type of cannabis care they need. Petitions are then evaluated, and new cannabis conditions that were approved are added to the state’s list. 

Petitions will be accepted through the last day of the year, so there is still time for interested candidates to apply and try to get their conditions added. 

However, there are some rules in place when it comes to what conditions can be added to the state’s list of approved medical reasons to use cannabis. Those seeking to add broad categories or conditions won’t be successful; conditions must be specific. In other words, no attempting to add in “general pain” or “nausea.” If it is a condition that has been previously rejected, there must be new science to support it that will be reviewed this

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