NAACP Claims New Jersey Cannabis Panel Illegal Without Black Men

New Jersey was just called out by the NAACP, who claim that the makeup of the state’s regulatory commission is in violation of the very law that created it. 

This isn’t the first time that New Jersey’s regulatory cannabis commission has come under fire. Just a few days ago, a social justice advocate expressed criticism about the fact that there are no Black men on the commission, the same reason the NAACP is now going after the organization. As the critic pointed out, Black men have been more disproportionately affected by the war on drugs than any other group. 

“There’s no one on the commission who has lived experience with the brutalities of the drug war,” said Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer, founder of an organization called Salvation and Social Justice. Boyer gained traction when he initially tweeted his concern over lack of representation. 

“There’s no one here who knows what it has been like to have been arrested or incarcerated. There’s no one here who was ever in the underground market.”

In a letter from the NAACP, Gregg L. Zeff, Legal Redress Chair of the NJ NAACP, cited the cannabis legislation that set this rule in place “At least one

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